Business men watches of replica classic product

Men like black, like to wear black clothes, pants and shoes. Black is not only wild with the match, but also banned itself. Men in their own body more dress up some black. If matched properly, people will feel handsome and cool. A black watch in everyday working life, though, is not very conspicuous. But it will not neglect, but even more quality, with a suit shirt more mature temperament. Below, the watch house brings you three black watches.

CHRONOGRAPH Chronograph World Series IW371438

So this business men watches once personally think it is a relatively high cost of a paragraph. First of all, its price is not very expensive, but Portugal is an evergreen tree of nations. Since the advent of the 90s of last century, the only one did not make any design changes. We can see its high status in all nations. The bottom of the movement is ETA, but the IWC is almost pushed to the top of its movement to redo.

Black crocodile leather strap and black dial quite satisfactory, with silver scale and pointer, very beautiful look good. Reading time is also clear, it is clear. Steel color and black color with the overall looks very capable and neat. With this watch neat design. Looks business full and very cool.

Zenith DUAL TIME Series 03.2130.682 / 22.C493

Dual time zone function is very important for business people. After all, the reasons for the work to and from often to all over, a piece of time watch can make the table quickly adapt to the local time to avoid the trouble of calculating the time difference. This Zenith dual time zone watch is extremely cost effective.

The same 40 mm black dial in the men’s omega replica uk is not large, very good control, silver mosaic scale bit simple. Of course, the small seconds dial at nine o’clock uses a traditional Arabic numeral scale. With silver white toffee pointer, clear and beautiful. The second time zone is the red arrow pointer, clear. Also equipped with black crocodile leather strap, the whole watch cool black feel. Very suitable for mature men to wear, more attractive.

Hoya HERITAGE CALIBER 6 automatic watch 39 mm series WAS2110.FC6180

However, this business men watches has a strong business atmosphere, style simple and capable. Black dial with traditional “flinqué” carved texture, the beautiful appearance of the art masterpiece. Dial in the beautiful spiral decorative second chronograph and polishing the pointer and the number contrast more chic, six o’clock date display window. Equipped with TAG Heuer Caliber 6 self-winding movement, the calendar quickly adjusted, accurate and stable travel time. Overall refined and elegant, very suitable for workplace wear, simple and low-key. But it is even more quality. More than 20,000 price is very high price.

Business men watches:The price of these three watches are not more than 60,000 yuan, 3 price stalls. Very suitable for entering the workplace or work hard in the workplace a few years of career choices.

All black shape in the details there is something special. Also added a different temperament for these three watches.

Elegant fashion watch of best popular series

Elegant fashion watch

Simple style originated in the modernist minimalism, “Less is more” to meet the function on the basis of the greatest degree of concise, get people unanimously respected. So the so-called simple style is simple and tasteful. So this taste is reflected in the design of the details of the grasp.

Every small part of the local and decoration, should be thoughtful, simple but not simple. And reflected in the watch, the more simple dial design with exquisite workmanship. Here, the watch home for you to recommend three classic small three-pin watch. Let us come under the taste of their beauty.

IWC Portugal series manual on the eight-day power reserve watch “75 anniversary” special edition

So this watch for the manual eight-day power reserve watch. For the special launch of the “75th Anniversary” launched by the nations in Geneva last year for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese series. Appearance and the Portuguese series of founding watches almost no different The same small three-pin design. So the continuation of the weekly once for its manual winding tradition and rich commemorative way.

Equipped with homemade 59215-type manual winding movement, diameter 37.8 mm, vibration frequency 4 Hz. That is, 28,800 times per hour without a fine tune Glucydur ® beryllium alloy balance wheel. As well as the use of traditional watchmaking technology Bend Banyu gossamer to ensure that the operation of high precision watch. Providing up to eight days of power reserve and a power reserve slot display.

Parma Johnny TONDA 1950 series watch

Parma Johnny as the watch industry’s “loner”, is a very purely independent rolex replica uk brand. This Tonda 1950 watch, slim and concise silhouette, Parma Johnny decorative water droplets lugs, graphite color dial at a glance the small three-pin harmony ratio will show the time most vividly.

