Watch Industry – Rolex,Wear watch in winter, steel belt or belt?

Watch Industry ! My answer, of course, is a belt, and I will occasionally choose a NATO strap. In a word, it will never choose a steel strip. The biggest reason is that the steel strip is too cold in winter.

For those who are more afraid of the cold, especially those with cold wrists, anything cold in the winter can cause discomfort.

Compared with steel watchband, winter leather watchband is more comfortable.

Because it is soft, there is no cold and hard metal. And in winter, the original fur clothing, leather boots and other popular, choose a belt wrist watch is more fashionable and elegant.


Wearing a watch in winter, are you a steel belt or a belt?


The first reason I do not choose a steel band watch in winter is because it is too cold, and the second reason is because the steel belt is too heavy.

Originally, winter wear more, regardless of the weight of cotton or woolen coat are not light, if the wrist again heavy, I may be a bit upset.


Of course, it varies from person to person. Some people do like to feel more heavy, and many people wear steel band watches in winter and believe in this factor.


Wearing a watch in winter, are you a steel belt or a belt?


I don’t choose the third reason for the steel band watch in winter because of my dressing habits and style. Because the wrist is easy to feel cool,so I prefer to wear the sleeves tightened in winter, whether it’s a sweater or a shirt.

On the one hand, the strap wrist watch is more collocation with this style of clothing, on the watch industry one hand, the strap wrist watch does give me more play.


Someone may not understand this.First, I mean, besides the normal wear, I

sometimes wear my wrist rolex replica watches watch or sweater outside my sweater or shirt. It is very easy for the belt to do this. The steel belt is not like the belt watch to adjust the length freely.

watch industry

Wearing a watch in winter, are you a steel belt or a belt?


In recent years,The last reason I won’t choose a steel band wristwatch in winter is the preference. Though I may not have watch industry said it to you, but personally, I really like belt watch.generally speaking.

I think leather watch is more fashionable.  more elegant,more classical and more exquisite. Unfortunately, I am sweating in the summer. If I wear a belt in summer, it will cost a lot. The winter condition is suitable for wearing the belt watch.and I just like it, and of course I can’t miss it.


Wearing a watch in winter, are you a steel belt or a belt?Watch Industry – Rolex!


To wear the table in winter is the watch industry choice of steel belt or belt.

my answer First, is the belt, the above is the reason why I choose the belt instead of the steel strip. What about you? Are you a steel belt or a belt, and why do you choose that? You are welcome to leave a message below and say what you think.