Female blancpain classic watch of jewelry series

Female blancpain classic watch

Time is the best proof of love, in the most warm and romantic festival of the year. Blancpain special women’s series ultra-thin watch. With vivid style and color interpretation of love and passion.

Blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition female blancpain classic watch decorated with symbolic details of the traditional Valentine’s Day theme. So watch the steel bezel and lugs inlaid with 68 diamonds. Mother of pearl dial inlaid with 8 diamonds. Second-hand special red arrow-shaped tip design, red represents passion.

Because the red arrow of love symbolizes the love penetration time, straight to the heart. Watches at 12 o’clock decorated with a heart-shaped from 19 bread-shaped cut ruby ​​inlaid red heart. With the soft light micro-dial matched Shenghui. Bread-shaped cut mainly prevailed in the decorative arts period. Has been widely used in jewelry, in recent years will occasionally appear on the watch dial. Because the top of the gemstone is a raised circular arc that allows light to penetrate the gemstone more fully. Thus enhancing the brightness of the dial. So the pavilion ruby ​​section is carved face. In order to better refraction of light.

Through the back of the sapphire crystal back through the table, you can view a special decorative hollow openwork platinum Plaque. Its polished decoration uses a variety of different techniques: Geneva and Geneva ripples, spiral bevel and polishing corner. Put these exquisite and complicated grinding process to put the Tuo on. Fully demonstrated the Blancpain watchmaking advanced comprehensive mastery. In addition, put Tuo Po engraved with a replica watches brand identity. And dial design elements reflect each other. And the same red romantic love color.

Blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition watch equipped with a self-winding Cal.913 movement designed for women’s series. Has 40 hours power reserve. Beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel with fine-tuning screws, and equipped with silicon gossamer.

Silicon material is an important innovation in the watch industry with several key attributes: low density (making the balance spring itself extremely lightweight), collision-resistant and completely immune to magnetic fields. So these properties ensure that the gossamer maintains a nearly perfect concentric structure. Thus enhancing the isochronism of the movement. Thereby enhancing the accuracy of the watch.

Female blancpain classic watch:To meet different personal tastes and with the needs.

So blancpain 2017 Valentine’s Day limited edition watch with two replaceable alligator strap, one for the red and the other for the white. 99 limited edition watch, each engraved with an independent number.