Equipped with Parma Johnny’s latest PF 701 self-winding mechanical movement, the movement thickness of only 2.6 mm. Its ultra-thin size thanks to the eccentric platinum in the movement of micro-automatic swing Tuo, movement decoration outstanding, providing 42 hours of power reserve. So this elegant fashion watch is also Parma Johnny Tonda 1950 watch for the first time equipped with rose gold bracelet. Replace it has been used Hermes leather strap. Overall simple and beautiful.

Lange SAXONIA AUTOMATIC automatic watch series elegant fashion watch

Released in Geneva this year, Lange new SAXONIA AUTOMATIC, minimalist style. Solid 18k gold hour scale position near the edge of the dial. Which 3,6,9 and 12 points to double bar-shaped block scale marked, slightly increased black minute scale makes the watch more clear and easy to read.

L086.2 movement. Automatically on the chain, in line with the most stringent Lange quality standards, hand-carefully modified and assembled; five-precision adjustment. Plywood and deck are made of untreated German silver. Hand carved wheel plywood. Provide 72 hours power reserve.

Elegant fashion watch:The so-called simplicity is not simple, concise is a good quality by constantly combining and screening out the essence.

Is the object of the appearance of the popular appearance, to enhance concise for a highly concentrated, highly generalized abstract form. So these three new watches this year in the appearance of the most concise to make. Unparalleled superb handmade skills to perfectly show the watch texture, can be described as sections are classic.

Best quartz watches of popular fake series

Best quartz watches

Tourbillon Swiss best quartz watches master Louis Breguet in 1795 invented a watch speed control device. A device invented to resist gravity. At the time, but a very incredible invention. Today most of the brands are out of the Tourbillon watch. So this is a technology competition platform, each of the Tourbillon watch is not the same. Today to bring you several beautiful Tourbillon watch.

Iowa Portuguese Family (Portuguese series) IW544602 watch

Portugal three needle line Tourbillon watch combines the two fake watches industry R & D results, to achieve the desired accuracy. In the era of pocket best quartz watches, the tourbillon is used to offset the position error. But now the most beautiful complex device to become a superb watchmaking art to commemorate. So the non-traditional three-pronged-line pointer arrangement is a reminder of the precise mechanical chronology of the observatory and watchmaking company. If assembled in a regular position.

Then the clock is too long will cover the second hand small dial. So it is equipped with its own small time circle, and the main dial of the glorious position to give the minute hand. Platinum style with dark blue “ardoise” dial, and platinum and 18K rose gold style with silver dial. Dial for the new design of the “classic” style. 98 98845 special edition pocket watch movement, to run 28800 per hour. Through the transparent sapphire glass table to enjoy this beautiful movement.

Bulgari Sotirio Bulgari Series SB43BPLTBPC watch

Because watch sub-gray dial design, 950 platinum case to create, with black hand-sewn crocodile leather strap. Watch 9 o’clock position with reverse jump date and reverse jump show. Watch 3 o’clock with reverse jump month display. Because watch 6 o’clock position with a tourbillon device.

Best quartz watches:Why does the tourbillon feel fresh and fresh?

Analysis of the reasons for the continuous renovation of the tourbillon pattern. “With the CNC machine tools, tourbillon manufacturing is not so much difficulty in this case, the big brand no tourbillon watch can not be just to be a simple can not be justified. So forced to no way, must be a fresher of.”

IWC luxury watches of relojes hombre

IWC luxury watches

Bai Tao Fenuo watch series has been a gentleman in the nations of the family, is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste. It is simple, eternal design to become one of the world’s most popular watch series.

Favored by men and women. Baidu Fenuo day and night show automatic watch perfect reflection of the Italian seaside town of Park Tao Fenuo eternal elegance charm, blooming shiny beauty.

Because the nations blend with extremely unparalleled performance and unique design. As we presented a magnificent visual enjoyment. Today’s watch home for everyone to bring is a million country Park Tao Fenuo series in the day and night display automatic watch, reference model: IW459101.

With the second time zone display of the new Park Tao Fenuo day and night display automatic watch is absolutely international business people, global travelers and nightlife lovers the perfect choice.


