moon phase watch:Poetic moon phase: Rolex Cellini Cellini moon phase watch.

For more than a hundred years, Rolex watches have been cherished for generations, for no other reason, because it not only has the moon phase watch material value, but also contains far-reaching significance. Whether as a treasure of tradition, a milestone or a gift of achievement, there is always a right Rolex watch that perfectly symbolizes the extraordinary moments in every life journey.

Because of Rolex to the pursuit of excellence in sport to provide support; like to explore adventure also, because Rolex is convinced that the inherent potential of adventure exploration to allow human beings beyond the psychological boundaries of self, to further contribute to the community and the benefit of the world; as the hobby Art and culture people, Rolex is not only dedicated to sponsoring arts elite to play the director, the pursuit of perfection, but also introduced the well-known elegant design Cellini Celini series, for the election.

In 2014, Rolex introduced the Cellini series in one fell swoop three new products, namely Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time, and with 18ct white gold, 18ct eternal rose gold and 18ct gold with black or silver plated surfaced and other more Up to 12 combinations to choose from.
The Rolex Cellini series, inspired by Benvenuto Cellini, a well-respected Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith, and sculptor of the Holy See, regained the classical roots while reconstructing the quintessence of contemporary art, perfect harmonious.

Rolex Cellini Moonphase Cellini Moonphase Model 50535,18ct eternal rose gold case, case diameter 39 mm, white lacquered dial, enamel blue moon phase plate, rhodium-plated moon full moon, silver crescent moon and stars , Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Dates, Monthly Waning Losses, Rolex 3195 Self-Winding Movement, Paramagnetic Blue Parachrom Gossamer, Rolex End Ring, High Performance Paraflex Cushioning, 48 Hours Power Reserve, COSC Certified, Brown crocodile leather strap.

moon phase watch

This year, Rolex Cellini series launched a new style – Cellini Moonphase Cellini moon phase watch.  It is an outstanding technique with elegant poetic sense meter.

by the outer surface of the central pointer date, the end of the central pointer crescent.

Named from the Renaissance artist and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini respected, the Rolex Cellini Cellini series intended to

highlight the contemporary spirit of the traditional watch the classical style and timeless elegance. Therefore, the layout of the watch

and the proportion of lines and simple lines, space and light and shadow cleverly with, are like contemporary monumental architecture.

39 mm diameter case with a classic round replica watches uk circular design is the traditional

Rolex brand logo; double bezel formed by the outer circle and the triangle groove pit outer beading,

with meticulous and polished polished lugs, Unique.

Cellini Moonphase Cellini Moonphase watch blue enamel

moon phase plate is locatE at 6 o’clock position, showing the full moon and the moon phase watch new moon.

According to the lunar new moon profit and loss period,

the moon phase will displayed at the mark of the moon phase 12 o’clock position.


Rolex Cellini Moonphase Cellini moonphase

watch Blue enamel moon phase full moon moon circular meteorite symbol real meteorite,

the collection of this watch is also equivalent to a collection of gifts from outer space.

. The daily error was within plus or minus two seconds. More than twice the accuracy of the general chronometer certification.

Moon Phase Watch:Poetic moon phase: Rolex Cellini Cellini moon phase watch.

This is due to Rolex 3195 self-winding mechanical movement


Rolex end ring and high performance Paraflex cushioning device,

but also through a series of Rolex laboratory tests, In the precision, power reserve, waterproof and self-winding aspects,

can play the top performance, beyond the watch industry’s routine and level.

Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

Rolex watch winders coup, common sense Fashion Replica Watches take you up and Rolex may affect the effect of the first quarter. I hope you can help you, I hope you can like it!



[1] Rolex watch winders winding common sense

[2] the influence factors of Rolex watch winders


[Rolex] watch winders winding common sense


Rolex is a common sense: any so-called “automatic” things are not unconditional, things should abide by the principle of mechanical watches, as well as to “automatic” is the premise of your arm to move first, according to the principle of physics work, the level of mobile object does not work (unless you shake acceleration). So the translation can make the wrist watch winders.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


The automatic winding watches should be flat along the way automatic, arm swinging, then the maximum rotating Tuo Tuo, but along the axial direction under the swinging automatic also does not rotate. People swing their arms freely and naturally. Any force can be decomposed into axial and radial ones. Only by acting on the radial force of the automatic tug can we make useful efforts.


