How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

fake Citizen:How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches? Some businesses in order to win higher profits, the use of genuine Citizen’s photo or publicity materials to publicize misleading consumers to create their own sales is a genuine illusion, but the price is far lower than the price of sales counters, a lot of people Will think they picked up a great deal, not knowing to buy is imitation goods.

Citizen watches how to identify the authenticity of the dial and scale to know
Genuine Citizen watch dial brightly painted clear, time scale and “CITIZEN” logo font smaller, scale edge is also very structure. The fake decorative coating color dark (red part of the more obvious), 12-point figure, CITIZEN logo and other fonts rough, and the real difference.
How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches? Check the case back cover engraved to know

Genuine Citizen (foil not yet torn off) using laser engraving, marking and numbering the same font lettering depth the same. Genuine licensed number “watch model + manufacturing number” has a unique, and Paul card affixed to a single product bar code label. The false form often appear lettering depth or width of the different circumstances, poor imitation or even lettering will be more vague. And fake number only a few, mostly the same.
So citizen watch,how to identify the authenticity of concern about the internal movement to know the appearance

Authentic Citizen movement part of the frame (the line referred to as the solid machine ring) is significantly different. Fake solid machine ring shape, color and genuine are different, especially the solid machine work is very clumsy. There is a substantial margin.
How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

Check the bracelet and watch to know
So genuine Citizen watch bracelet and clasp fine workmanship, fine, does not appear obvious grinding traces, metal bracelets of each connection block are full of natural. And those who can clearly see the bracelet watch traces of the watch is bound to fake replica watches be fake Citizen watches. Individual butterfly buckle of the fake watch strap workmanship although relatively fine.

How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

Japan watch needle is characterized by special bright plating. The shape of the need and the length and dial to be consistent. The color of the night out point and the dial on the same. But also CITIZEN trademark LOGO, but also bright rules. No skew and glitches, leave the table at this point often do well.

All net sales of Citizen genuine licensed will be equipp with a single product bar code. Single product bar code information and you buy the watch back cover engraved information.