Luxury chanel watch of fake women series

Luxury chanel watch

Chanel has appeared in the high watchmaking stage for 30 years. In 1987, Chanel joined the Haute Horlogerie with the first Première classic watch for women. Since then has injected a unique fashion elements for the watch field. So the octagonal rectangular dial of the Première is inspired by the N ° 5 fragrance bottle cap and the iconic silhouette of the Fontainebleau in Paris. Thirty years time change, it has already become the classic fashion elements Chanel luxury chanel watch. (Watch number: H5313)

The Première collection is more than just a timepiece, but a stylish accessory as well. It completely subverts the design rules of the traditional watch. Dial without a dial and time scale to give watch a new definition. Première means “first” in French. Refers to the time, space and status beyond others, Première watch as its name. Write a new page in the history of women’s watch.

Because the Première, a collection of exquisite aesthetics and craftsmanship, has evolved over the past 30 years. Continued to bring fashion women with the most beautiful shape and the most accurate time. Thirty years from now, the Première Rock from replica rolex draws inspiration from the fashion industry. The leather and metal intertwined to create personalized bracelet. Dazzling red bracelet with a classic octagonal rectangular dial Chanel demonstrated the same fashion style.

So the luxury chanel watch uses a 15.8 x 23.6 mm octagonal rectangular steel case with a case thickness of 6.2 mm. Shape such as Paris Fonten square silhouette. So the watch’s dial is made of white mother-of-pearl. Immaculate mother of pearl dial with no minutes and time scales. Only Chanel brand identity “CHANEL” and Central, points pointer.

Watch crown also made of stainless steel, compact. Convex crown shape more feminine soft side.

Watch with stainless steel and red leather interwoven triple wrap around. Strap Wrist incarnations Perfect fashion accessories.

Because chanel watches design drafting, design, research and development and manufacturing work by Chanel completed. Première Rock watch this limited edition 1000. Watch equipped with quartz movement, travel time is accurate and reliable. At the same time watch with 30 meters waterproof depth.

Luxury chanel watch:A touch of red decorated wrist, side by side with the sexy lips.

Cortical mix of metal strap, hand bag complement each other.So this Première Rock watch is more than just a precise timepiece. It is also a highlight of the charm of women’s treasures.

Best relogios masculino 2017 of fake series

Best relogios masculino 2017

According to wave master legend double calendar series 10860434 Best relogios masculino 2017

Diameter of 40.3 mm according to wave 10860434 watch thickness of 11.3 mm. Stainless steel material to create the case against the background of the black round dial, dial from outside to inside, respectively, minute scale. Roman numerals, dial center with diamond-shaped pattern decoration.

In the three o’clock direction are the week show window and date display window. Can identify a watch brand in addition to the bottom of the brand under the 12 LOGO. There is also with the second hand fused with the wave LOGO. So this design is simple and easy. According to the wave of the majority of watches are used this second hand.

According to wave of retro series GS8880P3-25121 watch

I believe that this swiss replica watches is the first to impress you that is a dynamic pointer. Because watch the whole body are made of silver-white stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of 11.85 mm. Silver-colored round dial on the twelve o’clock position is the power storage display disk, three o’clock direction is the date display window.

So the best relogios masculino 2017 also has a dual time zone function. Nine o’clock direction is Boer’s couple logo. So the blue needle is a new eye on the background of the white background. So the same as the wave of practice, brand LOGO and second hand integration.

Zenith CHRONOMASTER POWER RESERVE 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch

And see the familiar star. True effort 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 from ELPRIMERO series. 42 mm in diameter, 14.05 mm in thickness. Made of stainless steel case. Round white dial at six o’clock with power display panel, ten o’clock direction is hollow dial. Can be intuitive to see the watch of the mechanical device, for this watch a lot of color.

Best relogios masculino 2017:Of course, the second hand of the end of the star is quite compelling.