A review of the automatic watch in the day and night

So this watch case diameter of 37 mm. Can also be suitable for men and women to wear, white pearl mother of pearl subtle delicate delicate luster like white clouds blossoming sky. For the dial to bring a little sense of Smart.


A review of the automatic fake watches in the day and night

Because watch with a beautifully shaped dome sapphire crystal glass table mirror. So table mirror by double-sided anti-glare treatment to steal light clear, the edge of the rounded curvature reveals an elegant atmosphere.


Stainless steel to create the side of the crown decorated with simple triangular pit pattern. Combined with a relatively prominent crown design, the chain feel very comfortable. Crown crown engraved with the country’s brand Logo, highlight the brand identity.



So this IWC luxury watches case to build stainless steel, moderate thickness of about 11 mm. Case to polish polished polished, delicate metallic luster presents a delicate and elegant texture.

Lug shape rounded, delicate and lovely. Its slightly curved curvature is ergonomic, fit the wrist and wear comfortably.


So this IWC luxury watches is accompanied by a dark blue alligator strap, strap color processing is very delicate. Combined with natural crocodile skin texture, elegant in a trace of extraordinary fashion taste.

Strap with a beautifully crafted needle buckle, buckle to build stainless steel. Polished delicate moist, clasped on a carving of a million “IWC” logo, highlight the brand identity.


So two willow-shaped pointer to outline the elegant gesture of the charm of time, dial inner ring. A fine arrow-shaped blue steel pointer can be divided according to the choice of the day and night to display any second time zone.


Stereo mosaic standard exquisite elegance. Each top of the hour mark is embedded with a fine bright cut diamonds. So like the horizon of the stars at dawn.


So this watch for the tight design, waterproof depth of 3 bar (about 30 meters). Case with a 35700 self-winding mechanical movement, can provide up to 42 hours of power reserve.


With 24 hours day and night display and the second time zone display of the new Park Tao Fenuo day and night display automatic watch will be low-key luxury and gentle style combination. So cater to the changing lifestyles of the new generation.

So this watch is IWC watchmaking process of high-level, not only equipped with beautiful and practical complex functions. More inlaid diamonds and pearl Fritillaria, blooming shine.

This IWC luxury watches is definitely the perfect choice for international business people, travelers around the world and nightlife lovers.

Ocean fashion watches of replica series

Ocean fashion watches

Ocean Meters Chronograph “Darwin Adventure Tour” Special Edition is the Ocean fashion watches world of modern innovative divers watch watch history of a classic for the future. So this is the first time that the brand is made of bronze case. Because in the Darwinian era, bronze was widely use in shipbuilding. Darwin collected a wealth of valuable information on the adventure of the Galapagos Islands. Laid the foundation of the theory of its origin. And this full of sports temperament of the ocean chronograph watch is the great natural scientists praise.

October 1835. After four rounds of voyage, the British expedition HMS Berger was anchore before the Galapagos Islands, 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent. The young scientist Darwin wrote in the travel log that “a group of extremely special birds”: “The most incredible is that different species can be classified into different species by the size of their beak.” (People) can imagine , At first the birds on the island are scarce, and thus evolved from a species of different species according to different needs. “Then he turned to other animals.

Darwin had not yet imagined that these observations would later lead to a great discovery that fundamentally shook the foundations of the natural sciences at that time: the world was not immutable but was in constant evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution on species variation and origin originated from his study in the Galapagos Islands. To commemorate the historic Galapagos study tour. IWC IWC launched an excellent diver watch in 2014 – Ocean Timepiece swiss replica watches “Darwin Adventure Tour” Special Edition (model IW379503).

The Darwin Special Edition is not only brilliant in the new 2014 Ocean Clock Series. For IWC ocean fashion watches is also a first time. This is the first time the brand used bronze as the case material. Bronze is a very traditional metal material, the history of human use of bronze can be trace back more than five thousand years ago.

