MIDO watches of fake series

MIDO watches

MIDO watches fake watches:Say that men like fine brewed wine, the longer the taste the more mellow. After 30 years of age, the men really into the golden age, young reckless, impulsive, confused and sour after the gradual disappearance of this. Replaced by a stable and mature. 2017, the United States to bring the new Beilun Saili series of long kinetic energy really men’s watch. For men, the ordinary watch has always been no harsh wear requirements, and inlaid diamond watch, then no one can wear. US degrees this year for men and imagine. In addition to the conventional Beilun Saili series watches, but also bring diamond mosaic men MIDO watches models, model: M8600.9.67.1.MIDO watches

Diamonds, has always been the exclusive woman, they are loved by the elegant ladies. And in the men who, in addition to the ring is almost difficult to find objects with diamonds. Even the diamonds on the ring are often not conspicuous. However, this does not mean that men are not suitable for wearing diamonds, it is diamonds shining light, picky those who choose the elite. Often, their career is successful, humble and easy-going, sparkling diamonds show their wisdom and success. So that only high-level male watch, will occasionally inlaid diamonds.

The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States

So the United States is also the United States for the beauty of the elite brand men, bring diamond style. So the United States and the United States Beilun Sai Lai series of long kinetic energy really men’s watch, non-traditional round case design. In a series known as the tradition of Belem Serena. Showing such a fine watch. Its design inspiration from the famous French opera sanctuary – Rennes Opera House. So the art of this building through the core of a watch language to express, highlight the extraordinary characteristics of the watch.

Dial inlaid 12 top Vaiserton diamonds

Because watch case made of stainless steel, curved bezel, crown and bracelet gold part. Have been treated by PVD rose gold coating, showing the unique style of elite men. MIDO watches decorated with golden mercerized polished sun pattern. Surrounded by twelve diamonds. The overall design presents a strong business style. Golden for business men is more meaningful and wealth.

PVD plated rose gold stainless steel crown

Of course, the gold dial with diamond mosaic scale. This combination is not free to match, with diamonds polished pointer, so watch more exciting.

PVD plated rose gold stainless steel / stainless steel bracelet

Between the gold metal bracelet, wear supple, echo with the case tone. Very suitable for business occasions with. To reflect the man’s temperament. In addition to this special design, the United States for this special configuration of the Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. To a large extent to facilitate the daily wear of the watch, eliminating the lack of kinetic energy worries.

Time, will make men more and more stories. In every different time, men have played a variety of roles.

And in its golden years, a wonderful MIDO watches.

Will be his success badge, but also a symbol of personal charm. The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States. Unique creative design, highlight the elite men’s time taste.

Bulgari watches of fashion watches

Bulgari watches

Bulgari watches rolex replica uk:Throughout the ages, yellow has always been regarded as a symbol of success.
This warm and vibrant hue is very attractive, attracting everyone’s attention everywhere. With the blessing of these qualities. This yellow Diagono Scuba watch will be a lot of water sports and sailing enthusiasts. In addition to having a stylish design style. This exquisite watch in the most challenging exercise in the same impressive performance. Luminous pointer and the use of hourly markings make the watch both in the day or night have a strong visibility. In addition, watch large power reserve is also very attractive.

Diagono Scuba watch in addition to the above advantages. But also boldly introduced the field of today’s watch rarely used orange, for the entire watch series into a wonderful taste of color. Orange is usually thought to inspire imagination and appetite, a very vibrant tone and hedonistic way of life coincide. The warmth of the hue can not only increase the attention, but also enhance the communication between people.

The famous musician Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) will be orange as their favorite color. He often says “orange is the happiest color”. Orange at the same time can also be a good highlight of the design sense of power. However, this original design for the men’s watch has become part of the Italian women’s favorite choice. The Diagono Scuba watch is a good fit for their pursuit of excellent waterproofing. But also to achieve their desire to have different from other professional diving watch fashion appearance needs.Bulgari watches

Diagono Scuba watch exquisite fashion, bathing Mediterranean sunshine and health. The world’s major beach resort can find its trace, become a fashionable female seaside vacation choice.

Design the king of the first performance

Diagono Scuba is a fully able to meet the diving needs of the watch, style, the more excellent performance: watch equipped with Bulgari watches homemade Caliber Solotempo BVL 191 self-winding movement, with 300 meters excellent waterproof function.