Under the guidance of the Venus, through the fifteen years of real power in the watch field harvest their own success. Of course, the iconic star will continue to pilot it. Equipped with El Primero 4021 model movement, vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, to provide power storage for 50 hours

IWC luxury watches of relojes hombre

IWC luxury watches

Bai Tao Fenuo watch series has been a gentleman in the nations of the family, is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste. It is simple, eternal design to become one of the world’s most popular watch series.

Favored by men and women. Baidu Fenuo day and night show automatic watch perfect reflection of the Italian seaside town of Park Tao Fenuo eternal elegance charm, blooming shiny beauty.

Because the nations blend with extremely unparalleled performance and unique design. As we presented a magnificent visual enjoyment. Today’s watch home for everyone to bring is a million country Park Tao Fenuo series in the day and night display automatic watch, reference model: IW459101.

With the second time zone display of the new Park Tao Fenuo day and night display automatic watch is absolutely international business people, global travelers and nightlife lovers the perfect choice.


A review of the automatic watch in the day and night

So this watch case diameter of 37 mm. Can also be suitable for men and women to wear, white pearl mother of pearl subtle delicate delicate luster like white clouds blossoming sky. For the dial to bring a little sense of Smart.


A review of the automatic fake watches in the day and night

Because watch with a beautifully shaped dome sapphire crystal glass table mirror. So table mirror by double-sided anti-glare treatment to steal light clear, the edge of the rounded curvature reveals an elegant atmosphere.


Stainless steel to create the side of the crown decorated with simple triangular pit pattern. Combined with a relatively prominent crown design, the chain feel very comfortable. Crown crown engraved with the country’s brand Logo, highlight the brand identity.



So this IWC luxury watches case to build stainless steel, moderate thickness of about 11 mm. Case to polish polished polished, delicate metallic luster presents a delicate and elegant texture.

Lug shape rounded, delicate and lovely. Its slightly curved curvature is ergonomic, fit the wrist and wear comfortably.


So this IWC luxury watches is accompanied by a dark blue alligator strap, strap color processing is very delicate. Combined with natural crocodile skin texture, elegant in a trace of extraordinary fashion taste.

Strap with a beautifully crafted needle buckle, buckle to build stainless steel. Polished delicate moist, clasped on a carving of a million “IWC” logo, highlight the brand identity.


So two willow-shaped pointer to outline the elegant gesture of the charm of time, dial inner ring. A fine arrow-shaped blue steel pointer can be divided according to the choice of the day and night to display any second time zone.


Stereo mosaic standard exquisite elegance. Each top of the hour mark is embedded with a fine bright cut diamonds. So like the horizon of the stars at dawn.


So this watch for the tight design, waterproof depth of 3 bar (about 30 meters). Case with a 35700 self-winding mechanical movement, can provide up to 42 hours of power reserve.


With 24 hours day and night display and the second time zone display of the new Park Tao Fenuo day and night display automatic watch will be low-key luxury and gentle style combination. So cater to the changing lifestyles of the new generation.

So this watch is IWC watchmaking process of high-level, not only equipped with beautiful and practical complex functions. More inlaid diamonds and pearl Fritillaria, blooming shine.

This IWC luxury watches is definitely the perfect choice for international business people, travelers around the world and nightlife lovers.

Ocean fashion watches of replica series

Ocean fashion watches

Ocean Meters Chronograph “Darwin Adventure Tour” Special Edition is the Ocean fashion watches world of modern innovative divers watch watch history of a classic for the future. So this is the first time that the brand is made of bronze case. Because in the Darwinian era, bronze was widely use in shipbuilding. Darwin collected a wealth of valuable information on the adventure of the Galapagos Islands. Laid the foundation of the theory of its origin. And this full of sports temperament of the ocean chronograph watch is the great natural scientists praise.