Rolex first quarter two common sense: now automatik form is unidirectional and bidirectional, refers to the so-called one-way winding automatic only in one direction, to watch, two-way regardless of direction of rotation can be bent to watch now automatic bidirectional winding up for. I feel that when the arm is upside down, the rotation of the automatic Tuo moves more and more.


Because the automated Tuo will be forced to swiss replica watches change the position and state, and at the time of the drop, sometimes the automated Tuo’s position changes and reflects the rhythm that can’t keep up with the arm flicking.


Automatic watch also has a self winding efficiency, there is a problem with the design and structure, even between automatic weight watches have distinction.

The winding efficiency is the best structure of the so-called “ratchet”, and it changes to the position of the more sensitive, it is Fashion Replica Watches said that this type of automatic winding structure other than the general efficiency the structure of higher than 30%.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


This small reminder: either automatically or manually Rolex watches Rolex watches are not accurate travel time and quartz, but you will get up early every day to ge.

If you decide to rename the URL be sure to check the old URL 301 redirects to the new one! watch the strings of turning around 30 times, keeping watch of sufficient kinetic energy so that we can guarantee the watch time accurate.

Fashion Replica Watches

The influence factors of Rolex watch winders []


(1) the head of the table and table size, relatively large head easy to pinch and less, and relatively easy to small slip.

And watch the match degree between the case and the handle head tube,

if relatively tight it will also affect the smooth.


(2) than between transmission and winding gear, gear ratio varies from the first quarter of the watch movement,

including the Fashion Replica Watches vertical wheel,

the small steel wheel and steel wheel gear, so the wind rate is not the same.


(3) the number of working circle spring is not the same,

the work coil number of watch springs is usually in the 6-10 circle between work turns, winding number (the number of) also will be more.


(4) and wind up efforts related to my own wound never to fill,

perhaps some people first is “delicate”, then the table of each rotation degree is not the same.


How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


Generally, the normal winding to 30,

basically full, (if you want to fill the upper hand) watch actually does not matter,

as long as you keep on until they stop, the spring is full. For automatic watches, most of the automatic watches can be clockwork by hand,

especially when they are worn for the first time or after they stop.

Fashion Replica Watches

Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

(the initial wear suggest that you do not rely on automatic to full string)

as we all know, because the automatic watch is

“not on the Fashion Replica Watches full string.

so many times of Ning winding automatic watch

not less well on a few, such as up to 40, is the basic guarantee to the full.

Breguet classic watch of Rêve de Plume Haute Joaillerie

Breguet classic watch

Inspired by Louis XVI’s wife, the Plumes collection is described as the spokesman for Breguet’s women’s Breguet classic watch, the Queen Marie Antoinette of France. The patron saint of this time never stopped writing to her husband and her family in Austria. Queen Marie Antoinette expressed her desire for freedom by writing. So this is a consistent theme in her letter. So this background led to Breguet watchmaker produced a very poetic timepiece. Using the ancient decoration methods such as carving, together with the extraordinary gemstone inlay process. It is tempting to think of a light feather quill.

This year, the Plumes collection adds a new product called the Rêve de Plume. Because the timepiece offers two choices of rose gold and platinum. The feather carving on it begins with a spherical diamond joint at 6 o’clock and continues to the left of the bezel. Breguet watchmakers use different sizes of diamonds to show the details of different parts of feathers. to this end. Because the middle of the hair “trunk” part of the long diamond inlaid, and to the tail tapering.

Similarly. The “mesh” part of the feather is lined with brilliant cut diamonds of different sizes. Water droplets form feather-like effect. Despite the use of complex diamond inlay process. But this watch as a whole has shown a feeling of ease. White motif dial decorated with a new Ji Ji engraved flower pattern.

