Business men watches of replica classic product

Men like black, like to wear black clothes, pants and shoes. Black is not only wild with the match, but also banned itself. Men in their own body more dress up some black. If matched properly, people will feel handsome and cool. A black watch in everyday working life, though, is not very conspicuous. But it will not neglect, but even more quality, with a suit shirt more mature temperament. Below, the watch house brings you three black watches.

CHRONOGRAPH Chronograph World Series IW371438

So this business men watches once personally think it is a relatively high cost of a paragraph. First of all, its price is not very expensive, but Portugal is an evergreen tree of nations. Since the advent of the 90s of last century, the only one did not make any design changes. We can see its high status in all nations. The bottom of the movement is ETA, but the IWC is almost pushed to the top of its movement to redo.

Black crocodile leather strap and black dial quite satisfactory, with silver scale and pointer, very beautiful look good. Reading time is also clear, it is clear. Steel color and black color with the overall looks very capable and neat. With this watch neat design. Looks business full and very cool.

Zenith DUAL TIME Series 03.2130.682 / 22.C493

Dual time zone function is very important for business people. After all, the reasons for the work to and from often to all over, a piece of time watch can make the table quickly adapt to the local time to avoid the trouble of calculating the time difference. This Zenith dual time zone watch is extremely cost effective.

The same 40 mm black dial in the men’s omega replica uk is not large, very good control, silver mosaic scale bit simple. Of course, the small seconds dial at nine o’clock uses a traditional Arabic numeral scale. With silver white toffee pointer, clear and beautiful. The second time zone is the red arrow pointer, clear. Also equipped with black crocodile leather strap, the whole watch cool black feel. Very suitable for mature men to wear, more attractive.

Hoya HERITAGE CALIBER 6 automatic watch 39 mm series WAS2110.FC6180

However, this business men watches has a strong business atmosphere, style simple and capable. Black dial with traditional “flinqué” carved texture, the beautiful appearance of the art masterpiece. Dial in the beautiful spiral decorative second chronograph and polishing the pointer and the number contrast more chic, six o’clock date display window. Equipped with TAG Heuer Caliber 6 self-winding movement, the calendar quickly adjusted, accurate and stable travel time. Overall refined and elegant, very suitable for workplace wear, simple and low-key. But it is even more quality. More than 20,000 price is very high price.

Business men watches:The price of these three watches are not more than 60,000 yuan, 3 price stalls. Very suitable for entering the workplace or work hard in the workplace a few years of career choices.

All black shape in the details there is something special. Also added a different temperament for these three watches.

Best relogios masculino 2017 of fake series

Best relogios masculino 2017

According to wave master legend double calendar series 10860434 Best relogios masculino 2017

Diameter of 40.3 mm according to wave 10860434 watch thickness of 11.3 mm. Stainless steel material to create the case against the background of the black round dial, dial from outside to inside, respectively, minute scale. Roman numerals, dial center with diamond-shaped pattern decoration.

In the three o’clock direction are the week show window and date display window. Can identify a watch brand in addition to the bottom of the brand under the 12 LOGO. There is also with the second hand fused with the wave LOGO. So this design is simple and easy. According to the wave of the majority of watches are used this second hand.

According to wave of retro series GS8880P3-25121 watch

I believe that this swiss replica watches is the first to impress you that is a dynamic pointer. Because watch the whole body are made of silver-white stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of 11.85 mm. Silver-colored round dial on the twelve o’clock position is the power storage display disk, three o’clock direction is the date display window.

So the best relogios masculino 2017 also has a dual time zone function. Nine o’clock direction is Boer’s couple logo. So the blue needle is a new eye on the background of the white background. So the same as the wave of practice, brand LOGO and second hand integration.

Zenith CHRONOMASTER POWER RESERVE 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch

And see the familiar star. True effort 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 from ELPRIMERO series. 42 mm in diameter, 14.05 mm in thickness. Made of stainless steel case. Round white dial at six o’clock with power display panel, ten o’clock direction is hollow dial. Can be intuitive to see the watch of the mechanical device, for this watch a lot of color.