October 1835. After four rounds of voyage, the British expedition HMS Berger was anchore before the Galapagos Islands, 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent. The young scientist Darwin wrote in the travel log that “a group of extremely special birds”: “The most incredible is that different species can be classified into different species by the size of their beak.” (People) can imagine , At first the birds on the island are scarce, and thus evolved from a species of different species according to different needs. “Then he turned to other animals.

Darwin had not yet imagined that these observations would later lead to a great discovery that fundamentally shook the foundations of the natural sciences at that time: the world was not immutable but was in constant evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution on species variation and origin originated from his study in the Galapagos Islands. To commemorate the historic Galapagos study tour. IWC IWC launched an excellent diver watch in 2014 – Ocean Timepiece swiss replica watches “Darwin Adventure Tour” Special Edition (model IW379503).

The Darwin Special Edition is not only brilliant in the new 2014 Ocean Clock Series. For IWC ocean fashion watches is also a first time. This is the first time the brand used bronze as the case material. Bronze is a very traditional metal material, the history of human use of bronze can be trace back more than five thousand years ago.

The use of bronze production case, its inspiration from Darwin’s famous investigation boat HMS Berger – was no stainless steel, bronze with its excellent corrosion resistance to become the preferred shipbuilding material. In addition to the hull is also use for the manufacture of portholes, bells, vessel accessories and navigation equipment. Follow Darwin’s “only change is fixed” creed. Bronze with the passage of time in the course of the use of a layer of light green light, the color will continue to deepen. So this is giving this timetable full of personality, unique temperament.

Pure copper texture is soft, and IWC using high-tech bronze is copper and aluminum alloy. Rugged and high hardness, and anti-wear, chemical stability. Is to create a divers watch and adventure Ocean fashion watches the perfect material. In addition to case and innovative inside and outside the rotating bezel outside. So this warm bronze tone also appears as a luminous color on the pointer. The time scale and the inner ring of the inner ring. Crown and button covered with black matte rubber coating. Not only in the color to form a strong contrast, but also make the button operation more easily. In addition, equipp with the latest patent IWC watch chain quick change system strap is also made of black rubber.

All of the watches in the new generation of ocean timepieces are equippe with an innovative internal and external rotating bezel equipp with the Ocean fashion watches IWC SafeDive system. Ocean Timepiece Watch “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition is no exception. To mark the start of the dive or other time, turn the rotating outer ring. Set the time in minutes to set the time until the triangular mark on the inner ring points to the minute hand, and the meshing sound is clearly visible when rotating. Diving process can be read at any time in the inner circle has been dive time. So the safety diving system ensures that the inner ring can only be rotate counterclockwise.

In this way, even if the error will only be extend, and will not shorten the display dive time. Thus ensuring that there is enough oxygen to float. The newly developed clutch system is responsible for the rotation of the bezel to the inside of the case. This delicate device is located at the “9 o’clock” position, covered with a cover. Is a new generation of marine timepieces series of typical features.

Ocean Hour Chronograph “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition of the “engine room” equipped with IWC fully designed 89365 self-made movement. Equipped with efficient IWC IWC double pawl on the chain system. Can withstand the collision and shock, suitable for wearing a variety of harsh environments. The central chronograph displays a timed record that is accurate to seconds. While the small dial at the “12 o’clock” position displays the number of minutes measured with the pointer.

Watch also has a flyback function, press the zero button after the clock pointer is to return to zero, you can immediately start a new time. “6 o’clock” position of the small seconds continue to run, indicating that the watch is working properly. In the synchronization process, you can stop at any time as needed small seconds. At the end of the table engraved with lifelike Darwin head picture. It is his evolution that has forever changed the way of human thought.

30 bar waterproof function so that this special edition Ocean fashion watches can be competent for a variety of water or underwater modern adventure activities.

Elegant blancpain product of replica watches

Elegant blancpain product

In this year’s Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show. Elegant blancpain product introduced a new large calendar window chronograph, dial design exquisite and ingenious, delicate and not vulgar, easily brought back your desire to buy.