It is also reminiscent of exquisite vane, from the dial 6 o’clock position has been outwardly spread. Because the use of guilloche engraving technology to add decorative effect is actually a huge challenge. Because the motherwife itself is very fragile. Hour and minute hands are made of hollow blue steel design. Bezel and dial flange are set with diamonds, the crown is set with a drop-shaped cut diamonds. So this exceptional timepiece again highlights Breguet’s dedication to detail, which is where all Breguet watches are. As a jewelry watch, the side is also carve with exquisite feather embossing, meaning the same as Breguet watch the unique classic coins decorative lines.

Equipped with self-winding movement using silky spring 586, inlaid diamonds total weight of more than 4 kt.

replica rolex Rêêve de Plume Jewelry Set

In order to match the Rêve de Plume watch, Breguet classic watch launched a platinum or rose gold jewelry. The same inspiration from the feather pattern. So the set consists of earrings, rings and necklaces. Pearl-mediated, inherited the watch and other Reine de Naples watch spherical connector design.

Each piece of jewelry has a completely inlaid diamonds gorgeous feathers, from the pearl out. Because the different parts of these feathers are also represent by different sizes of diamonds. In addition, Breguet give full play artisans superb jewelry inlaid technology. Make this exquisite jewelry show elegant, light and elegant feeling.

Breguet Rêve de Plume Haute Joaillerie fine jewelry watch

Table description
Number: GJ15BB89240DD8
18K white gold case material, goose-shaped. Watch the exquisite carved feathers on the outer edge of the case. Bezel and flange inlaid with 94 brilliant cut diamonds (about 2.42 kt). The feather motif is crafted with 20 long diamonds (approx. 0.42 carats), 1 claw-set trapezoidal cut diamond (approx. 0.24 carats) and 76 brilliant cut snowflake-set diamonds (approx. 0.778 carats).

The crown is set with a drop-shap cut diamond (about 0.28 carats). Strap joint pavé 22 bright cut snowflake-cut diamonds (about 0.41 kt). Sapphire crystal case back. Size is 33 x 24.95 mm.
Dial Ji Gu natural mother shell material. 12 o’clock inlaid with Breguet nameplate. Scale ring using Roman numerals. Breguet blue steel pointer with hollow tip.

Automatic movement, engraved with individual numbers and Breguet classic watch words. Movement Cal.ibre 586 / 1.6¾ French, 29 rubies.

Power storage time up to 40 hours. 950 platinum automatic Tuo, Ji engraved engraved flower processing. Swiss linear lever escapement. Breguet classic watch balance with silky hairspring. Frequency 3 Hz. 6 side adjustment.
Strap satin material, with a folding clasp, inlaid with 26 brilliant cut diamonds (about 0.14 kt).
Diamonds weigh more than 4 carats.

Classic iwc of watches men luxury brand automatic

Million, as a Swiss high-end brand watches, classic design coupled with ingenious design, and famous in the world. Its slogan is “only a man’s table”, so watch table diameter is too large, the style of partial bold. This is also the reason many men like him. Today, watch home for everyone to bring five value of the nations watch. At present there are value discount Oh.

IWC CHRONOGRAPH Chronograph Series IW371446 watch

As the representative works of the Portuguese country, the popularity and recognition are very high. Watch the internal carrying for the transformation of the 79350 movement, coupled with the appearance of the classic invincible. Become a number of table fans poisoning watches. Pointers and time stamps are all designed for the blue steel design, breath of mind.

Universal AUTOMATIC automatic watch series Classic iwc500107 watch

This is the famous Portuguese seven-day chain watch. The most important feature is its equipped with the independent research and development of the Cal.51011 self-winding movement, can provide 168 hours of power reserve. This is not a simple technology, as far as I know China is still unable to imitate this long power watch.

Universal AUTOMATIC automatic watch series IW356501 watch

Classic iwc Parker Fenuo series of watches is a relatively introductory series. This uk replica watches after the discount price of 29,750 yuan, less than 30,000 prices to start a universal automatic mechanical watch. This price is still very attractive.

