The overlord Rolex in watch field replica watches uk

Overlord Rolex Watch:


Rolex (Rolex) is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. Rolex is the first sign of an open fingers of the hand, it said that the brand of watches is crafted by hand, and later evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, to show their dominance in the field of watches, showing the Rolex Regal in watchmaking.


The history of Rolex is closely linked to the name of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf). Born in a city in Bavaria in 1881, he was involved in international business when he was young. At the beginning of the business of breeding pearls, 19 years old in La Schade Finn, Switzerland (Chaux-de-Fonds), acting as a watchmaker for a special export. In 1905, he founded his own business.

Overlord Rolex

Wells Dov and David, a company mainly responsible for selling watches, also developed a self-made watch.Overlord Rolex

Rolex is continuing to carry forward its tradition and continue to represent the world of Geneva and high quality watches and clocks all over the world. Rolex professional watches are mainly in the following categories:


Submariner (submariner), water depth of more than 300 meters.


Yacht master (yacht Master), a type of rotating outer ring, convenient calculation time.




Cosmograph, a multi-functional watch, can meet the needs of engineering, sports and business.


It shows Rolex’s emperors in the watch making industry. On the international market, the price of an ordinary Rolex watch ranges from $1000 to $15000. Although the price is very expensive, people still think that things are worth it. This is not only due to the excellent quality of Rolex, but also because it has a unique investment value.



Rolex is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry!Overlord Rolex


In the age of the mechanical watches of the last century, Rolex has been the leader of the global watch industry. Today, the excellent technology and technology still keep Rolex from the top of the watch industry. Rolex has a branch in more than 20 large cities around the world, with an annual output of about 800 thousand, and sales of the Swiss watch industry are the leading position in the Swiss watch industry.


Rolex watches are all over the world.


It will continue to write a glorious page for the history of brand success and innovation.

Classic Rolex, World War II chronograph

About Rolex and chronograph, people will unconsciously think of the famous Daytona watch. But in addition, the brand of the other Chronograph equally interesting, for example, this paper will introduce a Classic Rolex Ref.3525 World War II chronograph.

Classic Rolex

Ref.3525 Valjoux is equipped with 23 column wheel movement, is one of the earliest Rolex chronograph with oyster shell.

This is a wristwatch that a coalition of prisoners of war can order, which is provided by many Swiss tabulating brands during World War II, but Rolex is particularly famous for it.

A prisoner can order a wrist watch through a letter and receive it in a prison camp held in custody. The Rolex move proved the brand’s trust in the Allied prisoners of war, mainly British prisoners of war, until the end of the war.



And laid the foundation of Rolex to Classic Rolex become the world’s most famous watchmaking brand there.

I believe this replica watches uk experience for Rolex to provide order service of Allied prisoners of war, and the Nazi army refused to sell the watch has a great impact.


This Chronograph 35 mm in diameter, by today’s standards slightly petite. Despite the integrated speed and ranging functions, the watch is still legible. This is due to the skillful design of the dial and the reasonable layout of each dial. The pointer also plays an important role in filling the radium material and can be easily identified even at night.

Classic Rolex

The classic Rolex Ref.3525 Tour World War II chronograph

This is a rare and rare Rolex Ref.3525 chronograph, the estimated total output of steel section is only 200 pieces.

and the watch even with the original stainless steel bracelet.

This watch is Classic Rolex composed of rich art, film.

the transaction price of 62500 Swiss francs (valued 50000 to 80000 Swiss francs).

in view of the characteristics of rare stamps, the price is very affordable

Salzburg Art Festival oyster Watch

Salzburg, Austria, June 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand, Rolex, is committed to supporting outstanding art and music. Since 2012, it has been an exclusive sponsor of oyster Watch Pentecost. It added glory to the glorious tradition in 2017.

The festival was set up in 1998 and was in Salzburg, Austria, an extension of the Salzburg Art Festival. During the period of June 2nd to 5 days of Pentecost week, world-class opera, drama and concert will be together. The famous Mezzo Soprano Cecilia Bartoli (Cecilia Bartoli) Rolex brand spokesperson has served since 1994]. Under her artistic guidance, the artistic attainments and prestige of the Holy Spirit are constantly promoted.


She has been the art director of oyster replica watch Pentecost since 2012. She will play the leading role in the opera to the opera every year. After that, the opera will be staged again from July to August in Salzburg Art Festival.