For the woman added a beautiful annoyance. Blancpain claims that this new large calendar window chronograph, with its unique dial design and superb movement of the process, to the independent self-confidence of modern women pay tribute. Official model: 3626-1954L-58B

As a pioneer in the manufacture of self – winding women ‘s watch. Blancpain since 1930 launch the first complex function since the female watch. Has not stopped in the complex female table aspects of the pace of innovation. Constantly for the attention of complex time function of contemporary women launched a new watch.

Elegant blancpain product large calendar window ladies jewelry chronograph function detailed map

As early as the 30s of last century, Blancpain will firmly believe that women have different from the fake rolex replica on the unique appreciation of men. In addition to the magnificent design, contemporary women also have a soft spot for the complex function of mechanical wrist.

So the introduction of the new watch elegant and luxurious appearance, mother of pearl dial inlaid Huamei flash drill. Blanket equipped with a new research and development of the self-winding movement, with action proved complex watch can also be a woman.

The new large calendar window chronograph is inherit from the tradition of the Blanche female watch design. Using a very creative dial design. Mother of pearl shell material, Ambilight highlights elegance. So the middle of the dial is made up of 17 Vintage diamonds from small and large. As if women wear necklaces, the dial is divided into two irregular areas.

6 o’clock position with two symmetrical semi-circular window, double disc large date shows clear and readable.

12 o’clock position of the eccentric small dial also used mother of pearl material, the Roman numerals and the bottom of the Arabic numerals relative scale, do not have some fun. Dial below the two small dial, respectively, 30 minutes timer small dial and 12 hours timer small dial.

The top of the crown is also set with a conical diamond, like a beautiful crown. The details of the highlight of the classic timepieces of the founder of the thought of thinking.

Case with 18K white gold material, bezel set with 40 crystal diamonds, waterproof depth of up to 30 meters.

Strap for the white ostrich skin table, in addition to this 3626-1954L-58B watch also comes with spare strap.

Blanket equipped with the latest development of the 26F8G automatic winding mechanical movement. From 495 parts carefully built, power reserve 40 hours. Through the sapphire bottom cover can not only see the internal structure of the movement. You can also see the very feminine petal pendulum Tuo.

This Elegant Blancpain product new calendar 3626-1954L-58B chronograph, elegant temperament, functional complex and diverse, is a perfect woman complex function chronograph.

At the same time the brand also introduced rose gold and stainless steel style. Give you a variety of different options.

Classic fake IWC of fashion watches

Classic fake IWC

Continuation of the classic tasting of the Portuguese series “75 anniversary” red gold watch

Because this year is the 75th anniversary of the IWC Icelandic Portuguese series. As the world’s most iconic series, at the beginning of this year’s SIHH watch show shine, launched a variety of new work. Today, the Classic fake IWC home for everyone to bring a new release in Geneva, the Portuguese series of watches. So the official model of the watch is: IW510206.

So this watch for the manual eight-day power reserve watch. Especially for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese series launched the “75th anniversary” special limited edition. Appearance and the Portuguese series of founding watches almost no different Continuation of the tradition once a week for its manual winding tradition and rich commemorative way.

43mm 18k red gold case

This Classic fake IWC new launch of the “75th anniversary” special watch. Equipped with a diameter of 43 mm 18k red gold case and silver dial. The design is almost intact to inherit the history of the color design and brand logo logo. So the only difference is that the date display is added at the “6 o’clock” position. Increase the practicality of this replica watches uk.

18k red gold screw-in gear crown

18k red gold screw-in gear crown, the Portuguese series has always been crown shape. Crown engraved brand english english Logo.

Dark brown crocodile leather strap

Dark brown crocodile leather strap, exquisite beauty. For the Italian top shoe manufacturers Santoni custom production. Santoni home shoes are not to say, fine workmanship and very comfortable to wear, the price is also considered more appropriate, of course. If you buy it in the country on the expensive. Santoni home in the leather with two unique attainments, one suture, hand stitch every stitch hit a knot.