IUCTS CHRONOGRAPH chronograph series IW377701 Classic iwc

This is a million country pilot watch is one of the most popular watches on our website. So this multi-function watch, with time, date, week and other display. Appearance recognition is high, affordable. Watch the internal soft iron inner shell shoulder the task of anti-magnetic. With zirconia powder and curing agent fired, with anti-magnetic, anti-acid, not afraid of the impact of the characteristics.

IWC Seventeen Pilot Series IW326501 watch

So this Classic iwc watch is the classic pilot Mark 17 watch, classic and practical

So there is a date display window only at the three o’clock position of the watch. Watch the internal carrying for the Cal.30110 self-winding movement, accurate and durable.

Breguet watches of fake series

Breguet watches

Breguet watches:In June 1810, Mr. Breguet was invited by Napoleon’s sister, Naples, Queen Caroline Murat. For its creation of a very unique rolex – a number of No.2639 “oval bracelet timekeeping watch.” Mr. Breguet after two and a half years of development and grinding, presented the 19th century epoch-making time. Is also the first watch in the history of the watch, which not only to Caroline Moura and Mr. Breguet name history.Breguet watches

Which also gave birth to the Queen of Naples series ladies watch. As a source of inspiration for creation. So this year’s Basel Watch & Jewelery Show. Breguet once again carefully presented a new work – Naples Queen Series 8965 Princess watch, and the series of other timepieces. So the new 8965 watch will also be dignified and elegant women and self-confidence fearless queen temperament perfect blend in one. The unique design is only for every woman who loves beauty and timepieces. (Watch model: 8965BR / 5W / 986 DD0D)

43 x 34.95mm table diameter rose gold case with a soft oval design. Highlight the exquisite small woman, the case around the ears and ears were mosaic 83 bright cut diamonds, bright. Breguet will be the love of jewelry for women into the stars, inlaid in the warm jade shell on the mother. So case edge also decorated with coins pattern, the details are still fine.

Square on the cloud of Yun Shu

Dial elegant and white

Through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror, you can clearly see the pearl mother made of elegant white dial. Continuation of the case of the curve, like the sky surrounded by a cluster of white clouds. But between people who feel very broad vision. So the center of the dial side of the sub-engraved flowers to deal with the lines clean and neat. And oval-shaped case to form a pleasing contrast, to create a clear sense of depth. Will be the attention of the line of sight to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock position of the arc of the large rose gold Roman numerals, the whole design at one go.

Round beads

The design of the ears of the continuation of the Queen of Naples series of classic aesthetic elements – round beads. So the lugs are decorated with exquisite diamonds and the crowns are decorated with a diamonds. And diamond-studded bezel pavilions, for the time to add more bright Fanghua.

So the beauty of the machine under the transparent bottom cover

Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8965 Princess Breguet watches with sapphire crystal bottom cover. Will 591C self-winding movement of the complex mechanical beauty panoramic view. So pure gold automatic hammer continuation of the Breguet watches has always been fine and elegant watchmaking tradition, decorated with exquisite hand-carved carved patterns. So the movement uses a silvery escape wheel and a Swiss linear lever with a silky gossamer. With 38 hours of power reserve, to meet the women for the precision timepieces of concern and love.

Engraved with “B” words Breguet logo clasp

Dark brown crocodile leather strap with inlaid 29 bright cut diamonds rose gold folding clasp. Elegant, full of women’s soft and charming.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8965 Princess replica watches uk

Loyalty to the ladies, in terms of Breguet, and then naturally. Breguet watches Naples Queen’s watch not only attracts the hearts of countless modern ladies. In history is to let a number of prominent women whom attracted. Including the Queen of France, Mary Antoinette, the Marquis of Dondo and the Queen of Josephine.

I think this is probably with Breguet watches has been the pursuit of dignified, refine, low-key and simple about.

The neoclassical simplicity of the design can often give people an unexpected surprise. Regardless of age, every woman has a princess in my heart. So this is full of female style 8965 princess Breguet watches. Should be a lot of women favor.

