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Replica watch

Replica watch: has been committed to its superb superb watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique replica rolex works. Kunlun table since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. With a long history of brand history and watchmaking skills, Kunlun table launched a number of classic watches. Today, the watch home to bring you a series of Kunlun Admiral watch reviews, the official model: 383.330.55 / 0081 AA12.Replica watch


So today for everyone to bring the Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of a classic watch. Stylish sports design, suitable for different occasions with the Competition. As well as with extreme sports and design, precision and strong Extreme.

Design classic elegant HERITAGE, watch used for the 18K rose gold to create.

In the watch on both sides of the crown on the other side of a pair of crown shoulder pads, to protect the crown. So from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


So watch with 18K rose gold loaded with the buckle design, with a black crocodile leather strap. In the 18K rose gold clasp on the Kunlun table we can see the brand LOGO.


From this point of view we can see the watch case is very clear edges and corners. From the official data we know that the watch has a thickness of 11.5 mm.


So watch with silver dial design, case diameter of 44 mm. The watch has a dual time zone display function, through the dial in a red pointer instructions.


So replica watch with a classic design of the three-pin, luminous time pointer design. Unique small seconds to create a classic end of the classic Kunlun logo. Watch 3 o’clock direction with date display window, digital minute scale display.


18K rose gold to create needle buckle strap and black crocodile leather strap.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. The internal carrying CO383 self-winding movement, movement diameter 25.94 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica watch Admiral series of unquestionable its 12-sided shell is a well-known identification mark.

Half a century, the representative of the Admiral series is to uphold the conviction and spirit of excellence. Get a lot of ocean race sports enthusiasts love and follow. Inheritance of the Admiral series for the pursuit of excellence and the original insistence, not only retains the series with the ultimate movement of the design of the strong and solid qualities. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of high-end complex tabulation. At present, the domestic price of the watch is 195,000 yuan.

Replica corum of popular watches

Replica corum

Replica corum:The pursuit of technology beauty tasting Kam Navy Admiral cup series diamond swiss replica watches

Replica corum watch since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. Is committed to excellence through the excellent watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique watch works. Today, the watch home to bring you a Kunlun Navy Admiral series watch tonic content, the official model: 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11.


In 1960, the first carrying 12-side arch case of the Admiral Cup watch success. Replica corum brand as a well-known series. Its watch and three different product lines. That is, the design of classic elegant HERITAGE, fashion sports Competition. And Extreme with extreme sports.

Replica corum


Watch case diameter of 38 mm, made of stainless steel.

So watch case angle is very clear, the thickness of 8.75 mm. A pair of unique shape of the ear with the case to form a line of beautiful curves.


So this watch is unique in the case of diamonds outside the shell inlaid, a total of 72.

Dark blue dial mysterious and deep, as if the night in the ocean, dial design unique design. Using 30 and 60 mark, using a large silver word.


Crown on both sides of the upper and lower sides with a pair of crown shoulder pads. To protect the crown, from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


Stainless steel to create a needle buckle for the typical needle-shaped wrist buckle. And black strap with a bit more solemn and elegant.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. Internal equipped with CO082 self-winding movement, movement diameter of 21 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. On the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica corum watch factory since its establishment in 1955, with a breakthrough in the traditional courage, committed to innovation, and strive to perfect.

So this has a 12-sided unique watch watch retains the Navy Admiral Cup series of precision and sturdy characteristics. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of fashion watchmaking. The current offer for this watch is 68,800 yuan.

Women watch of Fake series

women watch

CORUM watch gift tenderness woman month chic heart of the feather wrist
Due to march tenderness early spring, belongs to the woman’s season quietly bloom. On the occasion of the arrival of Women’s Day, the famous Swiss watch brand Corum fake watches picks the natural myth of the double inspiration.

Turned into a gift for women’s time of the ceremony, Qingqing Zhen selected feathers watch. To elegant and confident attitude, to show the charm of modern women. So peacock’s beauty and luxury, and women’s temperament coincide. And when the strong diamond and light feathers out of the unique mosaic inspiration. Met the bright and modern design. The two blend of meticulous and meticulous style, will enable many women to find their own unique style.

