Relogios masculino 2017 of classic product

Watch, square dial concise time esoteric, minutes and seconds to tell the true meaning of time. And as the relogios masculino 2017 “Yan value” to play the dial. But also do not lose the beauty of the charm of the process. So there are some watches will be on the dial “big fuss”, decorated with a variety of exquisite designs. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend several “fish” modified watch.
Filling the beauty of the process of “fish”

Blancpain Classic Series 6615-3616-55B watch

So this Relogios masculino 2017 is part of the classic series of Blancpain, rose gold to create the case, and equipped with power reserve 40 hours of manual winding movement. This watch dial using the golden carving process, 18k red gold inlaid on titanium metal, carved delicate, golden fish swim in the deep sea, lifelike. Watch with a brown alligator strap. Watch elegant and distinguished, perfect show brand exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship.
Auspicious’s “Fish”

Vacheron Constantin Art Master Series 33222 / 000G-9550 watch

Watch Comments: So this Vacheron Constantin watch to 18k white gold to create a round case, which carries a manual mechanical movement. replica watches uk the black dial central hollow, you can see the movement, delicate polished to make it more beautiful process; in the black dial painted two carp in the water swim the scene, falling maple leaf, turbo-shaped watermark Make the picture vibrant. Watch with a black crocodile leather strap, and has a water depth of 30 meters function.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Traditional Master Series 50834E1 watch

Relogios masculino 2017:This section of the Jaeger-LeCoultre traditional master series watch to 18k white gold to create the case.

Bezel, ear and crown are inlaid diamonds, so watch more shining. Case with an automatic mechanical movement, full chord state can provide 45 hours of power reserve. Because watch dial to create enamel, blue water, green willow to create a quiet beauty, black and red carp around the dial on the tourbillon components. So like Pisces opera beads, beautiful. Watch with a blue crocodile leather strap, elegant and stylish.

Chinese watches of business watch genuine leather

Vacheron Constantin

The gentleman is a man who is elegant and courteous. They are courteous and courteous. There are elegant conversation and good self-cultivation, gestures with elegant and charming style. In the watch industry, also have a gentleman style watch. They have a superb craftsmanship and simple and charming appearance, exudes an elegant atmosphere. Today, watch the home for everyone to recommend three gentleman style men chinese watches, to see their style.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 Series 5177BA / 12 / 9V6 watch

So this Breguet watch inherited Breguet has always been the traditional Breguet classic series. So this series adhering to the Breguet’s technical philosophy, excellent craftsmanship and traditional value, to create classic and beautiful timepieces. This chinese watches uses 18k gold to create a diameter of 38 mm round case, the side of the case decorated with Breguet’s coin pattern.

Internal equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Watch white dial decorated with patchwork and beautiful Bugu pattern. Use the blue Breguet and the Roman numerals, and the date is displayed at 3 o’clock. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the bottom of the table. With elegant classic dark brown crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 85180 / 000G-9230 rolex replica watches

So this simple style, elegant temperament of the watch belongs to the essence of aesthetics, harmony and elegant temperament known as the Vacheron Constantin heritage series. This watch to 18k white gold to create Zhijiang 40 mm, 8.53 mm thick round case. The internal power reserve 40 hours of automatic mechanical movement.

Simple and simple style of the dial on the use of refined and charming three times the needle and the time indicator time, six o’clock position date display. Watch case using anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a low-key classic black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6653Q-1529-55B watch

So this watch is a fine and sophisticated movement of the Blancpain ultra-thin movement series. Watch to 18k white gold to create a diameter of 40 mm, 10.83 mm thick case. So the internal power reserve up to 72 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Decorated with a classic radial corrugated blue paint dial magnificent.

Above the use of silver Roman numerals, the center of the three indicators in the unique curved pointer to indicate the date. So the other two instructions hours, at six o’clock position with flyback function of the second hand. Watch covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with elegant low-key black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

So these three chinese watches style simple, but the design charming.

An excellent watch not only represents the brand image, but also highlights the superb watchmaking skills. Excellent watch is not simply reflected in the diversity of functions and the complexity of the process, more importantly, to have a superb craftsmanship and superb design. So the above recommended three sections of the watch. Although the function and design are relatively simple. But it can be a good manifestation of male personal taste.

Vacheron Constantin watch of fake series

Vacheron Constantin watch

Vacheron Constantin watch and clocks, stainless steel swiss replica watches the spot more new in Beijing SKP

2016, the famous Swiss watch brand launched Vacheron Constantin watches and clocks. Relaxed leisure and elegant travel style. Masculine and full of sports atmosphere of them. by virtue of the classic atmosphere of the watch style. Become nowadays the table friends are hot one of the time.

Recently, the author visited the Chaoyang District Jianguo Road 87 Beijing SKP Vacheron Constantin store. Found the brand vertical and horizontal four series of hot chronograph stainless steel blue plate watch is being sold. Pure stainless steel is tough and atmospheric. So equipped with hot blue dial elements in recent years, is a good choice for the summer sports watch.