Bulgari watches of fashion watches

Bulgari watches

Bulgari watches rolex replica uk:Throughout the ages, yellow has always been regarded as a symbol of success.
This warm and vibrant hue is very attractive, attracting everyone’s attention everywhere. With the blessing of these qualities. This yellow Diagono Scuba watch will be a lot of water sports and sailing enthusiasts. In addition to having a stylish design style. This exquisite watch in the most challenging exercise in the same impressive performance. Luminous pointer and the use of hourly markings make the watch both in the day or night have a strong visibility. In addition, watch large power reserve is also very attractive.

Diagono Scuba watch in addition to the above advantages. But also boldly introduced the field of today’s watch rarely used orange, for the entire watch series into a wonderful taste of color. Orange is usually thought to inspire imagination and appetite, a very vibrant tone and hedonistic way of life coincide. The warmth of the hue can not only increase the attention, but also enhance the communication between people.

The famous musician Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) will be orange as their favorite color. He often says “orange is the happiest color”. Orange at the same time can also be a good highlight of the design sense of power. However, this original design for the men’s watch has become part of the Italian women’s favorite choice. The Diagono Scuba watch is a good fit for their pursuit of excellent waterproofing. But also to achieve their desire to have different from other professional diving watch fashion appearance needs.Bulgari watches

Diagono Scuba watch exquisite fashion, bathing Mediterranean sunshine and health. The world’s major beach resort can find its trace, become a fashionable female seaside vacation choice.

Design the king of the first performance

Diagono Scuba is a fully able to meet the diving needs of the watch, style, the more excellent performance: watch equipped with Bulgari watches homemade Caliber Solotempo BVL 191 self-winding movement, with 300 meters excellent waterproof function.

Diagono Scuba watch carrying 42 hours power reserve, vibration frequency of 28,800 vph, to ensure accurate timing. Dial design simple and clear, to provide hours, minutes, seconds and date display, and the use of large seconds. In addition to the versatility of this trait, Diagono Scuba watch is a fashionable wrist accessories. Perfect interpretation of the various occasions of the dress style.

Diagono Scuba Bulgari watches are the best choice for both the beach wandering and the water, or diving or conducting all kinds of underwater activities. It can easily match the daily casual dress. Its refined and bold type of grid can also create a neat urban style.

Bulgari watches as rooted in Rome, the jewelry brand, after more than 130 years after the precipitation.

Have a very creative work and skillful handicraft skills. And at the same time accumulated excellent Swiss watchmaking process.

Replica watch of corum series

Replica watch

Replica watch: has been committed to its superb superb watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique replica rolex works. Kunlun table since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. With a long history of brand history and watchmaking skills, Kunlun table launched a number of classic watches. Today, the watch home to bring you a series of Kunlun Admiral watch reviews, the official model: 383.330.55 / 0081 AA12.Replica watch


So today for everyone to bring the Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of a classic watch. Stylish sports design, suitable for different occasions with the Competition. As well as with extreme sports and design, precision and strong Extreme.

Design classic elegant HERITAGE, watch used for the 18K rose gold to create.

In the watch on both sides of the crown on the other side of a pair of crown shoulder pads, to protect the crown. So from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


So watch with 18K rose gold loaded with the buckle design, with a black crocodile leather strap. In the 18K rose gold clasp on the Kunlun table we can see the brand LOGO.


From this point of view we can see the watch case is very clear edges and corners. From the official data we know that the watch has a thickness of 11.5 mm.


So watch with silver dial design, case diameter of 44 mm. The watch has a dual time zone display function, through the dial in a red pointer instructions.


So replica watch with a classic design of the three-pin, luminous time pointer design. Unique small seconds to create a classic end of the classic Kunlun logo. Watch 3 o’clock direction with date display window, digital minute scale display.


18K rose gold to create needle buckle strap and black crocodile leather strap.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. The internal carrying CO383 self-winding movement, movement diameter 25.94 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica watch Admiral series of unquestionable its 12-sided shell is a well-known identification mark.

Half a century, the representative of the Admiral series is to uphold the conviction and spirit of excellence. Get a lot of ocean race sports enthusiasts love and follow. Inheritance of the Admiral series for the pursuit of excellence and the original insistence, not only retains the series with the ultimate movement of the design of the strong and solid qualities. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of high-end complex tabulation. At present, the domestic price of the watch is 195,000 yuan.

