Elegant fashion watch of best popular series

Elegant fashion watch

Simple style originated in the modernist minimalism, “Less is more” to meet the function on the basis of the greatest degree of concise, get people unanimously respected. So the so-called simple style is simple and tasteful. So this taste is reflected in the design of the details of the grasp.

Every small part of the local and decoration, should be thoughtful, simple but not simple. And reflected in the watch, the more simple dial design with exquisite workmanship. Here, the watch home for you to recommend three classic small three-pin watch. Let us come under the taste of their beauty.

IWC Portugal series manual on the eight-day power reserve watch “75 anniversary” special edition

So this watch for the manual eight-day power reserve watch. For the special launch of the “75th Anniversary” launched by the nations in Geneva last year for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese series. Appearance and the Portuguese series of founding watches almost no different The same small three-pin design. So the continuation of the weekly once for its manual winding tradition and rich commemorative way.

Equipped with homemade 59215-type manual winding movement, diameter 37.8 mm, vibration frequency 4 Hz. That is, 28,800 times per hour without a fine tune Glucydur ® beryllium alloy balance wheel. As well as the use of traditional watchmaking technology Bend Banyu gossamer to ensure that the operation of high precision watch. Providing up to eight days of power reserve and a power reserve slot display.

Parma Johnny TONDA 1950 series watch

Parma Johnny as the watch industry’s “loner”, is a very purely independent rolex replica uk brand. This Tonda 1950 watch, slim and concise silhouette, Parma Johnny decorative water droplets lugs, graphite color dial at a glance the small three-pin harmony ratio will show the time most vividly.

Equipped with Parma Johnny’s latest PF 701 self-winding mechanical movement, the movement thickness of only 2.6 mm. Its ultra-thin size thanks to the eccentric platinum in the movement of micro-automatic swing Tuo, movement decoration outstanding, providing 42 hours of power reserve. So this elegant fashion watch is also Parma Johnny Tonda 1950 watch for the first time equipped with rose gold bracelet. Replace it has been used Hermes leather strap. Overall simple and beautiful.

Lange SAXONIA AUTOMATIC automatic watch series elegant fashion watch

Released in Geneva this year, Lange new SAXONIA AUTOMATIC, minimalist style. Solid 18k gold hour scale position near the edge of the dial. Which 3,6,9 and 12 points to double bar-shaped block scale marked, slightly increased black minute scale makes the watch more clear and easy to read.

L086.2 movement. Automatically on the chain, in line with the most stringent Lange quality standards, hand-carefully modified and assembled; five-precision adjustment. Plywood and deck are made of untreated German silver. Hand carved wheel plywood. Provide 72 hours power reserve.

Elegant fashion watch:The so-called simplicity is not simple, concise is a good quality by constantly combining and screening out the essence.

Is the object of the appearance of the popular appearance, to enhance concise for a highly concentrated, highly generalized abstract form. So these three new watches this year in the appearance of the most concise to make. Unparalleled superb handmade skills to perfectly show the watch texture, can be described as sections are classic.

Roger Dupper of fashion watch

Roger Dupper

Roger Dupper:Know the word “artisan spirit” or because the old Luo hammer phone. To be honest, I am not optimistic about the hammer phone. So there is no thought of the old Luo Artist spirit. Recently, this time to see more domestic replica watches uk, making a job is not bad. But definitely not fine. I think the domestic watch is indeed the lack of this artisan feelings. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three high-end mechanical brand watch. I think this is the watch should be the feelings of craftsmen.

Blancpain 50 series 5015-1130-52 watch

Because Blancpain is one of the oldest, oldest watch brands, has only produced mechanical watches, after the revival of Blancpain. To watch the table, high-level sports table, the classic dress table, elegant ladies table, advanced technology table readily available. Fifty series of watches in the performance is very good.

This watch a waterproof depth of up to 300 meters depth, and power reserve up to 120 hours, one-way rotating bezel. And with luminous function, diving can be done when the precise timing. As the previous generation of diving table masterpiece, arched bezel full of flavor. Mechanical movement process is impeccable, very delicate.
Lange 1815 Series 233.026 watch

Lange originates in Glash├╝tte’s German precision watchmaking industry. Was created by Ferdinando Adolfo Lange. This table is named “1815” series, it is representative of his birth year. 1815 series of watches in particular into the traditional design elements.

Including blue steel pointer, Arabic numerals and train track minutes, is a classic example of Lange watchmaking. Lange’s fine is very famous. Whether it is appearance or movement, adhering to the spirit of Germany’s respected craftsmen. Lange watches make people feel the essence of the lush and heritage.
Roger Dupper EXCALIBUR series RDDBEX0354 watch
Roger Dupper
Because Roger Dupper is a very young brand. A friend who does not know the mark of Geneva can go to the next page for the mark of Geneva. The mark itself has already emphasized the meaning of “artisan spirit”.

Adhere to the details, adhere to the faith. Today recommended this watch with stainless steel material to create, 42 mm diameter design.

Count on the rules of a Roger Dupper watch.

But also in the fine, reflecting the charm of advanced tabulation – impeccable precision mechanical structure. As well as micro-mechanical delicate.

Artisan spirit, refers to the artisans of their products crafted. Excellence, more perfect spirit of the concept. So feeling the Chinese watch industry is the lack of such a spirit of artisans. Fortunately, we see the successor, is trying to promote the development of China’s high-level watchmaking.