Corum coin watch series of watches

Corum coin watch

soFor any industry, innovation is always the driving force of development. In the watch industry, if most brands are classic traditions. Then Corum can be considered a breakthrough in the traditional watch brand. Kolum only less than sixty years of history, but in the short history of development to create numerous wrist watch. Today to give you a description of a Coin Watch gold swiss replica watches, elegant, is the collectors of the pet. Official model: 293.645.56 / 0001 MU51.

First of all,before the introduction of the watch, we first talk about the Corum watch brand history. 1955 brand was founded in Switzerland La Chaux-de closure, a pair of nephews to their Jinqiao studio transformation into an independent brand. The new company is named CORUM. This pair of nephews is the watchmaker Gaston Ries with the designer Rene Bannwart. The joint efforts of the two, in 1956 launched the first watch will get people’s attention.

Corum coin watch

In 2000, Corum was in charge of the Wunderman family. Although easy to master, but Corum watch uphold the attitude and direction, and did not change. And then made a lot of innovative achievements on the wrist, extraordinary quality. Today Kunlun has become an unmanned watch brand.

Maybe corum gold coin watch has two styles. One is twenty dollars double eagle gold coins, the other is ten dollars free goddess gold coins. Of which 10 gold coins watch engraved with the Statue of Liberty, around the carving thirteen stars pattern. Twenty dollars coin gold coins watch carved heraldic eagle, engraved with “the United States of America more than 20 pull” words.

36 mm diameter case with all 18K gold to build, case thick 6.1 mm, distinguished and elegant, highlight the royal momentum.

Dial no time scale, double eagle pattern occupies the vast majority of the disk position.

Because eagle clutches clutching a symbol of peaceful olive branch, the other side holding a symbol of war bow and arrow, carved meticulous, the picture lifelike. Edge seal engraved with the United States twenty dollars in English words, writing clear.

Crown at 3 o’clock position, the edge of the gear design. Polished delicate and perfect, the top mosaic multi-faceted cut diamonds, subtle highlights of the Corum brand of high quality.

Watch ear made of 18K gold, polished polished surface, exudes a dazzling golden luster and texture. Using the same pattern with the case of coins pattern design, elegant atmosphere.

So watch clasp a classic needle-shaped design,both sides still follow the case with the concave concave pattern, and engraved with the Corum LOGO to do embellishment.

Corum gold coin watch equipped with a Corum original production CO293 model movement. This movement diameter of 25.94 mm, with 30 gems, vibration frequency 28800 times, can provide 72 hours of power reserve.

As a result, corum Coin Watch series watch all gold to create the dial elegant and luxurious. Using double eagle 20 dollars gold as a wrist watch, unique and meaningful design. But also to give it the meaning of peace, independence and freedom.This watch now regarded as a classic wrist collection. The current reference for this watch is $ 170,000.

Corum Navy Admiral Cup women’s watch

women's watch

Corum Navy Admiral Cup series since 1960 has been inherited the brand of respect for the sea and the sea sports enthusiasm and respect. Series of new Legend style, exquisite elegance also retains the characteristics of the series. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Corum Navy Admiral Cup women’s swiss replica watches, the official model of the watch: 082.101.85 / 0041 PN10.

Most noteworthy ,in 1960, the Admiral Cup ladies watch arrived. This is one of the year’s attention, with a waterproof function of the sporting watch. 38 mm in diameter, slim style. Suitable for ladies in slender hands dressed, chic elegance also retained a series of unique 12 cases and navigation signs and other characteristics.

women watch

Corum enthusiasm for the series to join the feminine elements.

Is the launch of the Admiral Cup mileage 38 Fiancée women’swatch is Corum efforts tireless results.
Therefore,watch with a black satin strap. Clasp used for 18K rose gold to create the needle buckle buckle, easy to wear and easy to wear.

Due to the Admiral Cup series will be divided into three distinct series of unique styles.Including the Seafender Warriors, Challenger Victory and Legend Mileage. Warriors series mainly with the extreme movement and design of the more solid style; victory series is mainly for the more fashionable sports watch.

Watch with pearl mother of silver disk design, in the sapphire crystal glass under the table, it is more gorgeous.

12-sided bezel design, navigation flags of the classic heritage, the sky of the brand logo. These combinations in this, so watch more vivid. Crown and crown shoulder with a harmonious match, feast for the eyes. In terms of functionality, only a common calendar function is provided. Because the concept of the relatively strong concept of this concept is necessary.

So watch used for sapphire crystal glass bottom design. Through this transparent table, we can clearly see the movement of the precise operation. Watch the internal carrying CO082 self-winding movement, the full chain can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

Becuase watch waterproof up to 50 meters. The table back to the screw into the transparent bottom cover, perspective engraved with the words of the Kunlun table automatic disk swing.

Zenith introduced El Primero movement watch

Zenith watch

Zenith watch has always been known as accurate and well-known, which works is uk replica watches countless classic.

Each one is fully demonstrated its unique characteristics, recently, when the real Lee has a new action.

Zenith watch introduced El Primero movement watch precision legend

In 1969, Real Lee introduced El Primero movement, with an unparalleled 36,000 times / hour high vibration frequency

While the accuracy of 1/10 seconds.

Since then, this legendary movement in the same name series continues to evolve.

With the El Primero movement and gravity control system.

Due to the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch has a unique sesame chain drive system.

Keeping the swing stable during power storage.

And ensures the stability of the watch The

This watch is the name of the navigator Christopher Columbus, the successful removal of the watch accuracy of the three-way program;

The high frequency of the time  eliminates the impact of walking time precision gravity.

And the hemp chain drive eliminates the isochronous gap.