To ensure that the suture will never loose. Second, the famous antique effect, that is, by coating multi-layer leather dyes to produce antique taste. With a 18k red gold pin buckle, clasp design did not do too much rendering. Drawing the handle to look more classic and engraved with IWC logo.

Case thickness 12 mm

Case thickness 12 mm, the thickness is relatively moderate, groove type bezel. Red gold case side of the Portuguese series used a drawing process. The individual is more like the side of the way the performance of wire drawing, looks more texture. And the side of the case is easy to produce scratches, drawing is less obvious.

Polished polished ear replica watches

Lugs also continue the universal style, curvature of nature. Positive polished polished rounded light.

Small three-pin design

Sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass table mirror, silver dial, simple and neat design. So the inner minute circle, the hour scale, and the Arabic numerals are all in gold and brown. Increased the degree of identification. But also with the red gold material match. Small three-pin design, willow-shaped red gold hour hand, minute hand. 6 o’clock position set small seconds and date display window. When the whole read with a simple and clear, at a glance.

59215 manual winding movement

Sapphire back through, exquisite movement at a glance. Equipped with homemade 59215-type manual winding movement, diameter 37.8 mm, vibration frequency 4 Hz. That is, 28,800 times per hour without a fine tune Glucydur ® beryllium alloy balance wheel.

As well as the use of traditional watchmaking technology Bend Banyu gossamer to ensure that the operation of high precision watch. Providing up to eight days of power reserve and a power reserve slot display. This Classic fake IWC watch limited edition of 175.

Summary: Last year was the year of the year. This year is the year of Portugal.

So this section of the Classic fake IWC nostalgia but not completely engraved, adding a new element.

Exquisite work can be described as fine to the strap. Although some people will feel the manual winding movement is too much trouble.

But eight days of dynamic storage to the frequent trouble on the chain, and occasionally on the chain would not have more fun. Limited the number of 175 pieces also added the purchase value of this watch.

Hot selling chanel of fake watches

Hot selling chanel

Maverick J12 Graffiti limited edition Hot selling chanel

In 2000, Chanel launched J12 watch. This high-tech precision ceramic watch in technology and aesthetics are keen on innovation, to highlight the unique design beyond the unique charm of popular. So the integration of modern elegance and with the style of the logo for. Maverick, eye-catching.

Unique production process, J12 watch to high-tech precision ceramic lead tabulation process of the new changes. With high-end technology, high-tech precision ceramic material gives black and white different depth. Also make the watch rugged, comfortable to wear, distributed shiny.

So this year at Baselworld launched the new J12 Graffiti watch (model: H5240). Using 38 mm white high-tech precision ceramic with stainless steel case. Dial and bezel graffiti design bold, very fashion sense. Of course, this is a fashion for the beach-goers Chanel is a piece of cake.

Ceramic steel crown, the outer edge of the steel material, which is used inside the white ceramic.

Polished smooth case side, due to the use of ceramic material. So that daily wear gloomy, you can remove the scratches of pain.

White ceramic bracelet also polished smooth, with fine steel butterfly buckle. Completely hidden under the watch chain.

So the bezel is made of stainless steel groove on the outer edge of the white paint dial. After repeated painting and heating processes, white flawless. Periphery is silver minute mark. The same hours have to use minutes to read. The watch is not set hours hour standard, but the 12-hour figure moved below the dial. To create a special design of graffiti design. 5 o’clock position with date read window.

Watch the back of the use of fine steel, equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement, providing 42 hours of power reserve.

Hot selling chanel watch the seal is very good, providing 200 meters of water depth.

So this J12 Graffiti rolex replica uk limited edition of 1,200 pieces. Using white high-tech precision ceramic and steel material, deconstruction of the graffiti design time scale, fashion avant-garde. For the pursuit of fashion Chanel’s loyal fans door. Should be welcome.