Feather art was popular in the 19th century. Today, it is still a symbol of eternal elegance. Such as Ji Lu, enamel and other traditional tabulation process. Feather mosaic is also very complex and time-consuming. Has always been in the aesthetic and design of long-sleeved dance Corum women watch. So this will tend to silence feather processing and top watchmaking craft clever fusion. According to the stability, density and fineness of each feathers strictly selected selection. After cleaning, steam stability and manual cutting and a series of complex procedures. And then with the mosaic process, and ultimately to show the perfect feathers and delicate natural beauty and level of feeling.

Blue and green gradient conversion peacock feathers inlaid plate, like a vagaries of kaleidoscope. V. The mysterious atmosphere of the infrequent make the wearer look charming and full of flavor. Tai Fei-style hollow pointer slowly slipped over the Corum logo printed on the inside of the sapphire crystal glass watch.

Because 120 bright diamonds are elegant geometric arc inlaid in the colorful feather dial above. In addition to the shape, this section of the extraordinary women watch equipped with CO 082 self-winding movement. Movement of vibration 28,800 times per hour, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof depth of 50 meters, the perfect interpretation of what is fine machinery. Function and aesthetics, rational and emotional perfect coexistence. But also makes the women watch to become a dream across the art of fantasy. Will make the discerning collectors whom dazzled.

Heritage series is Corum women watch professionals excellence, full of crystallization.

Brand from their own production history of watches and clocks, creating this fine series. Show the watch craftsmen to continue to explore, and strive to classical aesthetics and the sense of the times, mechanical technology and ancient crafts into the concept of contemporary watchmaking adhere to.

Corum replica watch for sale

Corum replica watch Admiral cup couples on the swiss replica watches wind and waves pose rustling

Corum watch Admiral’s Cup Navy Admiral Cup series has been available since 1960. Has been dynamic and positive and elegant positive style.

Sonorous interpretation of the essence of Kunlun brand brand and personality.

Because its distinctive appearance to replace the classic curvature of the line.

However, the deep origin of the maritime movement has always been the same.

And 2015 Admiral Cup new watch.

So that the eighties of the classic triangular color navigation flag design a large return.

While look forward to this year’s Kunlun table new record for victory!

Kunlun Table Admiral Cup series has a different model.

Which Legend 42 small seconds watch and Legend 32 quartz female watch.

In addition to the latest models this year, but also just in this gold nine silver ten wedding season dubbed a pair.

Corum replica watch

Corum replica watches

Become the best choice for couples.

Navy Admiral Cup iconic 12-sided outline is also soft just, the case and the outer edge of the mirror at the same time using 12-shaped men’s section sonorous and powerful.

Female models because of the 12-sided case on the outer edge of the circular mirror is more gentle and elegant.

The 12-day flag on the dial indicates the sea flag signal.

As if the implication of the tacit understanding between the couple, and that both sides in life together with the wind and waves.

Legend 42 small seconds watch and Legend 32 Corum replica watch unique.

Nature is the history of its history behind the nautical, pure design and the Admiral Cup Legend Series symbolic elegance.

Both Corum replica watch have the Admiral Cup series of iconic design elements.

Equipped with classic 12-sided case.

Supplemented by a strong dynamic and elegant strokes, feel more natural and natural.

Cheap Corum replica watch for sale

Legend 42 small seconds watch inner ring ring decorated with navigation flag, so that time scale design also appears to be rich colors.

Watch assembly CO395 self-winding movement, with hours, minutes, small seconds, date display function.

Movement waving frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4Hz), power reserve of about 42 hours.

Case diameter of 42 mm, screw set inlaid with crystal glass, perspective movement of the structure and operation.

Steel watch is surrounded by the dial has a fine machine straight line texture, distributed a strong watch craft beauty.

Legend 32 quartz watch
Coincidentally, Legend 32 quartz female watch fashion style.

Regardless of day or night to wear, are the beauty of women’s decoration to share.

High-precision Corum replica watch movement without the chain, more convenient.

Stainless steel case to act as a low-key background but shiny mother of pearl dial to create a perfect frame.

12 different styles of the banner instead of a few times the standard, eye-catching dotted in the craft on the table.