The use of bronze production case, its inspiration from Darwin’s famous investigation boat HMS Berger – was no stainless steel, bronze with its excellent corrosion resistance to become the preferred shipbuilding material. In addition to the hull is also use for the manufacture of portholes, bells, vessel accessories and navigation equipment. Follow Darwin’s “only change is fixed” creed. Bronze with the passage of time in the course of the use of a layer of light green light, the color will continue to deepen. So this is giving this timetable full of personality, unique temperament.

Pure copper texture is soft, and IWC using high-tech bronze is copper and aluminum alloy. Rugged and high hardness, and anti-wear, chemical stability. Is to create a divers watch and adventure Ocean fashion watches the perfect material. In addition to case and innovative inside and outside the rotating bezel outside. So this warm bronze tone also appears as a luminous color on the pointer. The time scale and the inner ring of the inner ring. Crown and button covered with black matte rubber coating. Not only in the color to form a strong contrast, but also make the button operation more easily. In addition, equipp with the latest patent IWC watch chain quick change system strap is also made of black rubber.

All of the watches in the new generation of ocean timepieces are equippe with an innovative internal and external rotating bezel equipp with the Ocean fashion watches IWC SafeDive system. Ocean Timepiece Watch “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition is no exception. To mark the start of the dive or other time, turn the rotating outer ring. Set the time in minutes to set the time until the triangular mark on the inner ring points to the minute hand, and the meshing sound is clearly visible when rotating. Diving process can be read at any time in the inner circle has been dive time. So the safety diving system ensures that the inner ring can only be rotate counterclockwise.

In this way, even if the error will only be extend, and will not shorten the display dive time. Thus ensuring that there is enough oxygen to float. The newly developed clutch system is responsible for the rotation of the bezel to the inside of the case. This delicate device is located at the “9 o’clock” position, covered with a cover. Is a new generation of marine timepieces series of typical features.

Ocean Hour Chronograph “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition of the “engine room” equipped with IWC fully designed 89365 self-made movement. Equipped with efficient IWC IWC double pawl on the chain system. Can withstand the collision and shock, suitable for wearing a variety of harsh environments. The central chronograph displays a timed record that is accurate to seconds. While the small dial at the “12 o’clock” position displays the number of minutes measured with the pointer.

Watch also has a flyback function, press the zero button after the clock pointer is to return to zero, you can immediately start a new time. “6 o’clock” position of the small seconds continue to run, indicating that the watch is working properly. In the synchronization process, you can stop at any time as needed small seconds. At the end of the table engraved with lifelike Darwin head picture. It is his evolution that has forever changed the way of human thought.

30 bar waterproof function so that this special edition Ocean fashion watches can be competent for a variety of water or underwater modern adventure activities.

Classic fake IWC of fashion watches

Classic fake IWC

Continuation of the classic tasting of the Portuguese series “75 anniversary” red gold watch

Because this year is the 75th anniversary of the IWC Icelandic Portuguese series. As the world’s most iconic series, at the beginning of this year’s SIHH watch show shine, launched a variety of new work. Today, the Classic fake IWC home for everyone to bring a new release in Geneva, the Portuguese series of watches. So the official model of the watch is: IW510206.

So this watch for the manual eight-day power reserve watch. Especially for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese series launched the “75th anniversary” special limited edition. Appearance and the Portuguese series of founding watches almost no different Continuation of the tradition once a week for its manual winding tradition and rich commemorative way.

43mm 18k red gold case

This Classic fake IWC new launch of the “75th anniversary” special watch. Equipped with a diameter of 43 mm 18k red gold case and silver dial. The design is almost intact to inherit the history of the color design and brand logo logo. So the only difference is that the date display is added at the “6 o’clock” position. Increase the practicality of this replica watches uk.

18k red gold screw-in gear crown

18k red gold screw-in gear crown, the Portuguese series has always been crown shape. Crown engraved brand english english Logo.

Dark brown crocodile leather strap

Dark brown crocodile leather strap, exquisite beauty. For the Italian top shoe manufacturers Santoni custom production. Santoni home shoes are not to say, fine workmanship and very comfortable to wear, the price is also considered more appropriate, of course. If you buy it in the country on the expensive. Santoni home in the leather with two unique attainments, one suture, hand stitch every stitch hit a knot.