Since the Italy opera singer Handel Julius. In the creation of “Kaiser” (GiulioCesarein Egitto) as the queen of Egypt, this tradition continues to last year, at the time of Pentecost to Leonard.

Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein) the oyster Watch creation of the “West Side Story” (West Side Story) as the opening show, Bartoli in the play as the protagonist Maria (Maria). In 2017, she played Yaliou Tang De prince.


The versatile artist will play a role in the Salzburg festival for the first time. And this opera is probably one of Handel’s most exciting operas.


This show by German director Christof Lloyd (Christof LOY) Les Musiciens Du Prince baton orchestra. In 2016, Cecilia Bartoli’s initiative, the oyster Watch orchestra in Morocco and the Principality of Monte Carlo Opera (Op RA de Monte-Carlo) cooperation form.


Rolex and the Holy Spirit Festival

oyster Watch

In 2012, based on the common values and the relentless pursuit of excellent music, Rolex incorporated the highly regarded Holy Ghost Festival and the Salzburg Arts Festival into the brand culture promotion sponsorship program. The week long Pentecost has become a favorite music festival of the global fans, attracting visitors from all over the world, including the younger generation that is demanding more and more.

Rolex communication and image director Arnold potters (Arnaud Boetsch) said “Pentecost is a big event in the international art scene. The partnership with Rolex comes from the joint efforts of both sides to encourage excellence in art and to promote classical music to more audiences around the world. Pentecost is always a wonderful program at the event, can contribute to the development of performing arts, we are looking forward to.

The Salzburg Arts Festival. Ruibao Stadler chairman KinStar (Helga Rabl-Stadler) said: “Rolex is worthy of the name of art fans. In order to promote the development of cultural activities such as Pentecost and Salzburg Arts Festival, Rolex is sparing no effort, with enthusiasm and participation, so as to enhance the status of music in today’s society.


Rolex’s support, we attach great importance to it.

As Rolex spare no effort to support all activities sponsored by, and selected cultural institutions and performers’ cooperation, encourage the achievement of excellence, Pentecost and Cecilia. Ms. Bartoli fully embodies the intrinsic value of each of the Rolex watch.



A brief introduction to Rolex

Rolex is a well-known brand of Swiss watch industry.  The famous brand oyster watches and the chlie Ni watches are all accurate, reliable and excellent. Therefore, each one has been certified by the super Observatory precise chronometer. It has become a symbol of excellence and elegance.


in the first place,the successful launch of a number of major innovations such as oyster watch appeared in 1926, led by a waterproof watch, and automatic chain Hengdong 1931 invention of the pendulum. So far, Rolex has registered more than 400 patents.

Rolex is really the watchmaker, set up factories, independent design, development and production of Rolex watches all necessary parts from the cast gold alloy, to the core, watchcase and dial and watch strap processing, grinding, assembly and modification, the independent brand to complete the first,

Rolex also sponsors many charity activities and Xu plan.

actively support the arts and sports activities, carry forward the spirit of creating, promoting environmental protection.

The night of the Salzburg Art Festival, Oyster Watch!

Salzburg, Austria, June 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand, Rolex, is committed to supporting outstanding art and music.

Replica Watches Maintain Beloved Watch

How to maintain a mechanical watch?Maintain Beloved Watch


1. every day is best at a fixed time, one foot. The turning table of the upper bar makes the fast and slow to be appropriate.

(the automatic mechanical meter generally turns 20-40 under clockwise direction, which is saturated).


2. watches are the most taboo to shake violently.

and it is suggested to take off the watch and avoid the impact during violent movement.


3., do not casually open the bottom cover, and you can’t dial the needle at will.

The improper use makes the waterproof ring of (Maintain a beloved Watch) the watch bottom deform, resulting in no water proofing.

If there is any problem, send the professional maintenance point in time.


4. to avoid wearing the watch and entering the sauna room, in the cold and hot alternate environment for a long time, easy to cause the deformation of the waterproof ring.


How do you degaussing the watch?


Antimagnetic watch although has certain antimagnetic role, however, when wearing such as contact and high magnetic field, or accidentally put the timepiece in the vicinity, the watch be magnetized.

So, how do you degaussing the watch? Recommended to send professional maintenance points, because there are degaussing professional equipment.