In conclusion,once again wrote the Admiral Cup series of supreme brilliant. Watch with stainless steel chain, but also add a lively and sporty.

Corum coin watch series of watches

Corum coin watch

soFor any industry, innovation is always the driving force of development. In the watch industry, if most brands are classic traditions. Then Corum can be considered a breakthrough in the traditional watch brand. Kolum only less than sixty years of history, but in the short history of development to create numerous wrist watch. Today to give you a description of a Coin Watch gold swiss replica watches, elegant, is the collectors of the pet. Official model: 293.645.56 / 0001 MU51.

First of all,before the introduction of the watch, we first talk about the Corum watch brand history. 1955 brand was founded in Switzerland La Chaux-de closure, a pair of nephews to their Jinqiao studio transformation into an independent brand. The new company is named CORUM. This pair of nephews is the watchmaker Gaston Ries with the designer Rene Bannwart. The joint efforts of the two, in 1956 launched the first watch will get people’s attention.

Corum coin watch

In 2000, Corum was in charge of the Wunderman family. Although easy to master, but Corum watch uphold the attitude and direction, and did not change. And then made a lot of innovative achievements on the wrist, extraordinary quality. Today Kunlun has become an unmanned watch brand.

Maybe corum gold coin watch has two styles. One is twenty dollars double eagle gold coins, the other is ten dollars free goddess gold coins. Of which 10 gold coins watch engraved with the Statue of Liberty, around the carving thirteen stars pattern. Twenty dollars coin gold coins watch carved heraldic eagle, engraved with “the United States of America more than 20 pull” words.

36 mm diameter case with all 18K gold to build, case thick 6.1 mm, distinguished and elegant, highlight the royal momentum.

Dial no time scale, double eagle pattern occupies the vast majority of the disk position.

Because eagle clutches clutching a symbol of peaceful olive branch, the other side holding a symbol of war bow and arrow, carved meticulous, the picture lifelike. Edge seal engraved with the United States twenty dollars in English words, writing clear.

Crown at 3 o’clock position, the edge of the gear design. Polished delicate and perfect, the top mosaic multi-faceted cut diamonds, subtle highlights of the Corum brand of high quality.

Watch ear made of 18K gold, polished polished surface, exudes a dazzling golden luster and texture. Using the same pattern with the case of coins pattern design, elegant atmosphere.

So watch clasp a classic needle-shaped design,both sides still follow the case with the concave concave pattern, and engraved with the Corum LOGO to do embellishment.

Corum gold coin watch equipped with a Corum original production CO293 model movement. This movement diameter of 25.94 mm, with 30 gems, vibration frequency 28800 times, can provide 72 hours of power reserve.

As a result, corum Coin Watch series watch all gold to create the dial elegant and luxurious. Using double eagle 20 dollars gold as a wrist watch, unique and meaningful design. But also to give it the meaning of peace, independence and freedom.This watch now regarded as a classic wrist collection. The current reference for this watch is $ 170,000.

Corum Navy Admiral Cup women’s watch

women's watch

Corum Navy Admiral Cup series since 1960 has been inherited the brand of respect for the sea and the sea sports enthusiasm and respect. Series of new Legend style, exquisite elegance also retains the characteristics of the series. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Corum Navy Admiral Cup women’s swiss replica watches, the official model of the watch: 082.101.85 / 0041 PN10.

Most noteworthy ,in 1960, the Admiral Cup ladies watch arrived. This is one of the year’s attention, with a waterproof function of the sporting watch. 38 mm in diameter, slim style. Suitable for ladies in slender hands dressed, chic elegance also retained a series of unique 12 cases and navigation signs and other characteristics.

women watch

Corum enthusiasm for the series to join the feminine elements.

Is the launch of the Admiral Cup mileage 38 Fiancée women’swatch is Corum efforts tireless results.
Therefore,watch with a black satin strap. Clasp used for 18K rose gold to create the needle buckle buckle, easy to wear and easy to wear.

Due to the Admiral Cup series will be divided into three distinct series of unique styles.Including the Seafender Warriors, Challenger Victory and Legend Mileage. Warriors series mainly with the extreme movement and design of the more solid style; victory series is mainly for the more fashionable sports watch.