Diagono Scuba watch carrying 42 hours power reserve, vibration frequency of 28,800 vph, to ensure accurate timing. Dial design simple and clear, to provide hours, minutes, seconds and date display, and the use of large seconds. In addition to the versatility of this trait, Diagono Scuba watch is a fashionable wrist accessories. Perfect interpretation of the various occasions of the dress style.

Diagono Scuba Bulgari watches are the best choice for both the beach wandering and the water, or diving or conducting all kinds of underwater activities. It can easily match the daily casual dress. Its refined and bold type of grid can also create a neat urban style.

Bulgari watches as rooted in Rome, the jewelry brand, after more than 130 years after the precipitation.

Have a very creative work and skillful handicraft skills. And at the same time accumulated excellent Swiss watchmaking process.

Replica watch of corum series

Replica watch

Replica watch: has been committed to its superb superb watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique replica rolex works. Kunlun table since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. With a long history of brand history and watchmaking skills, Kunlun table launched a number of classic watches. Today, the watch home to bring you a series of Kunlun Admiral watch reviews, the official model: 383.330.55 / 0081 AA12.Replica watch


So today for everyone to bring the Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of a classic watch. Stylish sports design, suitable for different occasions with the Competition. As well as with extreme sports and design, precision and strong Extreme.

Design classic elegant HERITAGE, watch used for the 18K rose gold to create.

In the watch on both sides of the crown on the other side of a pair of crown shoulder pads, to protect the crown. So from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


So watch with 18K rose gold loaded with the buckle design, with a black crocodile leather strap. In the 18K rose gold clasp on the Kunlun table we can see the brand LOGO.


From this point of view we can see the watch case is very clear edges and corners. From the official data we know that the watch has a thickness of 11.5 mm.


So watch with silver dial design, case diameter of 44 mm. The watch has a dual time zone display function, through the dial in a red pointer instructions.


So replica watch with a classic design of the three-pin, luminous time pointer design. Unique small seconds to create a classic end of the classic Kunlun logo. Watch 3 o’clock direction with date display window, digital minute scale display.


18K rose gold to create needle buckle strap and black crocodile leather strap.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. The internal carrying CO383 self-winding movement, movement diameter 25.94 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica watch Admiral series of unquestionable its 12-sided shell is a well-known identification mark.

Half a century, the representative of the Admiral series is to uphold the conviction and spirit of excellence. Get a lot of ocean race sports enthusiasts love and follow. Inheritance of the Admiral series for the pursuit of excellence and the original insistence, not only retains the series with the ultimate movement of the design of the strong and solid qualities. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of high-end complex tabulation. At present, the domestic price of the watch is 195,000 yuan.

Replica corum of popular watches

Replica corum

Replica corum:The pursuit of technology beauty tasting Kam Navy Admiral cup series diamond swiss replica watches

Replica corum watch since the beginning of 1955 tabulation, has been focused on the pursuit of craft details and aesthetic creation. Is committed to excellence through the excellent watchmaking technology, to create a rare unique watch works. Today, the watch home to bring you a Kunlun Navy Admiral series watch tonic content, the official model: 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11.


In 1960, the first carrying 12-side arch case of the Admiral Cup watch success. Replica corum brand as a well-known series. Its watch and three different product lines. That is, the design of classic elegant HERITAGE, fashion sports Competition. And Extreme with extreme sports.

Replica corum


Watch case diameter of 38 mm, made of stainless steel.

So watch case angle is very clear, the thickness of 8.75 mm. A pair of unique shape of the ear with the case to form a line of beautiful curves.


So this watch is unique in the case of diamonds outside the shell inlaid, a total of 72.

Dark blue dial mysterious and deep, as if the night in the ocean, dial design unique design. Using 30 and 60 mark, using a large silver word.


Crown on both sides of the upper and lower sides with a pair of crown shoulder pads. To protect the crown, from the side we can see the watch crown engraved with the classic Kunlun logo.


Stainless steel to create a needle buckle for the typical needle-shaped wrist buckle. And black strap with a bit more solemn and elegant.


So watch the bottom of the table for the sapphire crystal glass table design. Internal equipped with CO082 self-winding movement, movement diameter of 21 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. On the full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.


Replica corum watch factory since its establishment in 1955, with a breakthrough in the traditional courage, committed to innovation, and strive to perfect.

So this has a 12-sided unique watch watch retains the Navy Admiral Cup series of precision and sturdy characteristics. But also the pursuit of the Admiral will enter the field of fashion watchmaking. The current offer for this watch is 68,800 yuan.