Best relogios masculino 2017:Of course, the second hand of the end of the star is quite compelling.

Under the guidance of the Venus, through the fifteen years of real power in the watch field harvest their own success. Of course, the iconic star will continue to pilot it. Equipped with El Primero 4021 model movement, vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, to provide power storage for 50 hours

Zenith introduced El Primero movement watch

Zenith watch

Zenith watch has always been known as accurate and well-known, which works is uk replica watches countless classic.

Each one is fully demonstrated its unique characteristics, recently, when the real Lee has a new action.

Zenith watch introduced El Primero movement watch precision legend

In 1969, Real Lee introduced El Primero movement, with an unparalleled 36,000 times / hour high vibration frequency

While the accuracy of 1/10 seconds.

Since then, this legendary movement in the same name series continues to evolve.

With the El Primero movement and gravity control system.

Due to the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch has a unique sesame chain drive system.

Keeping the swing stable during power storage.

And ensures the stability of the watch The

This watch is the name of the navigator Christopher Columbus, the successful removal of the watch accuracy of the three-way program;

The high frequency of the time  eliminates the impact of walking time precision gravity.

And the hemp chain drive eliminates the isochronous gap.

Zenith watches on sale

In addition to offsetting the isochronous gap with the sesame chain drive system.

As a result the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch eliminates the other factors that affect the mechanical travel of the watch – the role of gravity.

The patented gravity control system allows the regulator and escapement to remain in a horizontal position forever.

The invention not only shows the boldness of the brand, but also salutes the brand history.

Because of its inspiration from the sailing astronomical clock produced by Zenith.

In the limited edition of the 25 Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch integrated sapphire crystal glass.

The sesame chain drive system embodies the ingenious mechanical process, showing how the sesame chain in the barrel and the tower wheel around the rotation.

The gyroscope frame, located at 6 o’clock,  is a true watchmaker, with its light and radiant turn.

The protective cover of the arch structure perfectly set off the beauty of the frame, and at 12 o’clock position when the hollow dial echo each other.

Gold small seconds timer and power storage display decorated with hand check, both harmonious round shape.

On the side of the table, the sapphire crystal watches shows the world map of the laser engraved on the gyroscope balance hammer.

Seems like giving respect to the spirit of Columbus’s arrogance.


Zenith–Highest honor founder

Zenith watches

Zenith watches in the watch industry can be described as famous. for the contribution of the watch is no doubt, recently, “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG), which replica watches uk Zenith (Zenith) Nominated the following awards, aroused great concern.

On October 11, 2013, the “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG) held its first Beijing tour at Beijing Art 8.

The tour covers 10 categories, a total of 70 world top watches debut this show.

And the final win watch will be November 15 “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG) awards ceremony kicked off.

(GPHG, Grand Prix d ‘Horlogerie de Genève), known as the highest honor of the altar, selected for all watch brands open.

Every year There are about three hundred brands and watchmakers competing to compete in the world’s top watchmaking industry’s most prestigious.

Most authoritative and influential ten awards.

Real profit when the finalists of this year’s GPHG’s highest honor founder

Best Women’s Watch Award Finalists
Zenith when the pilot series Type 20 ladies watch

In the 1930s and 1940s, Genie’s Type 20 watch became a large number of airborne instruments.

Eespecially the French Air Force as a training aircraft and Air Bleu Post Service serving the international and transatlantic lines of the Caudron Simoun C. 635.

A few years of fleeting, and now the pilot series of Zenith watches from the past experience to extract the essence of precision.

And reliability will be integrated to create a dream to the most crazy dream of reality.

The new ladies watch is like a star in the boundless sky blooming, but also abide by the same rules.

Pilot Series Type 20 40mm Women’s Watch 40mm case with pirate highest honor watch, equipped with antique pilots watch the logo of the groove crown.