Watch with pearl mother of silver disk design, in the sapphire crystal glass under the table, it is more gorgeous.

12-sided bezel design, navigation flags of the classic heritage, the sky of the brand logo. These combinations in this, so watch more vivid. Crown and crown shoulder with a harmonious match, feast for the eyes. In terms of functionality, only a common calendar function is provided. Because the concept of the relatively strong concept of this concept is necessary.

So watch used for sapphire crystal glass bottom design. Through this transparent table, we can clearly see the movement of the precise operation. Watch the internal carrying CO082 self-winding movement, the full chain can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

Becuase watch waterproof up to 50 meters. The table back to the screw into the transparent bottom cover, perspective engraved with the words of the Kunlun table automatic disk swing.

Corum Navy Admiral Cup series

Corum watch

In 1960, the first Admiral Cup watch for the Corum watch to bring the success of the precursor. The uk replica watches not only has a long history.

And with the major sailing competition and the famous nautical players forged a bond.

Geometric design, not only has an unparalleled aesthetic value.

And full of vitality, personality masculine, but also gives a strong and reliable feeling.

Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Navy Admiral Cup series day and night display when the two watches.

Almost the official model: 171.951.95 / 0061 AK12.

Since its inception in 1960, has been dynamic and calm and elegant style, the interpretation of the essence of Kunlun brand and personality.

It is equipped with twelve side arch case, dial decorated with twelve voyage flag pattern.

The watch cover with the Admiral Cup cheetah relief, with extraordinary charm.

best quality of Corum replica watches for sale

Watch with a date display, the two places as well as the day and night display function, the central dial with a central map of the center of the world map.

Because with Geneva stripes embellished 24 hours time zone with lines.

And printed with a white triangle logo circle Transparent rotating discs clearly show the time zone around the world and the day and night.

Admiral cups show day and night watch.

This new Navy Admiral Cup Challenger 48 series watch is the first Corum world map and day and night display function of the clock works.

And retains the series of classic 12-sided case and triangular flag flag design , Limited edition 150.

Watch the gray dial with a hollow prong-style hand and minute hand.

Therefore the pointer front end covered with luminous coating treatment;

While second hand end is set CORUM key mark;calendar window set at 3 o’clock position.

The center of the dial has a map of the world at the center of the north pole and a 24-hour zone with a flat.

Hence transparent circular dial with a white triangle logo to show the time zone around the world and the day and night.

When the white triangular mark adjusts to the standard time.

The area where the rotating disc  is in the daytime.

And the area where the rotating disk is grayed out is the night.

With the brand’s own history and superb superb watchmaking skills.

While corum Admiral Cup series of watches in the continuation of the classic at the same time.

Also continue to innovate, to create this is Corum excellent timepieces works.

This new world day / night display watch with masculine tough shape, unparalleled aesthetic value, charm Tiancheng. Watch 150 pieces of production.

Seems like with a good collection value.

Corum Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic

2015 is the Corum legend Jinqiao movement 35 anniversary of the show, watch factory special production Jinqiao ceramic male and female uk swiss replica watches.

Seems like a just a soft two new work, display the brand to superb technology and innovative spirit of the watch production philosophy.

Corum watch factory in 1980 to create Jinqiao watch.

And the brand founder René Bannwart may not have expected this section of the masterpiece will become a watch factory shop treasure.

While let alone one of the classic Swiss watch craftsmanship.

Corum since the beginning of the establishment in the watch industry to establish avant-garde innovative brand positioning.

Probably Jinqiao watch the extraordinary design and transparent structure are brand philosophy masterpiece.replica watches uk

And with the Admiral Cup table to become Corum two creative timepieces pillar.

But Jinqiao watch unique, is to witness the Corum courage to explore the watch industry

Which has never been involved in the field of linear movement research and development areas.

Golden Bridge is the classic Golden Bridge series of elegant graceful transfiguration: the new ceramic watch turned into a stage.

Cheap Corum watches for sale

but the technical challenges can not be a small glimpse.

Because the precision ceramic case with a number of crystal glass Mosaic perfect paste is not easy.

But the black case and gold movement shape contrast contrast, visual effects stunning.

