Best hublot of fake watch

Best hublot

Best hublot with “fusion of art” (Art of Fusion) this concept has been world-renowned for the future of continuous exploration has never stopped. Because the brand will be innovative ideas and immortal classic perfect fusion. Recently launched the world’s first with flax fiber replica watches uk, watchmaker also selected gilt diamonds for decoration. Fully demonstrated the ultimate charm of women.

Best hublot

According to official information: Flax is one of the world’s oldest textile raw materials. For early humans, linen is a crucial invention. So this natural and prestigious raw materials at that time has been a small range of Development and training. The history of the first piece of flax debris dates back thousands of years. Flax is environmentally friendly and is undoubtedly green. And gold is one of the earliest discovery and use of metal.Hublot unprecedented to the ancient flax fiber and precious gold material in a new form of integration, writing a high tabulation history.

So this new Big Bang Ma Jin fiber watch inspired by the cultivation of flax in the Swiss handicraftsmen. They are harvested by hand, from which the best quality linen. Through the traditional textile process, woven into flax fiber products. After the use of pure natural dye color, which gives the watch a unique bright colors.

So the Best hublot launched a total of four styles of hemp material watch, respectively, Hyun gold section, powder gold section. Blue gold section and green gold section, today’s editor to get this watch for one of the blue gold section.

So this piece of Big Bang Ma Jin fiber watch diameter of 41 mm, the perfect fusion of the oldest so far fiber and gold material, to create this incredible classic masterpiece.

Case with “vertical” flax fiber composition, gold powder into a random injection of them, to create a unique watch.

So the linen fiber used in the watch is different from carbon fiber, and it can be rendered into any color.

Bezel with 18K polished gold gold material to build, and set a 6 H-type titanium metal screws, with countersunk head bolts to lock.

Black dial solemn atmosphere, in the bottom half of the disk to open three sub-dial, occupy the half of the dial; with Wang Jin bead with the same color pointer and time scale, including 8 diamond time scale.

So watch dial inlaid 36 Topaz, scattered light blue luster, full of charming watch style.
Case side with black synthetic resin inserts, for the crown and timing buttons to provide ample space.
Case and strap with the same level of the same H-type titanium metal screws, enhance the stability of performance.


Crown with satin wire processing Wang Jin material, and accompanied by black natural rubber inserts. The top engraved with the classic seal of Yu ship.


So this best hublot watch has 10 atmospheres, about 100 meters underwater waterproof performance.


So watch with a blue leather strap, accompanied by a black PVD stainless steel rose gold folding buckle.


Best hublot watch the internal carrying HUB4300 self-winding movement.

The movement has 278 parts, including 37 gem bearing, power reserve for 42 hours. (Figure / text watch home Fu Liyan)