Replica corum of popular watches

Replica corum

Replica corum:The pursuit of technology beauty tasting Kam Navy Admiral cup series diamond swiss replica watches

Replica corum watch since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. Is committed to excellence through the excellent watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique watch works. Today, the watch home to bring you a Kunlun Navy Admiral series watch tonic content, the official model: 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11.


In 1960, the first carrying 12-side arch case of the Admiral Cup watch success. Replica corum brand as a well-known series. Its watch and three different product lines. That is, the design of classic elegant HERITAGE, fashion sports Competition. And Extreme with extreme sports.

Replica corum


Watch case diameter of 38 mm, made of stainless steel.

So watch case angle is very clear, the thickness of 8.75 mm. A pair of unique shape of the ear with the case to form a line of beautiful curves.


So this watch is unique in the case of diamonds outside the shell inlaid, a total of 72.

Dark blue dial mysterious and deep, as if the night in the ocean, dial design unique design. Using 30 and 60 mark, using a large silver word.


Crown on both sides of the upper and lower sides with a pair of crown shoulder pads. To protect the crown, from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


Stainless steel to create a needle buckle for the typical needle-shaped wrist buckle. And black strap with a bit more solemn and elegant.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. Internal equipped with CO082 self-winding movement, movement diameter of 21 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. On the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica corum watch factory since its establishment in 1955, with a breakthrough in the traditional courage, committed to innovation, and strive to perfect.

So this has a 12-sided unique watch watch retains the Navy Admiral Cup series of precision and sturdy characteristics. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of fashion watchmaking. The current offer for this watch is 68,800 yuan.

Watch Ladies Jewellery Of Replica Breguet

Replica Breguet

Breguet Naples Queen Series REINE DE NAPLES 8918 watch
8918BR / 5T / 964 D00D
Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918 replica watches with a new attitude to explain the charm of women. This magnificent watch with eye-catching atmosphere of the Breguet Arabic numerals when the character. Smart lively when the blue character, dotted in the exquisite dial, as if lightly want to dance. And selected Tahitian pearl mother of the warm luster pavilions. 6 o’clock position with natural white mother of pearl eccentric dial. Decorated with exquisite hand-carved carved patterns, bright pear-shaped diamond blooming dazzling light, eye-catching.

Breguet Naples Queen Series REINE DE NAPLES MINI 8928 mini watch

8928BB / 5P / 944 DD0D
Due to the new mini watch size is 33 x 24.95 mm, fine and delicate. Followed the essence of the design of the Queen of Naples, using the classic mother of pearl dial. 6 o’clock with eccentric scale ring, with a large size Breguet Arabic numerals when the character. Lively and lively, and chic face shape clever echo.

8928BB / 5W / 844 DD0D
So using “spherical” lugs, the more paved fine diamonds. 4 points with a chain crown, with a dazzling pear-shaped diamond as the crowning touch. Bezel, case around and gold folded on the clasp on the brightly decorated bright cut diamonds.Because for the Replica Breguet even more bright Guanghua. Internal equipped with 586/1 movement, equipped with silky gossamer. Power storage time of 38 hours, vibration frequency 3 Hz.

Breguet Naples Queen Series REINE DE NAPLES PRINCESSE 8965 Princess watch

Crocodile leather strap (8965BR / 5W / 986 DD0D)

Naples Queen series watch is how many women dream of want to have.

During this year’s Basseter show, Replica Breguet launched a variety of new series of timepieces masterpiece. So this article is the 8965 princess watch will be elegant and charming women with fearless temperament perfect blend in one. Blooming glamor.

Rose gold table chain section (8965BR / 5W / J53 DDD0)
Rose gold case with a soft oval-shaped design, and the edge of the discs on the clean and neat lines to form a pleasing contrast. Pure and elegant white mother of pearl dial continuation of the case of the curve. So creating a deep sense of depth.Because will be the attention of the line of sight to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock position of the same slightly curvature of the large rose gold time scale.