CO 113 manual winding movement to promote Zhuo face pointer along with the advance, table mirror.

And both sides of the case and the back of the table all the crystal glass.

So you can enjoy the movement from different angles clever structure.

Corum take into account the taste of women’s consumers.

So for the Jinqiao women’s table coupled with a delicate and elegant wine barrel-shaped case.

With no ears designed to hand sewn crocodile belt and the case at one go.

In addition,the lines more beautiful, beautiful as a bracelet jewelry Design;

And crown at 6 o’clock position, the elegant barrel-shaped outline set off more prominent.

Corum Vincent Calabrese


Corum watches one of the main ideas is that a breitling replica watches ” watch should not be the movement of the cage”

While the connection between the two components the better.

Which developed a linear movement only at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position with the case connected.

And eventually became the well-known watch the gene characteristics.

“Jinqiao series is not just a watch, but also represents a kind of resistance to the cry,” the watchmaker said this.

The first prototype was born in 1977.

He and the Corum watch founder René Bannwart through two common friends – La Chaode Fang International Watch Museum director established contact.

René Bannwart immediately saw the potential for this innovative design.

Facts have proved that it is popular from the date of launch.

Which in the mechanical Corum industry in the 20th century, 80 years experienced difficult times called a real feat.

best quality of Corum watch price

At the same time as the partnership started, Vincent Calabrese won the first prize at his International Invention Show in replica watches

Does the founder of the independent watchmaker’s association.

Whose members bear a considerable portion of the watchmaking industry,

And now, see themselves as an inventor? “I am more like a researcher.

My Corum watches clearly reveals everything, but still retains a sense of mystery.

Because people often want to know how it actually works.

For me, the most complex The question is how to become simpler, not vice versa. ”

This is the number of components less than the traditional movement of the Golden Bridge series become a truly unique part of the watch.

“It exudes attraction in a radically modest way,”

The creative genius born in Italy says that watchmaking is the toughest way of communication for him.

In conclusion Create a new need for a lot of technology, including movement production, sculpture, gem mosaic, case design …

Corum watches – about your story


Corum replica watches was founded in René Bannwart, with his entrepreneurial spirit fake watches.

And the watchmaking experience accumulated from the top-of-the-line watchmakers.

SO he was able to set up a unique watch brand in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries -Corum watch.

René Bannwart liked the Latin word “quorum”,.Corum replica watches

which meant that the organization would extend to the most basic element that could make things work by effectively determining the minimum quorum.

René Bannwart simplified his French spelling to CORUM and used it as the brand’s English replica watches

In January 2000, Severin Wunderman, the new owner and president of the brand, took office.

Because his joining for the Corum replica watches into a new impetus.

In 2005, Antonio Calce joined the Corum replica watches, along with Severin Wunderman side by side to develop a development strategy.

While the brand should be re-positioning as a senior watch brand mission.

In April 2013, China’s Haidian Group acquired the shares of Kunlun Tablet.

Seems like becoming the sole shareholder of the Swiss-based watch company headquartered in La Chaux-de-France.

China’s Haidian has been renamed as “Crown City Watch & Jewelery Group Co., Ltd.”.

Maybe the strategic agreement allows Crown City Jewelery and Jewelery Co., Ltd.

Since to strengthen its other activities and open up the new development prospects for the Corum watch to fix its high-profile watches in Switzerland Location.

And to strengthen its brand top watch positioning.

Corum watches for sale

At present, the Kunlun table as a unique brand, providing high-quality watches.

While all watch series in new style and special design, and equipped with sophisticated mechanical movement.

The current Corum replica watches a total of 150 watches, respectively, belong to the three pillar series.

Due to including Admiral’s Cup Admiral Cup series, Golden Bridge Golden Bridge series and Heritage classic series.

While the brand is also precious metal production and a variety of complex features watch.

Such as Jinqiao hollow tourbillon watch, Jinqiao Dragon watch.

And the Admiral Cup Legend 42 60 anniversary watch, the Admiral Cup AC-ONE 45 double Tourbillon watch.

In conclusion the Admiral Cup Legend 46 Minute Repeater Acoustica four hammer three Asked the watch and so on.

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