How To Repair A Watch? Watch Maintenance.

The watch is not only a timing tool, but also has more adornment attributes as a symbol of identity and status. More and more people Watch maintenance wear wristwatches, but many people have not noticed the problem that the watches are prone to problems, and lack of relevant maintenance knowledge, which leads to not knowing how to maintain watches in daily life, and watches often appear in one way or another. Below is a summary of the common problems that are common in the use of the wrist watch, and how to maintain the wrist watch?


Change the strap


Some people love leather material watchband, some people love metal watchband, this love Leather Watchband, next love metal watchband, you will change your watchband according to the hot fashion watches change of Watch maintenance cold and warm weather, trends and preferences are changing constantly,

and everyone in the purchase of watches, but can only choose one watch strap, not much room for choice, so the replacement becomes ordinary watchband.


Change the length of the strap


Watch maintenance


In the dimension of time, the appearance of a person’s weight will change a lot,

imperceptibly will find the watchband is Watch maintenance either small or large,

however, watchband bigger or smaller, and affect the use,

then you need to change the length of the watchband, relative to maintain the body,

change the watchband the length is very simple.

But to change the length of the strap, we should choose a professional maintenance organization to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Polishing and refurbishing.Watch Maintenance


Both table and mirror are often easily scratched areas,

affecting the appearance of the wrist watch, affecting the use of the Watch maintenance experience.

In daily use, the wrist watch will inevitably wear out to the outside, resulting in scratches on the surface. Some of them are slight. Some scratches can cause great damage to the watch, especially the sharp objects, such as keys.

Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

Rolex watch winders coup, common sense Fashion Replica Watches take you up and Rolex may affect the effect of the first quarter. I hope you can help you, I hope you can like it!



[1] Rolex watch winders winding common sense

[2] the influence factors of Rolex watch winders


[Rolex] watch winders winding common sense


Rolex is a common sense: any so-called “automatic” things are not unconditional, things should abide by the principle of mechanical watches, as well as to “automatic” is the premise of your arm to move first, according to the principle of physics work, the level of mobile object does not work (unless you shake acceleration). So the translation can make the wrist watch winders.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


The automatic winding watches should be flat along the way automatic, arm swinging, then the maximum rotating Tuo Tuo, but along the axial direction under the swinging automatic also does not rotate. People swing their arms freely and naturally. Any force can be decomposed into axial and radial ones. Only by acting on the radial force of the automatic tug can we make useful efforts.


Rolex first quarter two common sense: now automatik form is unidirectional and bidirectional, refers to the so-called one-way winding automatic only in one direction, to watch, two-way regardless of direction of rotation can be bent to watch now automatic bidirectional winding up for. I feel that when the arm is upside down, the rotation of the automatic Tuo moves more and more.


Because the automated Tuo will be forced to swiss replica watches change the position and state, and at the time of the drop, sometimes the automated Tuo’s position changes and reflects the rhythm that can’t keep up with the arm flicking.


Automatic watch also has a self winding efficiency, there is a problem with the design and structure, even between automatic weight watches have distinction.

The winding efficiency is the best structure of the so-called “ratchet”, and it changes to the position of the more sensitive, it is Fashion Replica Watches said that this type of automatic winding structure other than the general efficiency the structure of higher than 30%.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


This small reminder: either automatically or manually Rolex watches Rolex watches are not accurate travel time and quartz, but you will get up early every day to ge.

If you decide to rename the URL be sure to check the old URL 301 redirects to the new one! watch the strings of turning around 30 times, keeping watch of sufficient kinetic energy so that we can guarantee the watch time accurate.

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The influence factors of Rolex watch winders []


(1) the head of the table and table size, relatively large head easy to pinch and less, and relatively easy to small slip.

And watch the match degree between the case and the handle head tube,

if relatively tight it will also affect the smooth.


(2) than between transmission and winding gear, gear ratio varies from the first quarter of the watch movement,

including the Fashion Replica Watches vertical wheel,

the small steel wheel and steel wheel gear, so the wind rate is not the same.


(3) the number of working circle spring is not the same,

the work coil number of watch springs is usually in the 6-10 circle between work turns, winding number (the number of) also will be more.