If far from the maintenance point, can be a piece in the middle circle shape, no magnetic iron, erect on the table, watch from the iron circle slowly to wear to wear, will be on the watch magnetic iron absorption; can also put the (Maintain beloved Watch) watch in a clean without iron plate the magnet.

so two days later will gradually degaussing magnetic watch.


first,What do you do when the watch is dirty?


Second,If the list is not waterproof dirty, can use a soft toothbrush brush stains; and the waterproof list you can use neutral detergent scrub with water, reoccupy soft flannelette wipe; double canvas or rubber belt can also be modeled on, but if the dirt has penetrated the material layer, not to use  chemical cleaning agents, in order to avoid metamorphism.

Maintain beloved Watch

Motorcycle exhaust easily fade, gold-plated peeling, air dust, rain, sweat, body dirt will dirty watch.

especially if part of Maintain beloved Watch the gold watch.

leather belt watch, would cause the moldy, odor or even broken.

so the best in the end after cleaning each wearing a watch (especially in hot summer)


firstly,How do you do the water in the watch?


If the water is not serious, it is only a layer of fog in the table glass. At this time, several layers of toilet paper or easy to damp flannelette can be wrap the table tightly.

first,And it will be able to eliminate water vapor by extraordinary watches baking for about 30 minutes from the 40 watt bulb 15 centimeters.

moreover,Avoid the direct baking of the table near the fire in order to avoid heat distortion.

Also, Biumonds Hei, the bottom of the shell, back on the wrist, two hours after the water can eliminated.

If the water is serious.

firstly,it is best to wipe out the oil at the table immediately and remove the water from the machine, so as to avoid the rust of the parts.

(recommend to send professional maintenance point, improper operation can Maintain beloved Watch cause unnecessary loss to you)


How to use and maintain the common sense of watch maintenance.


1. wear watches.

hand sweat is corrosive to the case, the steel case is due to Ni Cr alloy, better anti corrosion performance, a steel case is copper.

first,long-term and sweat contact, easy corrosion.



2. do not open the back cover of the watch, so as to avoid the dust entering the core to affect the normal work of the watch.


3. do not put the watch in the wardrobe with camphor pill, so as to prevent the oil from deteriorating.Maintain beloved Watch. not put the watch on the radio, the TV, so as not to magnetize.

5. post once a month on a regular basis so that the parts are not in a state of rest.

for a long time so as to ensure the performance of the table.

Maintain Beloved Watch,how to maintain a mechanical watch?



Business travel watches – wristwatch at the time of two places !

Business travelers often go between two points frequently, and it is very convenient to carry a wrist watch that can display two time zones at the same time. firstly two places can be said to be business travel watches a more practical function. When arriving from the time zone to another time zone, there will be two time zones. The two time zone tables can not only show the time of the hometown, but also show the local time.

firstly Today, you bring three wristwatches for you.


Rolex Greenwich II series wristwatch

Model: 116710BLNR-78200

Core type: automatic chain

Shell material: stainless steel

Strap material: cortex

Shell diameter: 40 millimeter


Wristwatch review: Rolex Greenwich II wristwatch is equipped with 24 hours outer ring and two time zones can be read synchronously.

18.6% of the sentences contain , which is more than the recommended maximum of 10%.

Try to use their active counterparts.

Oyster shell, 40 mm in diameter by 904L stainless steel to business travel watches build strong and durable, excellent waterproof, scratch resistance of the outer ring with a blue black Cerachrom ring, used to display the time in second time zones. Rolex machine adopts self-developed type 3186 automatic movement.

in addition to the traditional time, second hand.


equipped with Parachrom hairspring, effectively prevent the influence by the impact of temperature change or watch.


firstly OMEGA hippocampal marine universe “blue sea blue” wrist watch

Product model:

Type of machine core: automatic machine

Shell material: blue ceramics

Strap material: Rubber

Shell diameter: 45.5 millimeter

business travel watches

firstly watch comment: the new OMEGA seahorse series “blue sea blue” wrist watch of the marine universe is made .

firstly addition, first, the wrist watch is also equipped with a blue ceramic dial and an orange GMT pointer.


with a white Super-LumiNova noctilucent business travel watches coating on the surface, making the blue dial shining and glamorous. The wrist watch is equipped with a blue swiss replica watches rubber strap with orange stitches and a blue ceramic folding table.