To ensure that the suture will never loose. Second, the famous antique effect, that is, by coating multi-layer leather dyes to produce antique taste. With a 18k red gold pin buckle, clasp design did not do too much rendering. Drawing the handle to look more classic and engraved with IWC logo.

Case thickness 12 mm

Case thickness 12 mm, the thickness is relatively moderate, groove type bezel. Red gold case side of the Portuguese series used a drawing process. The individual is more like the side of the way the performance of wire drawing, looks more texture. And the side of the case is easy to produce scratches, drawing is less obvious.

Polished polished ear replica watches

Lugs also continue the universal style, curvature of nature. Positive polished polished rounded light.

Small three-pin design

Sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass table mirror, silver dial, simple and neat design. So the inner minute circle, the hour scale, and the Arabic numerals are all in gold and brown. Increased the degree of identification. But also with the red gold material match. Small three-pin design, willow-shaped red gold hour hand, minute hand. 6 o’clock position set small seconds and date display window. When the whole read with a simple and clear, at a glance.

59215 manual winding movement

Sapphire back through, exquisite movement at a glance. Equipped with homemade 59215-type manual winding movement, diameter 37.8 mm, vibration frequency 4 Hz. That is, 28,800 times per hour without a fine tune Glucydur ® beryllium alloy balance wheel.

As well as the use of traditional watchmaking technology Bend Banyu gossamer to ensure that the operation of high precision watch. Providing up to eight days of power reserve and a power reserve slot display. This Classic fake IWC watch limited edition of 175.

Summary: Last year was the year of the year. This year is the year of Portugal.

So this section of the Classic fake IWC nostalgia but not completely engraved, adding a new element.

Exquisite work can be described as fine to the strap. Although some people will feel the manual winding movement is too much trouble.

But eight days of dynamic storage to the frequent trouble on the chain, and occasionally on the chain would not have more fun. Limited the number of 175 pieces also added the purchase value of this watch.

Fashion IWC of fake series

Fashion IWC

Fashion IWC new range of Da Vinci series with classic round case, removable lugs and simple modern design style by the user favorite. Da Vinci series, both show the brand complex function technology and superb watchmaking process Da Vinci calendar calendar watch and Da Wenxi Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch. Also designed for ladies design and manufacture of the Da Vinci automatic watch 36 and Da Vinci moon phase automatic watch 36. Also has the most representative of the men and women of the Da Vinci automatic replica rolex (watch model: IW356601).

Fashion IWC

Da Vinci automatic watch is a diameter of 40 mm three-finger Fashion IWC watch. So the diameter of the table can meet the needs of men with thin wrist. But also to meet the needs of ladies who like the atmosphere of simple atmosphere. Da Vinci series to abandon the barrel-shaped shape design. To have a prominent eye-shaped round case back to the 20th century, 80’s classic style. Da Vinci automatic watch to moderate diameter, neutral style to become one of the model.

Retrospective IWC replica watches history, the new Da Vinci automatic watch prototype from the 20th century, the late 90s to create the Da Vinci S L automatic watch. S L series came out in 1976, due to the small number. Has long been a very popular watch collection. The launch of the new Da Vinci automatic watch is both a tribute to the classic watch S L automatic watch. But also to give the classic new life, to meet the modern people’s yearning for the classic watches.

Watch with 40 mm steel case, case thickness of 10 mm, with a silver silver dial. Dial on the set with gold-plated three-dimensional Arabic numerals. Dial “6 o’clock” position with a small rectangular date display window. And watch the time standard integration. The center of the dial is equipped with gold-plated willow type, minute hand, and slim blue steel second hand. Watch dial as a whole showing a neutral classic, simple and clear style.

Because watch crown for the cylindrical, made of stainless steel. The top engraved with IWC brand logo, the side after the anti-skid texture processing, easy to operate.

Watch with black Santoni crocodile leather strap. Strap with orange liner and stainless steel clasp. The new design of the mobile lug to make the strap better fit the wrist.

Watch equipped with the test Cal.35111 self-winding movement. Because watch can provide 42 hours power storage and 30 meters water depth.

Fashion IWC: Da Vinci classic three-pointer automatic watch for simple classic style like fashion people.