(4) and wind up efforts related to my own wound never to fill,

perhaps some people first is “delicate”, then the table of each rotation degree is not the same.


How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


Generally, the normal winding to 30,

basically full, (if you want to fill the upper hand) watch actually does not matter,

as long as you keep on until they stop, the spring is full. For automatic watches, most of the automatic watches can be clockwork by hand,

especially when they are worn for the first time or after they stop.

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Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

(the initial wear suggest that you do not rely on automatic to full string)

as we all know, because the automatic watch is

“not on the Fashion Replica Watches full string.

so many times of Ning winding automatic watch

not less well on a few, such as up to 40, is the basic guarantee to the full.

Ulysse Nardin watches Regatta regatta chronograph

On Wednesday, November 8, nearly 1,000 guests from around the world gathered at the Léman Theater in Geneva to witness the awards ceremony of the Ulysse Nardin Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) at the 17th Geneva Watch and Clock Awards. An international jury of watch collectors and watch media selected the Athens watch Regatta Chronograph as the best sports watch. Patrick Pruniaux, the new chief executive officer, said: “Ulysse Nardin is extremely honored to receive this award by all my colleagues in the watch factory in Athens,” Regatta Regatta Chronograph “is the result of several months of research and development, the new UN-155 movement performance excellence, operation Convenient, stunning appearance with perfect design. “Ulysse Nardin

“Flagged, grabbed the first opportunity” is the purpose of the design and creation of the new “Regatta Regatta Chronograph” replica watches uk. Watch equipped with a countdown timer can be set within 10 minutes, has applied for a patent. The crux of the regatta lies in the few minutes before the gun starts, and the sailing team ensures that the best position cleverly maneuvering the sailing boat out of the starting line at its best.

firstly After the countdown is completed.

the bidirectional second hand will immediately move clockwise to begin counting the game.

firstly table at the America’s Cup held at the beginning of this year regulates Artemis Racing sailing races.



Just as rowers study the effects of wind and currents before sailing, the dynamics of watches have been carefully designed to ensure accuracy and reliability. The device incorporates complex functions including an inverted timer so that the central seconds hand can rotate in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction for countdown before the match and timing of the match.

firstly rowers need not start any other extras just by starting the countdown. This is the result of several months of research and development.

Based on the famous UN-153 chronograph movement, the new UN-155 offers outstanding performance.

ease of operation and stunning appearance in a perfect design.

And with up to 3 days of power reserve, and can adjust the hour and two-way adjustment of the calendar.

firstly the operation of the two-way second hand, to improve the operation of the intuition.

Ulysse Nardin The unique design of the ship’s rail to show strength and beauty

“Regatta Regatta Chronograph” has a unique shape.

reminiscent of the origins of the Athens table. 44 mm diameter heavyweight stainless steel case.

firstly waterproof up to 100 meters, the groove of the coin pattern bezel with rubber as a decoration.

with a screw-in crown and two rubber by the handle.

firstly Watch the perfect match with titanium metal components and folding clasp rubber strap.

There are two dial styles to choose from: the first is a deep ocean blue; the second is full of vibrant waves white.

firstly have a lap of Artemis Racing sailing regatta.

the yellow Arabic numerals countdown dial marked by the countdown minute hand; the outermost dial of the dial is the Roman numerals, the center is the glow, the minute hand; the end of the second hand is yellow For decoration; 6 o’clock position is 12 hours and 60 minutes chronograph dial and circular calendar window.

firstly Athens table to commemorate the Artemis Racing regatta in the 35th America’s Cup race partnership, in particular.

produced a limited edition of 35 watches. This limited edition comes complete with black enamel dials. The countdown is on the dial’s edge, and the dial is dominated by the yellow and carbon-gray colors that represent the Swedish fleet.

Chinese watches of business watch genuine leather

Vacheron Constantin

The gentleman is a man who is elegant and courteous. They are courteous and courteous. There are elegant conversation and good self-cultivation, gestures with elegant and charming style. In the watch industry, also have a gentleman style watch. They have a superb craftsmanship and simple and charming appearance, exudes an elegant atmosphere. Today, watch the home for everyone to recommend three gentleman style men chinese watches, to see their style.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 Series 5177BA / 12 / 9V6 watch

So this Breguet watch inherited Breguet has always been the traditional Breguet classic series. So this series adhering to the Breguet’s technical philosophy, excellent craftsmanship and traditional value, to create classic and beautiful timepieces. This chinese watches uses 18k gold to create a diameter of 38 mm round case, the side of the case decorated with Breguet’s coin pattern.