In addition to the unique design, the OMEGA universe “blue ocean blue watch waterproof to a depth of up to 600 meters, and equipped with OMEGA 8906 to the core.

firstly Each one “blue blue” watches are passed by.

the Swiss Confederation Institute of Metrology (METAS) established eight stringent testing, won the “perfect chronometer” title.


Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series

Product model: PAM00719

Type of machine core: automatic machine

Case material: titanium metal

Strap material: Rubber

Shell diameter: 47 millimeter

firstly Watch comments: LUMINOR 1950 three day moving storage Panerai diving watch, first, the diving performance for this watch is more suitable for business wear.

Made of 47 millimeter business travel watches titanium metal,in recent years.

And the titanium, material has high resistance and recognized low sensitivities.and is more lightweight than the fine steel.


moreover , The inscription “POLE2POLE” further enhances the movement quality of the wrist watch.

firstly inscription is printed with yellow pigment and is consistent .

with the second time zone pointer and the 9 o’clock position small second disk. Equipped with Panerai P.9001 movement, with 3 days of power storage.



Wristwatch at the time of two places – business travel watches

Blancpain wrist watches of replica classic series

Blancpain wrist watches

New orphan timepieces pointer and scale indicators covered with Super-LuminNova bright yellow luminous coating. Echo with “Only Watch” logo. Blancpain wrist watches equipped with gold coated NAC (a platinum alloy) coating Tuo. Engraved with “Blancpain” classic logo and “Only Watch” words. Buyers of this watch will also enjoy the Double Honored Experience presented by Blancpain.

Classic engraved this alone treasure a tribute to fifty 噚 MIL-SPEC “Only Watch” to help charity auction

AMM was established in 2001 with donations to Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Association for all payments made at the auction of “Only Watch” charity auctions. For 17 years, Blancpain has always provided strong support to the AMM Association. Actively involved in the various operations organized by the Association:

Because blancpain wrist watches is the first and only watch brand to participate in the 2001 Only One Charity Auction 2001,2003. It is the predecessor of Today Only Watch charity auction. Blancpain has never been absent from all six auctions since the official launch of Only Watch in 2005. In 2017, Blancpain proudly joined the 7th Only Watch charity auction.

Classic engraved this alone treasure a tribute to fifty 噚 MIL-SPEC “Only Watch Watch Watch” to help charity auction

Because the tribute to fifty 噚 MIL-SPEC’s “Only Watch Watch Watch.” Equipped with Blancpain 1151 self-winding movement. Because the movement consists of a total of 210 parts, equipped with two main barrel in series. Ensure up to 4 days of power reserve. Watch equipped with 40 mm diameter steel case. Back through the sapphire glass back through the watch. Movement and coated with NAC (a platinum alloy) gold plated Tuo clearly visible. Put Tuo on the “Blancpain” classic logo and special engraved “Only Watch” logo vividly.

Because the new MIL-SPEC Orchestra replica watch with all professional diving replica rolex watches features. So these features were born in 1952, was officially put into operation in early 1950 50 噚 watch was first established, followed by the entire watch industry to adopt. So this watch is the world’s only a limited edition to Zhen Orphan products. Equipped with a black dial and super-LuminNova bright yellow luminous coating of the scale indicators and pointers.

Echoes with visual elements of Only Watch. All of these elements are exactly the same as the MIL-SPEC 1 watch introduced in the 1950’s. Watch dial, the date is yellow, humidity indicator is still located at six o’clock position. Black one-way rotating bezel carrying a yellow fluorescent scale, with an arched sapphire glass outer ring. So this is Blancpain in the 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the special series presented on the occasion of a major innovation. Designed to provide full protection of the phosphor scale on the bezel. New MIL-SPEC orphan replica watches waterproof up to 30 bar (about 300 meters depth). And equipped with NATO NATO military strap.

Blancpain wrist watches:Because the purchase of this piece to the collection of orphaned goods will also enjoy Blancpain presents double the exalted experience.

Including under the guidance of the world’s free diving champion Gianluca Genoni, learning underwater static screen-holding technology. Because the free diving god maintains a world record of 18 underwater static breath. Including the depth of 160 meters and the duration of 18 minutes 3 seconds amazing results. In addition, the world’s oldest watch brand Blancpain will also create a watchmaking workshop for buyers to explore. This large, sophisticated watchmaking workshop has been in operation for over 280 years.

