Classic Rolex, World War II chronograph

About Rolex and chronograph, people will unconsciously think of the famous Daytona watch. But in addition, the brand of the other Chronograph equally interesting, for example, this paper will introduce a Classic Rolex Ref.3525 World War II chronograph.

Classic Rolex

Ref.3525 Valjoux is equipped with 23 column wheel movement, is one of the earliest Rolex chronograph with oyster shell.

This is a wristwatch that a coalition of prisoners of war can order, which is provided by many Swiss tabulating brands during World War II, but Rolex is particularly famous for it.

A prisoner can order a wrist watch through a letter and receive it in a prison camp held in custody. The Rolex move proved the brand’s trust in the Allied prisoners of war, mainly British prisoners of war, until the end of the war.



And laid the foundation of Rolex to Classic Rolex become the world’s most famous watchmaking brand there.

I believe this replica watches uk experience for Rolex to provide order service of Allied prisoners of war, and the Nazi army refused to sell the watch has a great impact.


This Chronograph 35 mm in diameter, by today’s standards slightly petite. Despite the integrated speed and ranging functions, the watch is still legible. This is due to the skillful design of the dial and the reasonable layout of each dial. The pointer also plays an important role in filling the radium material and can be easily identified even at night.

Classic Rolex

The classic Rolex Ref.3525 Tour World War II chronograph

This is a rare and rare Rolex Ref.3525 chronograph, the estimated total output of steel section is only 200 pieces.

and the watch even with the original stainless steel bracelet.

This watch is Classic Rolex composed of rich art, film.

the transaction price of 62500 Swiss francs (valued 50000 to 80000 Swiss francs).

in view of the characteristics of rare stamps, the price is very affordable