Luxury Watch,Which luxury watches in 2017 three more more pick?

In 2017, the two exhibitions in Basel and Genev  brought us two annual feast of watches, which have made Luxury Watch great improvements both in appearance and design, Excellent watch provoke our taste buds. The movement type as well as the retro type watch, has become the evergreen table altar, still glow with its unique and addictive appeal. The luxury brand, is one of the two main types of watch positions. Below, we will introduce you to three more popular luxury class new watch, advice for your selection of table.

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150-meter coaxial Zhen Zhen Observatory 38 mm watch

Product Type:
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 8900/8800
Case Material: Stainless steel – Sedna gold

Luxury Watch

Watch Comments: This year, with a blue tape Omega seahorse fire. Whether it is stainless steel or stainless steel – Sedna gold, have a high market appeal. Watch case side drawing, bezel polishing, to the maximum extent possible to retain the aesthetic characteristics of the watch also take into account the durability of the case. Speaking of the new dial on the dial before the vertical stripes into stripes.Luxury Watch. Added a 6-hour position of the calendar display window, so the disk is very balanced. Cover with luminous part of the blue pointer and the triangular time scale is the crowning touch of the new, in the convenience view, but also improve the viewing of the disk. Stylish, sporty blue tape and dial integration, so that the whole watch has a unique charm.

Panerai RADIOMIR Series PAM00687 watch


Watch diameter: 47 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Movement Model: P.3000
Case Material: AISI 316L matte steel

Watch Comments: This year Panerai introduced two large retro watch vintage watch, a special 12-sided word circle engraved with “Officine Panerai – Brevettato” means Panerai patent. Due to the imitation of the antique watch dial oxidized color watch design, of which the brown oxide face plate 687 become one of Luxury Watch the popular watch this year, from head to toe are full of years of breath, fascinating. Although the 47 mm large diameter, but the reduction of the thickness of the watch also makes it suitable for more wearer’s wrist, but also this year’s Panerai a new look. Friends like the table size and vintage watch watch friends can take a look at Oh!

Rolex Sea Series 126600 watch

Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 3235
Case Material: 904L steel

Watch Comments: Speaking of “more out”, “hot” words will not escape the Rolex brand, with rock-solid quality and recognizable degree of appearance, won the majority of watch enthusiasts praise. In 2016, a ghost of water affects many lovers. In 2017, Rolex launched the new sea urchin, with the classic red letter “Sea-Dweller” on the dial of the first sea-based watch. The crown features a shoulder-length fake watches crown, integrated with the mid-case to create a superior water-resistant finish. Equipped with a new Rolex 3235 movement, with 14 patents, in precision, power reserve, shockproof, etc. are very good. In addition, the brand is the first time in the series using the calendar magnifying glass design, replicate the unique personality of the watch. For now, it is not good to buy, you want to get it’s table friends will have supernatural powers.

Luxury Watch Summary:

In general, in the luxury level, there are quite a few good watches. However, the three recommended today are indeed one of Luxury Watch the hot and overwhelming ideal watch.

Although they may actually be difficult to buy as “over-the-counter” as well as “hot” models, it does not hinder our enthusiasm for it.

If you are interested in one of the three watches recommended today,

you may wish to click the link to go to the details page or to the store for more details.

Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

Rolex watch winders coup, common sense Fashion Replica Watches take you up and Rolex may affect the effect of the first quarter. I hope you can help you, I hope you can like it!



[1] Rolex watch winders winding common sense

[2] the influence factors of Rolex watch winders


[Rolex] watch winders winding common sense


Rolex is a common sense: any so-called “automatic” things are not unconditional, things should abide by the principle of mechanical watches, as well as to “automatic” is the premise of your arm to move first, according to the principle of physics work, the level of mobile object does not work (unless you shake acceleration). So the translation can make the wrist watch winders.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


The automatic winding watches should be flat along the way automatic, arm swinging, then the maximum rotating Tuo Tuo, but along the axial direction under the swinging automatic also does not rotate. People swing their arms freely and naturally. Any force can be decomposed into axial and radial ones. Only by acting on the radial force of the automatic tug can we make useful efforts.


Rolex first quarter two common sense: now automatik form is unidirectional and bidirectional, refers to the so-called one-way winding automatic only in one direction, to watch, two-way regardless of direction of rotation can be bent to watch now automatic bidirectional winding up for. I feel that when the arm is upside down, the rotation of the automatic Tuo moves more and more.


Because the automated Tuo will be forced to swiss replica watches change the position and state, and at the time of the drop, sometimes the automated Tuo’s position changes and reflects the rhythm that can’t keep up with the arm flicking.


Automatic watch also has a self winding efficiency, there is a problem with the design and structure, even between automatic weight watches have distinction.

The winding efficiency is the best structure of the so-called “ratchet”, and it changes to the position of the more sensitive, it is Fashion Replica Watches said that this type of automatic winding structure other than the general efficiency the structure of higher than 30%.

How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


This small reminder: either automatically or manually Rolex watches Rolex watches are not accurate travel time and quartz, but you will get up early every day to ge.

If you decide to rename the URL be sure to check the old URL 301 redirects to the new one! watch the strings of turning around 30 times, keeping watch of sufficient kinetic energy so that we can guarantee the watch time accurate.

Fashion Replica Watches

The influence factors of Rolex watch winders []


(1) the head of the table and table size, relatively large head easy to pinch and less, and relatively easy to small slip.

And watch the match degree between the case and the handle head tube,

if relatively tight it will also affect the smooth.


(2) than between transmission and winding gear, gear ratio varies from the first quarter of the watch movement,

including the Fashion Replica Watches vertical wheel,

the small steel wheel and steel wheel gear, so the wind rate is not the same.


(3) the number of working circle spring is not the same,

the work coil number of watch springs is usually in the 6-10 circle between work turns, winding number (the number of) also will be more.


(4) and wind up efforts related to my own wound never to fill,

perhaps some people first is “delicate”, then the table of each rotation degree is not the same.


How do Rolex watch winders, Rolex first quarter of common sense and the need to pay attention to matters


Generally, the normal winding to 30,

basically full, (if you want to fill the upper hand) watch actually does not matter,

as long as you keep on until they stop, the spring is full. For automatic watches, most of the automatic watches can be clockwork by hand,

especially when they are worn for the first time or after they stop.

Fashion Replica Watches

Fashion Replica Watches! How do Rolex watch winders?

(the initial wear suggest that you do not rely on automatic to full string)

as we all know, because the automatic watch is

“not on the Fashion Replica Watches full string.

so many times of Ning winding automatic watch

not less well on a few, such as up to 40, is the basic guarantee to the full.