Female blancpain classic watch of jewelry series

Female blancpain classic watch

Time is the best proof of love, in the most warm and romantic festival of the year. Blancpain special women’s series ultra-thin watch. With vivid style and color interpretation of love and passion.

Blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition female blancpain classic watch decorated with symbolic details of the traditional Valentine’s Day theme. So watch the steel bezel and lugs inlaid with 68 diamonds. Mother of pearl dial inlaid with 8 diamonds. Second-hand special red arrow-shaped tip design, red represents passion.

Because the red arrow of love symbolizes the love penetration time, straight to the heart. Watches at 12 o’clock decorated with a heart-shaped from 19 bread-shaped cut ruby ​​inlaid red heart. With the soft light micro-dial matched Shenghui. Bread-shaped cut mainly prevailed in the decorative arts period. Has been widely used in jewelry, in recent years will occasionally appear on the watch dial. Because the top of the gemstone is a raised circular arc that allows light to penetrate the gemstone more fully. Thus enhancing the brightness of the dial. So the pavilion ruby ​​section is carved face. In order to better refraction of light.

Through the back of the sapphire crystal back through the table, you can view a special decorative hollow openwork platinum Plaque. Its polished decoration uses a variety of different techniques: Geneva and Geneva ripples, spiral bevel and polishing corner. Put these exquisite and complicated grinding process to put the Tuo on. Fully demonstrated the Blancpain watchmaking advanced comprehensive mastery. In addition, put Tuo Po engraved with a replica watches brand identity. And dial design elements reflect each other. And the same red romantic love color.

Blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition watch equipped with a self-winding Cal.913 movement designed for women’s series. Has 40 hours power reserve. Beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel with fine-tuning screws, and equipped with silicon gossamer.

Silicon material is an important innovation in the watch industry with several key attributes: low density (making the balance spring itself extremely lightweight), collision-resistant and completely immune to magnetic fields. So these properties ensure that the gossamer maintains a nearly perfect concentric structure. Thus enhancing the isochronism of the movement. Thereby enhancing the accuracy of the watch.

Female blancpain classic watch:To meet different personal tastes and with the needs.

So blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition watch with two replaceable alligator strap, one for the red and the other for the white. 99 limited edition watch, each engraved with an independent number.

Luxury chanel watch of fake women series

Luxury chanel watch

Chanel has appeared in the high watchmaking stage for 30 years. In 1987, Chanel joined the Haute Horlogerie with the first Première classic watch for women. Since then has injected a unique fashion elements for the watch field. So the octagonal rectangular dial of the Première is inspired by the N ° 5 fragrance bottle cap and the iconic silhouette of the Fontainebleau in Paris. Thirty years time change, it has already become the classic fashion elements Chanel luxury chanel watch. (Watch number: H5313)

The Première collection is more than just a timepiece, but a stylish accessory as well. It completely subverts the design rules of the traditional watch. Dial without a dial and time scale to give watch a new definition. Première means “first” in French. Refers to the time, space and status beyond others, Première watch as its name. Write a new page in the history of women’s watch.

Because the Première, a collection of exquisite aesthetics and craftsmanship, has evolved over the past 30 years. Continued to bring fashion women with the most beautiful shape and the most accurate time. Thirty years from now, the Première Rock from replica rolex draws inspiration from the fashion industry. The leather and metal intertwined to create personalized bracelet. Dazzling red bracelet with a classic octagonal rectangular dial Chanel demonstrated the same fashion style.

So the luxury chanel watch uses a 15.8 x 23.6 mm octagonal rectangular steel case with a case thickness of 6.2 mm. Shape such as Paris Fonten square silhouette. So the watch’s dial is made of white mother-of-pearl. Immaculate mother of pearl dial with no minutes and time scales. Only Chanel brand identity “CHANEL” and Central, points pointer.

Watch crown also made of stainless steel, compact. Convex crown shape more feminine soft side.

Watch with stainless steel and red leather interwoven triple wrap around. Strap Wrist incarnations Perfect fashion accessories.

Because chanel watches design drafting, design, research and development and manufacturing work by Chanel completed. Première Rock watch this limited edition 1000. Watch equipped with quartz movement, travel time is accurate and reliable. At the same time watch with 30 meters waterproof depth.

Luxury chanel watch:A touch of red decorated wrist, side by side with the sexy lips.