Zenith watches on sale

In addition to offsetting the isochronous gap with the sesame chain drive system.

As a result the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch eliminates the other factors that affect the mechanical travel of the watch – the role of gravity.

The patented gravity control system allows the regulator and escapement to remain in a horizontal position forever.

The invention not only shows the boldness of the brand, but also salutes the brand history.

Because of its inspiration from the sailing astronomical clock produced by Zenith.

In the limited edition of the 25 Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch integrated sapphire crystal glass.

The sesame chain drive system embodies the ingenious mechanical process, showing how the sesame chain in the barrel and the tower wheel around the rotation.

The gyroscope frame, located at 6 o’clock,  is a true watchmaker, with its light and radiant turn.

The protective cover of the arch structure perfectly set off the beauty of the frame, and at 12 o’clock position when the hollow dial echo each other.

Gold small seconds timer and power storage display decorated with hand check, both harmonious round shape.

On the side of the table, the sapphire crystal watches shows the world map of the laser engraved on the gyroscope balance hammer.

Seems like giving respect to the spirit of Columbus’s arrogance.


Zenith–Highest honor founder

Zenith watches

Zenith watches in the watch industry can be described as famous. for the contribution of the watch is no doubt, recently, “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG), which replica watches uk Zenith (Zenith) Nominated the following awards, aroused great concern.

On October 11, 2013, the “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG) held its first Beijing tour at Beijing Art 8.

The tour covers 10 categories, a total of 70 world top watches debut this show.

And the final win watch will be November 15 “Geneva High Watch” (GPHG) awards ceremony kicked off.

(GPHG, Grand Prix d ‘Horlogerie de Genève), known as the highest honor of the altar, selected for all watch brands open.

Every year There are about three hundred brands and watchmakers competing to compete in the world’s top watchmaking industry’s most prestigious.

Most authoritative and influential ten awards.

Real profit when the finalists of this year’s GPHG’s highest honor founder

Best Women’s Watch Award Finalists
Zenith when the pilot series Type 20 ladies watch

In the 1930s and 1940s, Genie’s Type 20 watch became a large number of airborne instruments.

Eespecially the French Air Force as a training aircraft and Air Bleu Post Service serving the international and transatlantic lines of the Caudron Simoun C. 635.

A few years of fleeting, and now the pilot series of Zenith watches from the past experience to extract the essence of precision.

And reliability will be integrated to create a dream to the most crazy dream of reality.

The new ladies watch is like a star in the boundless sky blooming, but also abide by the same rules.

Pilot Series Type 20 40mm Women’s Watch 40mm case with pirate highest honor watch, equipped with antique pilots watch the logo of the groove crown.

Engraved in the back of the Zenith watches when the real instrument flying signs clearly origin.

All-diamond style highlights the ultimate elegance, rose gold or platinum dial, bezel and lug embellishment of not less than 491 diamonds (about 3 karats).

best quality ladies watch on sale

Also has a more simple and subtle style, silver dial outer ring with a track scale.

While the diamond is only embedded in the rose gold or steel bezel above (about 0.95 karats), more elegant.

Pilot Series Type 20 40mm Women’s watch or bright, or delicate graceful, re-engraved large original Arabic numerals time scale.

Which superluminova super-luminous materials, to ensure that the most extreme use of the environment is also legible.

At this time the water depth of 100 meters, containing Elite 681 automatic movement, small seconds at 9 o’clock position.

Finally, an elegant strap with a clasp for the beautiful women’s warrior watch the icing on the cake:

All-diamond style with beige or black silk quality strap.

Only the diamond ring style with brown crocodile Leather strap.

Corum Navy Admiral Cup series

Corum watch

In 1960, the first Admiral Cup watch for the Corum watch to bring the success of the precursor. The uk replica watches not only has a long history.

And with the major sailing competition and the famous nautical players forged a bond.

Geometric design, not only has an unparalleled aesthetic value.

And full of vitality, personality masculine, but also gives a strong and reliable feeling.

Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Navy Admiral Cup series day and night display when the two watches.

Almost the official model: 171.951.95 / 0061 AK12.

Since its inception in 1960, has been dynamic and calm and elegant style, the interpretation of the essence of Kunlun brand and personality.

It is equipped with twelve side arch case, dial decorated with twelve voyage flag pattern.

The watch cover with the Admiral Cup cheetah relief, with extraordinary charm.

best quality of Corum replica watches for sale

Watch with a date display, the two places as well as the day and night display function, the central dial with a central map of the center of the world map.

Because with Geneva stripes embellished 24 hours time zone with lines.

And printed with a white triangle logo circle Transparent rotating discs clearly show the time zone around the world and the day and night.

Admiral cups show day and night watch.

This new Navy Admiral Cup Challenger 48 series watch is the first Corum world map and day and night display function of the clock works.

And retains the series of classic 12-sided case and triangular flag flag design , Limited edition 150.

Watch the gray dial with a hollow prong-style hand and minute hand.

Therefore the pointer front end covered with luminous coating treatment;

While second hand end is set CORUM key mark;calendar window set at 3 o’clock position.

The center of the dial has a map of the world at the center of the north pole and a 24-hour zone with a flat.

Hence transparent circular dial with a white triangle logo to show the time zone around the world and the day and night.

When the white triangular mark adjusts to the standard time.

The area where the rotating disc  is in the daytime.

And the area where the rotating disk is grayed out is the night.

With the brand’s own history and superb superb watchmaking skills.

While corum Admiral Cup series of watches in the continuation of the classic at the same time.

Also continue to innovate, to create this is Corum excellent timepieces works.

This new world day / night display watch with masculine tough shape, unparalleled aesthetic value, charm Tiancheng. Watch 150 pieces of production.

Seems like with a good collection value.