Internal equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Watch white dial decorated with patchwork and beautiful Bugu pattern. Use the blue Breguet and the Roman numerals, and the date is displayed at 3 o’clock. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, using the back through the bottom of the table. With elegant classic dark brown crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 85180 / 000G-9230 rolex replica watches

So this simple style, elegant temperament of the watch belongs to the essence of aesthetics, harmony and elegant temperament known as the Vacheron Constantin heritage series. This watch to 18k white gold to create Zhijiang 40 mm, 8.53 mm thick round case. The internal power reserve 40 hours of automatic mechanical movement.

Simple and simple style of the dial on the use of refined and charming three times the needle and the time indicator time, six o’clock position date display. Watch case using anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with a low-key classic black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6653Q-1529-55B watch

So this watch is a fine and sophisticated movement of the Blancpain ultra-thin movement series. Watch to 18k white gold to create a diameter of 40 mm, 10.83 mm thick case. So the internal power reserve up to 72 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Decorated with a classic radial corrugated blue paint dial magnificent.

Above the use of silver Roman numerals, the center of the three indicators in the unique curved pointer to indicate the date. So the other two instructions hours, at six o’clock position with flyback function of the second hand. Watch covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with elegant low-key black crocodile leather strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

So these three chinese watches style simple, but the design charming.

An excellent watch not only represents the brand image, but also highlights the superb watchmaking skills. Excellent watch is not simply reflected in the diversity of functions and the complexity of the process, more importantly, to have a superb craftsmanship and superb design. So the above recommended three sections of the watch. Although the function and design are relatively simple. But it can be a good manifestation of male personal taste.

Best piaget of replica watch

Best piaget

Best piaget replica rolex:Recently, I heard the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Earl store has new products to the store. We immediately visited here. In full of comfort and quality of the store atmosphere. We see this is not in this year’s table debut of the new version of the Earl POLO S series Best piaget watch, the new product in the POLO S retains a lot of design elements. The overall color of the disk into a black, return to the classic color. For us to bring a more stylish and exquisite generous wrist masterpiece. Here, look together: (watch model: G0A42001)

Earl POLO G0A42001 watch

As the Piaget Polo S series name is inspired by the elegant and intense sport – polo, the design of the series itself is full of thick Piaget Society essence. Highlighting the brand and music, film, art and sports world long friendship.

Series of brand genes in the most representative of the modeling rules. Also echoed the contemporary Mingshi challenge the traditional ambitions. New products to black dial, ADLC coated bezel, black rubber strap and equipped with 1110P movement and many other design and selection as one. With the black Piaget Polo S chronograph watch the issue of 888, and are equipped with a separate number.

So the new timepiece of the black ornaments horizontal dial on the set of luminous time scale. And princes pointers and sharp ornaments decorated with red second hand against each other. Has a central hour, minute, second hand display function, date display at 6 o’clock position. Showing a new full content.

Watch case continues to follow the brand characteristics “shape in shape” design. In the 42 mm round case embedded in the pillow-shaped surface, so that the watch is more representative and ornamental. So the bezel is covered with a black ADLC coating. Making the bezel and case showing two different texture, very beautiful.

Earl 1110P self-winding movement

Through the back through the process design of sapphire crystal glass bottom cover. You can see the 1110P self-winding movement and engraved the Earl family badge dark gray pendulum. Showing the brand of mechanical timepieces of the exclusive beauty. Power storage is about 50 hours.

With black rubber strap with dark gray serifs and buckles. So there is also a black calfskin strap to choose from.

So the new timepiece is a day and night Zhen beauty, practice and leisure both watch. In the soft light, even more extraordinary charm. Simultaneously. Heritage brand series classic design simple but not simple dial with excellent core. So that this watch has become one of the new watch this year.

Best piaget:In addition, several full and exquisite and full of charm with the charm of the count of limited edition diamond ladies watch is also hot in the store.

Like a friend may wish to take a look, choose a choice.