Best hublot of fake watch

Best hublot

Best hublot with “fusion of art” (Art of Fusion) this concept has been world-renowned for the future of continuous exploration has never stopped. Because the brand will be innovative ideas and immortal classic perfect fusion. Recently launched the world’s first with flax fiber replica watches uk, watchmaker also selected gilt diamonds for decoration. Fully demonstrated the ultimate charm of women.

Best hublot

According to official information: Flax is one of the world’s oldest textile raw materials. For early humans, linen is a crucial invention. So this natural and prestigious raw materials at that time has been a small range of Development and training. The history of the first piece of flax debris dates back thousands of years. Flax is environmentally friendly and is undoubtedly green. And gold is one of the earliest discovery and use of metal.Hublot unprecedented to the ancient flax fiber and precious gold material in a new form of integration, writing a high tabulation history.

So this new Big Bang Ma Jin fiber watch inspired by the cultivation of flax in the Swiss handicraftsmen. They are harvested by hand, from which the best quality linen. Through the traditional textile process, woven into flax fiber products. After the use of pure natural dye color, which gives the watch a unique bright colors.

So the Best hublot launched a total of four styles of hemp material watch, respectively, Hyun gold section, powder gold section. Blue gold section and green gold section, today’s editor to get this watch for one of the blue gold section.

So this piece of Big Bang Ma Jin fiber watch diameter of 41 mm, the perfect fusion of the oldest so far fiber and gold material, to create this incredible classic masterpiece.

Case with “vertical” flax fiber composition, gold powder into a random injection of them, to create a unique watch.

So the linen fiber used in the watch is different from carbon fiber, and it can be rendered into any color.

Bezel with 18K polished gold gold material to build, and set a 6 H-type titanium metal screws, with countersunk head bolts to lock.

Black dial solemn atmosphere, in the bottom half of the disk to open three sub-dial, occupy the half of the dial; with Wang Jin bead with the same color pointer and time scale, including 8 diamond time scale.

So watch dial inlaid 36 Topaz, scattered light blue luster, full of charming watch style.
Case side with black synthetic resin inserts, for the crown and timing buttons to provide ample space.
Case and strap with the same level of the same H-type titanium metal screws, enhance the stability of performance.


Crown with satin wire processing Wang Jin material, and accompanied by black natural rubber inserts. The top engraved with the classic seal of Yu ship.


So this best hublot watch has 10 atmospheres, about 100 meters underwater waterproof performance.


So watch with a blue leather strap, accompanied by a black PVD stainless steel rose gold folding buckle.


Best hublot watch the internal carrying HUB4300 self-winding movement.

The movement has 278 parts, including 37 gem bearing, power reserve for 42 hours. (Figure / text watch home Fu Liyan)

Best piaget of replica watch

Best piaget

Best piaget replica rolex:Recently, I heard the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Earl store has new products to the store. We immediately visited here. In full of comfort and quality of the store atmosphere. We see this is not in this year’s table debut of the new version of the Earl POLO S series Best piaget watch, the new product in the POLO S retains a lot of design elements. The overall color of the disk into a black, return to the classic color. For us to bring a more stylish and exquisite generous wrist masterpiece. Here, look together: (watch model: G0A42001)

Earl POLO G0A42001 watch

As the Piaget Polo S series name is inspired by the elegant and intense sport – polo, the design of the series itself is full of thick Piaget Society essence. Highlighting the brand and music, film, art and sports world long friendship.

Series of brand genes in the most representative of the modeling rules. Also echoed the contemporary Mingshi challenge the traditional ambitions. New products to black dial, ADLC coated bezel, black rubber strap and equipped with 1110P movement and many other design and selection as one. With the black Piaget Polo S chronograph watch the issue of 888, and are equipped with a separate number.

