TAG Heuer MONACO V4 evolution of the revolution

Heuer:Monaco V4 decade in the history of the  clock is absolutely remarkable. From the world’s first mechanical watch using the belt drive to the world’s first belt-driven tourbillon watch. Which brought about technological innovation has changed the watch industry Of the process.
For the first time in the 1970 classic “Le Mans” MONACO series of watches, with its bold and innovative square dial access to a number of world awards. Such as the Geneva Design Award for the best watches and clocks. So the German Red Dot Design Award. Daily Wallpaper Magazine “of the annual watch award and the” new era of science and technology, “the annual New Award. At the same time. The square design of the watch line, angle cutting sharp, has been popular male welcome.

“V4” is derived from the name of the four clockwork uk replica watches box embedded in the V-shaped platinum board: 2 × 2 belt installed in the + / – 13 degrees tilt of the ball bearings, the appearance is quite similar to Formula One The engine in the car.

TIP2. Belt, the history of the development of linear balance

In 2004, TAG Heuer released Monaco V4 concept watch to change the process of the watch industry. This watch is the world’s first use of the belt, linear balance wheel and ball bearing watch. In 2009, TAG Heuer Monaco V4 to become fully commercial production model watch. So this decision stems from five years, watchmakers have overcome the traditional metal mechanical escapement. With ultra-fine and wear-resistant belt as a force transmission medium.

This year’s Basel show, TAG Heuer bold application of this latest technology to the complex function of the tourbillon, through the complex function to prove the application of linear belt Tuo Tuo.

MONACO V4 TOURBILLON further complicates complex functions by driving the tourbillon using the world’s first miniature belt drive system. The four ultra-fine serrated belt (0.07 mm) in the design and production of watchmaking industry is still one of the most mysterious technology to create a very effective shock absorption system. On the other hand. The spring barrel carries the rotary bearing.