Engraved in the back of the Zenith watches when the real instrument flying signs clearly origin.

All-diamond style highlights the ultimate elegance, rose gold or platinum dial, bezel and lug embellishment of not less than 491 diamonds (about 3 karats).

best quality ladies watch on sale

Also has a more simple and subtle style, silver dial outer ring with a track scale.

While the diamond is only embedded in the rose gold or steel bezel above (about 0.95 karats), more elegant.

Pilot Series Type 20 40mm Women’s watch or bright, or delicate graceful, re-engraved large original Arabic numerals time scale.

Which superluminova super-luminous materials, to ensure that the most extreme use of the environment is also legible.

At this time the water depth of 100 meters, containing Elite 681 automatic movement, small seconds at 9 o’clock position.

Finally, an elegant strap with a clasp for the beautiful women’s warrior watch the icing on the cake:

All-diamond style with beige or black silk quality strap.

Only the diamond ring style with brown crocodile Leather strap.

Zenith watches

Zenith watch brand introduction rolex replica uk.

The early 1930s pocket watch decline, to promote the protrusions of the watch, zenith at the same time the development of new watches – sports table.

War was imminent, table production rate must be faster, reasonable price, product precision and simplicity, only in line with the needs of the armed forces. Therefore, the original precision design for the Navy continued the trend of thin and short, more performance, and follow the aviation industry’s skills, try to break the durability, distance or speed of the records.

Mission: “bold ideas to the accuracy of mechanical watches and the United States will feel the blending”

In 1865, Georges Faber – Jacques (GeorgesFavre Jacot) driven by the senior watch industry, one of the most mysterious tabulation workshop was born. Faber – Jacques unique eye, only 22 years old when the first truly high-level watch making concept. At that time, he brought together all the master clocks and watches, to provide them with warmth and light, so that they can give full play to inspiration. Threw himself into the watch design. Watches in the Latin for the manusr. So the word clock maker made the word from the hands of these handsome master of the clock was born. In a quiet night, Faber – Jacques developed one of his most satisfied with the movement. He strolled under the night sky, looked up to the sky.

At this time, he got the mystery of the universe to his inspiration. Polaris around the operation of a large celestial bodies running system, so that he thought of clocks gears around the axis of the complex operation of sophisticated structures.

Thus, he decided to meaning the highest point of the universe ZENITH Zenith when the word. For his movement and the name of the watch factory. He will be the symbol of the stars as a symbol of the enterprise. In order to herald the enterprise will be under the guidance of the stars, out of a promising future.

Since then, in the cosmic shining, ZENITH Zenith watch factory with a lot of fruit through the twentieth century. It received a total of 1,565 design awards, including more than 50 high-quality mechanical movement. Its branches from New York to Paris, from Moscow to Tokyo, all over the world.

El Primero movement

Zenith legendary Swiss watch movement El Primero is the most famous movement in the history of watchmaking. Is currently the world’s most accurate series production movement. Every person who loves the table can address his name. Its secret is to balance the balance of the shock frequency.

Other movement can only shake the fastest 8 times per second. While the El Primero is as high as 10 times. The movement also incorporates a number of ground-breaking innovations. Including dry lubrication for long-term stability, and higher vibrations require more energy, and the movement’s power reserve is further optimize .

All Zenith watches are equipped with Zenith movement of independent property rights, the world’s few brands to perform such stringent standards. When you select the Zenith watch. You can be sure that the watch is made in Switzerland from the beginning to the end is made of Lerocle.

In order to meet this basic requirement, the watch factory needs to create 500 models 180 different models of movement. Making a Zenith watch takes nine months, during which time more than 80 professional and technical personnel take turns to display their talents and skills on the manufacturing facilities watch and its components.

Zenith:Stunning figures, the production of an El Primero movement needs.

5,500 processes, dial 50 need polishing process. Bridge plate requires an additional 77 grinding process, each part requires 5 to 50 processes. The classic watches need to use 18 different metals.