Both men and women can be perfect control, leather strap and stainless steel bracelet two optional. Leather strap paragraph official offer for 40,600 RMB, stainless steel bracelet with smoke gray dial, more low-key calm.

Fashion IWC of fake series

Fashion IWC

Fashion corum replica watches:If you asked me what the use of the moon phase function on the watch. In fact, no use, is to show the moon’s trajectory, Yinqing round off only. But to be honest, moon phase function is undoubtedly the watch all the most fantastic features of the most romantic. It’s embellishment to watch a function of more than a poetic. High value is easy to capture people. And so many months of the table, the pure black surface of the watch I think the most able to show the moon phase of the elegant and brilliant. Dark dial like a deep night sky, moon phase profit and loss in the wrist clearly show out.

King of the World Warrior million war watch series IW502902 watch

Million of this large pilots perpetual calendar using high-tech ceramic and titanium metal production of black case. And matte black dial echoes. And with the arrow when the standard white minute circle and small pointer red arrow with the formation of a sharp contrast. Located at 12 o’clock position moon phase, respectively, indicating the northern and southern hemisphere moon phase state.

In each of the 29.5 days of the Lunar New Year, the Fashion corum watch imitates the lunar orbit change only for about 12 seconds. At the same time, this table is also equipped with four digits year display, date, week and month display. Each display can be set by the crown and hide buttons, and automatically forward. The Fashion corum watch is equipped with internal models for the 51614 self-made movement, the number of stones 42, using Beier Dayton automatic winding system. Full chord can provide up to 168 hours of power reserve. Black soft strap is not only durable, but also comfortable to wear.

Jakodro Star Series J030533200 watch

If you think the moon is too serious. That Yakodro this star series of calendar moon phase watch is really fun enough. Jacques Droud is the most desirable watch brand I feel. And the moon phase of this full of poetic features, Jacques De Luo is also carefully arranged. The moon phase profit and loss through a very modern design on the dial to reproduce. The six-point moon phase display disc is carved into a moon face. With the black onyx and ivory large enamel window opening and closing of the opening of the opening.

Solemn moon face or hidden or now, light and dark overlap. Let me think of Bai Juyi’s “long-awaited, still hold partly concealed”, the moon is also surrounded by eight seven-star star (8 for the brand’s lucky numbers) as a foil. Two straight pointers and two twists and turns roundabout crescent-shaped poems. Calendar display on both sides of the dial: the right shows the date, the left shows the week. The month display at the 12 o’clock position is only equipped with a pointer on it, with a hidden leap year window. All of these are placed in the deep deep 43 mm pure black dial above, turned into a pair of sky scenery. This watch is equipped with Jacques Droud 5853LR.4 movement. The number of oscillations per hour 28800, power storage for 68 hours.

Lange LANGE 1 series 139.035F watch

Compared to the above two moon phase function, Lange’s watch can be said that the dark system of high-tech. Its luminous function is very cool, but also rare in the evening can also appreciate the moon phase of the watch. In 2013, Lange launched the Grand Lange 1 “Lumen”, through a translucent sapphire crystal dial. Showing the clever structure of the Lange calendar display, and the next year the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase can be through the main dial on the moon show to show the moon, and now, Lange these two functions into one.

So this new Fashion corum watch black dial is made of solid silver, with a large window and black translucent sapphire crystal table mirror.So the special coating of the mirror can block most of the visible light outside the spectrum of ultraviolet light, the luminous material for the large calendar device “absorbs energy”. Let it glow in the darkness. The most special is the moon phase of the surface after a patented coating to laser cutting out the moon and 1164 stars pattern. So the back of the moon disc is placed with a background layer with a luminous coating. Which can make these patterns even in the dark night can shine. Moon phase display correctly set, the watch every 122.6 years to correct a day. L095.4 type manual winding movement after double assembly with Lange movement of all the iconic quality. Large barrels offer 72-hour power storage.

Fashion corum:So the characteristics of the interesting moon more and more. So there are expressions, no expression, the northern and southern hemisphere bimonthly. And the black disk moon phase table the most mysterious and unique sense, like the moon phase table you must not miss.