Vacheron Constantin watch of fake series

Vacheron Constantin watch

Vacheron Constantin watch and clocks, stainless steel swiss replica watches the spot more new in Beijing SKP

2016, the famous Swiss watch brand launched Vacheron Constantin watches and clocks. Relaxed leisure and elegant travel style. Masculine and full of sports atmosphere of them. by virtue of the classic atmosphere of the watch style. Become nowadays the table friends are hot one of the time.

Recently, the author visited the Chaoyang District Jianguo Road 87 Beijing SKP Vacheron Constantin store. Found the brand vertical and horizontal four series of hot chronograph stainless steel blue plate watch is being sold. Pure stainless steel is tough and atmospheric. So equipped with hot blue dial elements in recent years, is a good choice for the summer sports watch.

As one of the classic series of Vacheron Constantin, 2016. Brand in the vertical and horizontal among the four new watch (12 models) are followed by a series of consistent leisure and strong and practical principles. So to three new self-produced movement to highlight the spirit of travel.

Each new product design, have inherited the history of Vacheron Constantin vertical and horizontal “222” type of watch sports temperament. So to the outstanding modern watchmaking process and the combination of traditional classic, showing the unique charm of the brand.

Meticulous watch processing in every aspect of the time meter are reflected. Atmospheric stainless steel through the side of the polished. Positive drawing after grinding showing a different texture, giving the watch full of ornamental. Built-in anti-magnetic soft iron device to protect the watch from the daily magnetic field interference. Crown and with the spin-in lock timing button. But also to protect the operation of the watch.

Back through the back cover technology show 5200 movement of the gorgeous. So in the toughness of stainless steel against the background, exquisite hollow pendulum showing a new design roses compass instrument sense. So the watch has about 52 hours of power storage with a depth of 150 meters. In addition, the movement through the Geneva mark certification. Protect the watch Seiko secret agents, durable and reliable craftsmanship. Show the quality and taste of Vacheron Constantin watch.

In addition, each watch comes with three straps. Respectively, for the rubber, stainless steel, crocodile skin can replace the strap / chain. Flexible, more wild strap replacement mechanism gives the watch a different style. Whether it is casual or formal occasions are able to show the wearer’s own unique temperament and taste.

In the neat counter with soft light. So this Vacheron Constantin watches and clocks, blue and white stainless steel watch showing a great visual experience. Set the precise core and the atmosphere and pure style as a whole.

So Vacheron Constantin watch:Show the unique charm of the new vertical and horizontal.

In addition, I see 2017 new watches and the classic Tourbillon money is also one of them. Recently have the intention to watch the table friends, may wish to look at the past, choose a choice.

Vacheron Constantin of fake watch

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin replica watches:The value of 1.2 million Vacheron Constantin new tourbillon would like to experience here

The world’s top watch factory, with more than 260 years of tabulation history. So far a few did not interrupt the production of watches and clocks, one of the watch brands, by many business elite, political door of the favor. This is Vacheron Constantin, the legend, each additional a super complex function, the value will increase by one million.

This time, we came to Vacheron Constantin in Beijing SKP store. Feel a value of 1.2 million Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon watch. Here is Vacheron Constantin in Beijing, one of the three counters, but also the only one brand Direct store. Want to experience and buy Vacheron Constantin some special watches. Or the latest watch, here is the most appropriate choice.

This piece of Vacheron Constantin Malta series Tourbillon watch, is a series of new work under the series. But also before the white dial section of a supplement. We know that the Maltese series is a collection of rich meanings. A symbolic element of Vacheron Constantin is the Maltese cross.

This cross structure is not only the brand of LOGO, but also a mechanical watch within a restricted winding power structure. Now some of the clock, you can still see this structure. It symbolizes the tradition of mechanical watchmaking and craftsmanship. So the Malta series itself has a very strong symbolic.

The Malta series features a barrel-shaped design. Vacheron Constantin from the beginning of the last century, almost around 1920s. Began to launch a barrel-shaped design of the watch. Which at that time has a certain degree of subversive, with the traditional square and round case completely deviated.

Today, the Maltese series is the most important member of the many barrel-shaped watches. But also very few to this shape as an important feature of one of the high-end watch series. Of course, Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese series is another place of sincerity. The brand has developed a barrel-shaped movement for this purpose. This means that the movement is used in Malta. Will not be suitable for use with other sports.

The new Malta series Tourbillon watch, case for the 18K 5N pink gold material production. The surface after polishing polished, delicate soft, get started with a certain amount of material used. Of course, just a precious metal case, and a tourbillon, it is difficult to 1.2 million high prices. This is basically the equivalent of a luxury car, in the second-tier cities is equivalent to a two-bedroom.

