How to Wear Casio Watches and Precautions´╝č

Casio 506 watch, is a lot of male friends like the rolex replica watches style, high on the watch dial needle, filling the male friends of temperament and demeanor. Casio watches, not only to provide people with the convenience of time, with them also show the charm of male friends, whether it is a suit with a watch, or casual clothing with Casio 506 watch, can bring out the male friends Temperament, then how to bring it?

First, adjust the clasp 1, the clasp from the longer side of the strap out of the hole, release the adjustment device. 2, the device along the length of the strap sliding, the pin into the appropriate holes, and then fixed.

Second, open the clasp 3, while pressing the button on both sides, open the clasp. 4, open the Casio 506 hand clasp, relax the bracelet, the table off from the wrist

Third, close the buckle 5, the watch worn, and then the small end of a small fixed button. If necessary, pass the long end through the small active buckle.

Note: to avoid a strong impact: Although the shock-proof watch function, should still avoid the sudden impact. Do not near magnetic objects: Casio Watches parts for metal products, although the magnetic device, but the event of magnetic objects, easy to make time not allowed, it is best placed on the radio, television and other electrical goods next to.

Casio 506 Casio Watches is very important to wear, if not wearing a good time to wear, and perhaps make your watch damage.

for example, accidentally dropped to the ground, or lead to a point in time and so on, when you buy. The question mark watch how to wear, do not own casually to the hands of the area. The correct way with Casio 506 watch. Make your watch accurate point, will make your life on time.