So the new timepiece of the black ornaments horizontal dial on the set of luminous time scale. And princes pointers and sharp ornaments decorated with red second hand against each other. Has a central hour, minute, second hand display function, date display at 6 o’clock position. Showing a new full content.

Watch case continues to follow the brand characteristics “shape in shape” design. In the 42 mm round case embedded in the pillow-shaped surface, so that the watch is more representative and ornamental. So the bezel is covered with a black ADLC coating. Making the bezel and case showing two different texture, very beautiful.

Earl 1110P self-winding movement

Through the back through the process design of sapphire crystal glass bottom cover. You can see the 1110P self-winding movement and engraved the Earl family badge dark gray pendulum. Showing the brand of mechanical timepieces of the exclusive beauty. Power storage is about 50 hours.

With black rubber strap with dark gray serifs and buckles. So there is also a black calfskin strap to choose from.

So the new timepiece is a day and night Zhen beauty, practice and leisure both watch. In the soft light, even more extraordinary charm. Simultaneously. Heritage brand series classic design simple but not simple dial with excellent core. So that this watch has become one of the new watch this year.

Best piaget:In addition, several full and exquisite and full of charm with the charm of the count of limited edition diamond ladies watch is also hot in the store.

Like a friend may wish to take a look, choose a choice.

MIDO watches of fake series

MIDO watches

MIDO watches fake watches:Say that men like fine brewed wine, the longer the taste the more mellow. After 30 years of age, the men really into the golden age, young reckless, impulsive, confused and sour after the gradual disappearance of this. Replaced by a stable and mature. 2017, the United States to bring the new Beilun Saili series of long kinetic energy really men’s watch. For men, the ordinary watch has always been no harsh wear requirements, and inlaid diamond watch, then no one can wear. US degrees this year for men and imagine. In addition to the conventional Beilun Saili series watches, but also bring diamond mosaic men MIDO watches models, model: M8600.9.67.1.MIDO watches

Diamonds, has always been the exclusive woman, they are loved by the elegant ladies. And in the men who, in addition to the ring is almost difficult to find objects with diamonds. Even the diamonds on the ring are often not conspicuous. However, this does not mean that men are not suitable for wearing diamonds, it is diamonds shining light, picky those who choose the elite. Often, their career is successful, humble and easy-going, sparkling diamonds show their wisdom and success. So that only high-level male watch, will occasionally inlaid diamonds.

The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States

So the United States is also the United States for the beauty of the elite brand men, bring diamond style. So the United States and the United States Beilun Sai Lai series of long kinetic energy really men’s watch, non-traditional round case design. In a series known as the tradition of Belem Serena. Showing such a fine watch. Its design inspiration from the famous French opera sanctuary – Rennes Opera House. So the art of this building through the core of a watch language to express, highlight the extraordinary characteristics of the watch.

Dial inlaid 12 top Vaiserton diamonds

Because watch case made of stainless steel, curved bezel, crown and bracelet gold part. Have been treated by PVD rose gold coating, showing the unique style of elite men. MIDO watches decorated with golden mercerized polished sun pattern. Surrounded by twelve diamonds. The overall design presents a strong business style. Golden for business men is more meaningful and wealth.

PVD plated rose gold stainless steel crown

Of course, the gold dial with diamond mosaic scale. This combination is not free to match, with diamonds polished pointer, so watch more exciting.

PVD plated rose gold stainless steel / stainless steel bracelet

Between the gold metal bracelet, wear supple, echo with the case tone. Very suitable for business occasions with. To reflect the man’s temperament. In addition to this special design, the United States for this special configuration of the Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. To a large extent to facilitate the daily wear of the watch, eliminating the lack of kinetic energy worries.

Time, will make men more and more stories. In every different time, men have played a variety of roles.

And in its golden years, a wonderful MIDO watches.

Will be his success badge, but also a symbol of personal charm. The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States. Unique creative design, highlight the elite men’s time taste.

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