Obviously, in the same level of watches. This is also a high craft watch. In addition to the brand inside the R & D to match the barrel-shaped tourbillon movement. Also used a lot of manual process making, grinding and assembly. Especially the tourbillon device. Using the traditional craftsmanship to show the top decorative beauty, the Malta Cross Tourbillon takes into account both the performance and the visual effects during operation.

The complex structure is concentrated in a movement size of only 27.37 x 29.30 mm. Use a large number of manual processes only to meet the level of the top watch should be, so that the movement to meet the Geneva mark quality certification.

There is no doubt that this is a lot of love for the mechanical watch men’s heart of the watch. Because it is indeed very delicate process, but also contains feelings, history, high recognition, luxury and Sven beauty. In addition to this watch, the store there are some Vacheron Constantin very elegant and rhyme series of new products in the sale.

Vacheron Constantin:Including the two models, diamond and other models.

If you want to taste this value over one million Tourbillon watch. Or the latest Vacheron Constantin works, you can go to the store to sit.

Fake bulgari of popular watch

Fake bulgari

Fake bulgari:As a favorite of fake watches and clocks enthusiasts one of the characteristics of pure simplicity has long been different from the ordinary simple. In the details of the uncompromising attention, always reveal the quality of high-level watches and content. So  to show the wrist of the wrist between the sharp beauty. Well-known jewelry watch brand Bulgari is the case. Will be simple and elegant Italian innovative style deeply rooted in the classic OCTO series above. Because giving the series under every watch pure elegance and modern urban fashion style. 2017, the brand once again for the series to add new products. In the eye-catching Basel Jewelry Watch Fair launched the Bulgari OCTO ROMA series of brown plate steel watch. Because the new timepiece retains the OCTO series in the architectural aesthetic style of the octagonal case, to show, as always, dignified, atmospheric characteristics. In place of the details of the deal. So further interpretation of its strong and fresh design. Here, take a look at the new watch of the Italian style (watch model: 102705). A strong urban style As the basic point of Octo Roma, the perfect balance ratio. Retains a series of classic watches undeniable urban minimalist style and quality. Inheritance angular octagonal design case. After the brand clever re-design, in the original fashion appearance and comfortable texture under the premise of upgrading the function of the convenience of the watch. Will be excellent style and profound meaning of the watch charm given to the new timepieces. Show a strong urban style and pure elegance fashion. Fake bulgari OCTO ROMA series of brown plate steel watch Octagonal steel case Highly recognizable 41 mm octagonal steel case with a moderate table diameter design. Easy to wear at the same time without losing the sense of fashion. Inlaid ceramic steel crown So watch the side of the crown after polishing, showing a great visual enjoyment. Easy to operate and comfortable grip it with black ceramic mosaic. It is very beautiful to keep the details of the beauty of the series at the same time. Corner side with two rows of raised anti-skid texture decoration, more easy to operate. Dark brown finish polished dial Stainless steel case with dark brown disk, classic and full of flavor. After the paint polished, showing a great taste to enjoy, intoxicated. So rectangular three-dimensional time scale and 6:00, 12:00 Arabic numerals three-dimensional time scale against each other, the surface after drawing processing. With the central hollow, the minute hand, and the smart second hand to form a whole. So that time is more pure, intuitive, very convenient. 3 Timing position for exquisite date display window. For the watch to add a practical. Fake bulgari Caliber BVL 191 two-way automatic winding mechanical movement Through the back through the design for the sapphire crystal glass back cover. Movement of the operation at a glance, do not have some fun. Equipped with Bulgari Caliber BVL 191 two-way automatic winding mechanical movement.So decorated with Geneva ripples and chamfered with scrolls, ornamental full. With 42 hours of power reserve, watch water depth of up to 100 meters. Brown crocodile leather strap So dark brown seamless crocodile leather strap and dark brown paint polished dial to form a whole, full of design. Mature and comfortable strap connected to a stainless steel buckle. So can be very good to protect the watch on the wrist safe, not easy to fall, very reliable. Fake bulgari OCTO ROMA series of brown plate steel watch

OCTO ROMA series of new timepieces will be full of creative style of the Fake bulgari watch all deduced out.

Octagonal represents the architectural aesthetics in the OCTO series to bring dignified, fresh atmosphere.So classic ripe brown disc and the same color crocodile leather strap is added to this wrist freshness style.