Cortical mix of metal strap, hand bag complement each other.So this Première Rock watch is more than just a precise timepiece. It is also a highlight of the charm of women’s treasures.

Fake wrist watches of best classic series

Earl Limelight Magic Hour watch

Piaget fake wrist watches have always been known for jewelry inlaid and ultra-thin. But this is not all, a different kind of design is the same color it. If you just look at it, I am afraid I can never think of the difference. What you need is to actually touch it in your hand. You will find it has a rotating dial.

Oval design, you can rotate according to the wearer’s preferences. The circular dial can be render in three different styles to make it look quite varied. The same decoration in different locations show a different charm. Looks like a superficial effort, but behind the unique design inspiration embodied.

Van Cleef & Arpels Le Pont des Amoureux watch

Van Cleef & Arpels this fake wrist watches is not just a cute dial background. In fact, a romantic love story: the city of Paris, the little boys and girls have grown up. In the romantic autumn, they like all the lovers, meet each other. Under the engraving of the silhouette enamel, the Le Pont des Amoureux dial becomes the place where the pair of lovers meet. So the two will be more time closer, until the encounter.


In addition to romantic plot, this rolex replica uk also has a double reverse jump function, 12 hours waiting for an encounter. Leave them a minute kiss time, and then wait for the next reincarnation.

Reine de Naples self-timer

Breguet watches this is a full “beauty”, a look will be its elegant appeal. And its ability is by no means limit to the appearance. It is such a beautiful women’s watch but is equipp with a wealth of complex technology – two sets of spring device every hour from the Ming, repeat three times. So this hint of passage of time can be nuanced.


Back, its back is by no means ordinary. Sapphire bottom cover by the movement of the splint, automatic Tuo and engraved decorative pigeons are flying wings.

These stories are hidden behind. Let these fake wrist watches a little more intriguing, or people look after the pity.

Although a low-key appearance, but still have good temperament.

Business men watches of replica classic product

Men like black, like to wear black clothes, pants and shoes. Black is not only wild with the match, but also banned itself. Men in their own body more dress up some black. If matched properly, people will feel handsome and cool. A black watch in everyday working life, though, is not very conspicuous. But it will not neglect, but even more quality, with a suit shirt more mature temperament. Below, the watch house brings you three black watches.

CHRONOGRAPH Chronograph World Series IW371438

So this business men watches once personally think it is a relatively high cost of a paragraph. First of all, its price is not very expensive, but Portugal is an evergreen tree of nations. Since the advent of the 90s of last century, the only one did not make any design changes. We can see its high status in all nations. The bottom of the movement is ETA, but the IWC is almost pushed to the top of its movement to redo.

Black crocodile leather strap and black dial quite satisfactory, with silver scale and pointer, very beautiful look good. Reading time is also clear, it is clear. Steel color and black color with the overall looks very capable and neat. With this watch neat design. Looks business full and very cool.

Zenith DUAL TIME Series 03.2130.682 / 22.C493

Dual time zone function is very important for business people. After all, the reasons for the work to and from often to all over, a piece of time watch can make the table quickly adapt to the local time to avoid the trouble of calculating the time difference. This Zenith dual time zone watch is extremely cost effective.

The same 40 mm black dial in the men’s omega replica uk is not large, very good control, silver mosaic scale bit simple. Of course, the small seconds dial at nine o’clock uses a traditional Arabic numeral scale. With silver white toffee pointer, clear and beautiful. The second time zone is the red arrow pointer, clear. Also equipped with black crocodile leather strap, the whole watch cool black feel. Very suitable for mature men to wear, more attractive.

Hoya HERITAGE CALIBER 6 automatic watch 39 mm series WAS2110.FC6180

However, this business men watches has a strong business atmosphere, style simple and capable. Black dial with traditional “flinqué” carved texture, the beautiful appearance of the art masterpiece. Dial in the beautiful spiral decorative second chronograph and polishing the pointer and the number contrast more chic, six o’clock date display window. Equipped with TAG Heuer Caliber 6 self-winding movement, the calendar quickly adjusted, accurate and stable travel time. Overall refined and elegant, very suitable for workplace wear, simple and low-key. But it is even more quality. More than 20,000 price is very high price.

Business men watches:The price of these three watches are not more than 60,000 yuan, 3 price stalls. Very suitable for entering the workplace or work hard in the workplace a few years of career choices.

All black shape in the details there is something special. Also added a different temperament for these three watches.

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