As one of the classic series of Vacheron Constantin, 2016. Brand in the vertical and horizontal among the four new watch (12 models) are followed by a series of consistent leisure and strong and practical principles. So to three new self-produced movement to highlight the spirit of travel.

Each new product design, have inherited the history of Vacheron Constantin vertical and horizontal “222” type of watch sports temperament. So to the outstanding modern watchmaking process and the combination of traditional classic, showing the unique charm of the brand.

Meticulous watch processing in every aspect of the time meter are reflected. Atmospheric stainless steel through the side of the polished. Positive drawing after grinding showing a different texture, giving the watch full of ornamental. Built-in anti-magnetic soft iron device to protect the watch from the daily magnetic field interference. Crown and with the spin-in lock timing button. But also to protect the operation of the watch.

Back through the back cover technology show 5200 movement of the gorgeous. So in the toughness of stainless steel against the background, exquisite hollow pendulum showing a new design roses compass instrument sense. So the watch has about 52 hours of power storage with a depth of 150 meters. In addition, the movement through the Geneva mark certification. Protect the watch Seiko secret agents, durable and reliable craftsmanship. Show the quality and taste of Vacheron Constantin watch.

In addition, each watch comes with three straps. Respectively, for the rubber, stainless steel, crocodile skin can replace the strap / chain. Flexible, more wild strap replacement mechanism gives the watch a different style. Whether it is casual or formal occasions are able to show the wearer’s own unique temperament and taste.

In the neat counter with soft light. So this Vacheron Constantin watches and clocks, blue and white stainless steel watch showing a great visual experience. Set the precise core and the atmosphere and pure style as a whole.

So Vacheron Constantin watch:Show the unique charm of the new vertical and horizontal.

In addition, I see 2017 new watches and the classic Tourbillon money is also one of them. Recently have the intention to watch the table friends, may wish to look at the past, choose a choice.

Vacheron Constantin of fake watch

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin replica watches:The value of 1.2 million Vacheron Constantin new tourbillon would like to experience here

The world’s top watch factory, with more than 260 years of tabulation history. So far a few did not interrupt the production of watches and clocks, one of the watch brands, by many business elite, political door of the favor. This is Vacheron Constantin, the legend, each additional a super complex function, the value will increase by one million.

This time, we came to Vacheron Constantin in Beijing SKP store. Feel a value of 1.2 million Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon watch. Here is Vacheron Constantin in Beijing, one of the three counters, but also the only one brand Direct store. Want to experience and buy Vacheron Constantin some special watches. Or the latest watch, here is the most appropriate choice.

This piece of Vacheron Constantin Malta series Tourbillon watch, is a series of new work under the series. But also before the white dial section of a supplement. We know that the Maltese series is a collection of rich meanings. A symbolic element of Vacheron Constantin is the Maltese cross.

This cross structure is not only the brand of LOGO, but also a mechanical watch within a restricted winding power structure. Now some of the clock, you can still see this structure. It symbolizes the tradition of mechanical watchmaking and craftsmanship. So the Malta series itself has a very strong symbolic.

The Malta series features a barrel-shaped design. Vacheron Constantin from the beginning of the last century, almost around 1920s. Began to launch a barrel-shaped design of the watch. Which at that time has a certain degree of subversive, with the traditional square and round case completely deviated.

Today, the Maltese series is the most important member of the many barrel-shaped watches. But also very few to this shape as an important feature of one of the high-end watch series. Of course, Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese series is another place of sincerity. The brand has developed a barrel-shaped movement for this purpose. This means that the movement is used in Malta. Will not be suitable for use with other sports.

The new Malta series Tourbillon watch, case for the 18K 5N pink gold material production. The surface after polishing polished, delicate soft, get started with a certain amount of material used. Of course, just a precious metal case, and a tourbillon, it is difficult to 1.2 million high prices. This is basically the equivalent of a luxury car, in the second-tier cities is equivalent to a two-bedroom.

Obviously, in the same level of watches. This is also a high craft watch. In addition to the brand inside the R & D to match the barrel-shaped tourbillon movement. Also used a lot of manual process making, grinding and assembly. Especially the tourbillon device. Using the traditional craftsmanship to show the top decorative beauty, the Malta Cross Tourbillon takes into account both the performance and the visual effects during operation.

The complex structure is concentrated in a movement size of only 27.37 x 29.30 mm. Use a large number of manual processes only to meet the level of the top watch should be, so that the movement to meet the Geneva mark quality certification.

There is no doubt that this is a lot of love for the mechanical watch men’s heart of the watch. Because it is indeed very delicate process, but also contains feelings, history, high recognition, luxury and Sven beauty. In addition to this watch, the store there are some Vacheron Constantin very elegant and rhyme series of new products in the sale.

Vacheron Constantin:Including the two models, diamond and other models.

If you want to taste this value over one million Tourbillon watch. Or the latest Vacheron Constantin works, you can go to the store to sit.