IWC series of fashion watches

IWC series

IWC series fake rolex watches:August 2, 2017, Schaffhausen – In 1982, Schaffhausen IWC IWC and the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche (Ferdinand A. Porsche) designed the Ocean 2000 watch. This super-waterproof submarine watch design style avant-garde, the brand is beyond the era of immortal Today, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the birth of this classic watch. IWC IWC launched a new ocean timepiece special edition watch, limited to 350 pieces. Is the IWC IWC Ocean Series series of the most slim deep sea diving watch.

IWC series

So the new IWC Ocean watch 2000 automatic watch “35 anniversary” special edition (model: IW329101) limited edition of 350, the case thickness of only 14.5 mm, IWC IWC ocean weather series in the most slim deep sea diving Watch. Thanks to the new improved titanium case. This watch is extremely thin, dive to 2000 meters deep sea can still guarantee excellent performance.

As a pioneer in the use of titanium metal case. IWC IWC has been using this lightweight and highly resilient material for more than 30 years. Back engraved deep sea diver helmet pattern, highlighting its up to 200 bar of super waterproof performance. Inspired by Ocean 2000 watch design style. This special edition ocean hour meter with a black dial coated with luminous coated white pointer and with a red tip of the second hand. Rotary bezel on the eye-catching embed inner ring and corrugate rubber strap is the 1982 and Porsche design to pay tribute to the watch design.

IWC IWC safety diving system provides increased safety protection

When the diver carries a compressed air machine dive, you must pay close attention to time. To prevent personal danger due to excessive return to the surface of the water. IWC IWC Series watch can be set by the rotating bezel diving time, to provide double security.

The innovative safety diving system ensures that the bezel can only be re-adjust only when it is rotate counterclockwise. Thus, even if the bezel is inadvertently dialed, it is safe to return within the zeroing time (ie, the time the diver does not need to decompress and safely rise to the surface). Also worth mentioning is that the watch chain quick replacement system makes the rubber strap can be easily replace with other styles of strap.

Summer is hot, choose an IWC series ocean timepiece. Dive into the deep sea, explore the blue.

Freedom and love pure beauty–IWC

In the Renaissance, the IWC uk replica watches great art masters, Leonardo da Vinci.

dumped his life to crack the science and aesthetics of the code, with its unique imagination to decipher the relationship between time and space.

And “Da Vinci Code” has become people The pure beauty of the heart of the pronoun. Inspired by its pioneering spirit.

Since the Swiss watchmaker Shafuhausen IWC watches aunched the Da Vinci series, in the square between the aesthetic and mathematics presents a harmonious balance.

World Miss Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of the Da Vinci, she wore a new IWC nations to express the text of the moon phase automatic watch 36.

And the decoding of the United States.IWC watch

For more than half a century, the IWC nations have never stopped their pursuit and creation of beauty. They are courageous and confident.

And they have solved their own “Da Vinci Code” in their experiences.

The gentle atmosphere of Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of this.

In the IWC nations to express the text of the series of large-scale shooting before the camera.

Due to who had a tall figure into the people of sight Miss World.

IWC replica watches for sale

Since now glow from the inside out of the mature charm, to the world to interpret her life password.

And IWC pay tribute to the same attitude of women, Zhang Zilin leisurely life, love also gives love.

Because work and life balance for her as a tacit understanding.

Become “fashion hot mom” Zhang Zilin and her husband agreed with the children grow together to enjoy every important stage of life.

Zhang Zilin always behaved placid, her beauty is not for others, more like a serious commitment to life.

Once the challenges and achievements to give her from the heart of the mature and self-confidence, so that today IWC large release of pure beauty Zhang Zilin.

“IWC world is harmonious, free, do not see any shackles, I think I also.” Zhang Zilin no fear of breaking.

Maybe nor indulge in glory, it is from such a self-confidence, courage and love.

Five years ago to put all the wisdom into science and art of Darwinism so;

Focus on technology and innovation, always adhere to the extraordinary technology and superb technology to pursue the IWC watch is also true.

And this is beyond the time of pure beauty.
Nations – freedom and love pure beauty Zhang Zilin’s “Da Vinci Code”