Freedom and love pure beauty–IWC

In the Renaissance, the IWC uk replica watches great art masters, Leonardo da Vinci.

dumped his life to crack the science and aesthetics of the code, with its unique imagination to decipher the relationship between time and space.

And “Da Vinci Code” has become people The pure beauty of the heart of the pronoun. Inspired by its pioneering spirit.

Since the Swiss watchmaker Shafuhausen IWC watches aunched the Da Vinci series, in the square between the aesthetic and mathematics presents a harmonious balance.

World Miss Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of the Da Vinci, she wore a new IWC nations to express the text of the moon phase automatic watch 36.

And the decoding of the United States.IWC watch

For more than half a century, the IWC nations have never stopped their pursuit and creation of beauty. They are courageous and confident.

And they have solved their own “Da Vinci Code” in their experiences.

The gentle atmosphere of Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of this.

In the IWC nations to express the text of the series of large-scale shooting before the camera.

Due to who had a tall figure into the people of sight Miss World.

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Since now glow from the inside out of the mature charm, to the world to interpret her life password.

And IWC pay tribute to the same attitude of women, Zhang Zilin leisurely life, love also gives love.

Because work and life balance for her as a tacit understanding.

Become “fashion hot mom” Zhang Zilin and her husband agreed with the children grow together to enjoy every important stage of life.

Zhang Zilin always behaved placid, her beauty is not for others, more like a serious commitment to life.

Once the challenges and achievements to give her from the heart of the mature and self-confidence, so that today IWC large release of pure beauty Zhang Zilin.

“IWC world is harmonious, free, do not see any shackles, I think I also.” Zhang Zilin no fear of breaking.

Maybe nor indulge in glory, it is from such a self-confidence, courage and love.

Five years ago to put all the wisdom into science and art of Darwinism so;

Focus on technology and innovation, always adhere to the extraordinary technology and superb technology to pursue the IWC watch is also true.

And this is beyond the time of pure beauty.
Nations – freedom and love pure beauty Zhang Zilin’s “Da Vinci Code”

About Panerai watch

To “super-large surface” featuring Panerai,swiss replica watches in recent years are a very popular international replica watches brand.

Retrospective Panerai’s history, founder Guido has been outravel in 1860.

While specializing in manufacturing, providing Italian navy precision instruments and accurate compass-based;

Because the early 20th century, Guido opened a table shop in Florence, and won Rolex And FATEK PHILIPPE the official authorized distribution.

Panerai in 1936 officially launched the first watch, this watch with movement, commissioned by the Italian Navy manufacturing. swiss replica watches

online Panerai replica watch

In 1938, produced by the Radiomir watch officially became the Royal Thai Navy permanent special products.

In 1997, acquired by Richemont,  was able to enter the international market.

Therefore in control of production and marketing positioning strategy, immediately swept the world;

As a result,now, Panerai watch unique position has no other brand can replaces it.

While more To “large surface” leading the current trend of the replica watches.

And in the continuous innovation, also follow the traditional characteristics, can confirm that no one can out of its right.

in 2002 in Hong Kong opened boutiques, for the first time in Asia set up stronghold. The store is set up in the prosperous purchase

Corum Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic

2015 is the Corum legend Jinqiao movement 35 anniversary of the show, watch factory special production Jinqiao ceramic male and female uk swiss replica watches.

Seems like a just a soft two new work, display the brand to superb technology and innovative spirit of the watch production philosophy.

Corum watch factory in 1980 to create Jinqiao watch.

And the brand founder René Bannwart may not have expected this section of the masterpiece will become a watch factory shop treasure.

While let alone one of the classic Swiss watch craftsmanship.

Corum since the beginning of the establishment in the watch industry to establish avant-garde innovative brand positioning.

Probably Jinqiao watch the extraordinary design and transparent structure are brand philosophy masterpiece.replica watches uk

And with the Admiral Cup table to become Corum two creative timepieces pillar.

But Jinqiao watch unique, is to witness the Corum courage to explore the watch industry

Which has never been involved in the field of linear movement research and development areas.

Golden Bridge is the classic Golden Bridge series of elegant graceful transfiguration: the new ceramic watch turned into a stage.

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but the technical challenges can not be a small glimpse.

Because the precision ceramic case with a number of crystal glass Mosaic perfect paste is not easy.

But the black case and gold movement shape contrast contrast, visual effects stunning.

CO 113 manual winding movement to promote Zhuo face pointer along with the advance, table mirror.

And both sides of the case and the back of the table all the crystal glass.

So you can enjoy the movement from different angles clever structure.

Corum take into account the taste of women’s consumers.

So for the Jinqiao women’s table coupled with a delicate and elegant wine barrel-shaped case.

With no ears designed to hand sewn crocodile belt and the case at one go.

In addition,the lines more beautiful, beautiful as a bracelet jewelry Design;

And crown at 6 o’clock position, the elegant barrel-shaped outline set off more prominent.

Corum Vincent Calabrese


Corum watches one of the main ideas is that a breitling replica watches ” watch should not be the movement of the cage”

While the connection between the two components the better.

Which developed a linear movement only at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position with the case connected.

And eventually became the well-known watch the gene characteristics.

“Jinqiao series is not just a watch, but also represents a kind of resistance to the cry,” the watchmaker said this.

The first prototype was born in 1977.

He and the Corum watch founder René Bannwart through two common friends – La Chaode Fang International Watch Museum director established contact.

René Bannwart immediately saw the potential for this innovative design.

Facts have proved that it is popular from the date of launch.

Which in the mechanical Corum industry in the 20th century, 80 years experienced difficult times called a real feat.

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At the same time as the partnership started, Vincent Calabrese won the first prize at his International Invention Show in replica watches

Does the founder of the independent watchmaker’s association.

Whose members bear a considerable portion of the watchmaking industry,

And now, see themselves as an inventor? “I am more like a researcher.

My Corum watches clearly reveals everything, but still retains a sense of mystery.

Because people often want to know how it actually works.

For me, the most complex The question is how to become simpler, not vice versa. ”

This is the number of components less than the traditional movement of the Golden Bridge series become a truly unique part of the watch.

“It exudes attraction in a radically modest way,”

The creative genius born in Italy says that watchmaking is the toughest way of communication for him.

In conclusion Create a new need for a lot of technology, including movement production, sculpture, gem mosaic, case design …

Omega deville series of watches

Omega deville series is one of the representative series of Omega replica.Omega brand to a new stage.

For the Omega deville series price or a lot of people do not understand.

look at the following Omega deville series price, Omega deville series of watches recommended!

OMEGA Swiss watch brand.women

Beginning in 1848, Omega in the sailing, athletics, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time.

And often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer as many as thirty times.

Because Omega is the first and only one on the moon was wearing a watch. De Ville is the classic series of Omega watches.

De Ville in the French is the meaning of the city, in 1960, a thin trend in the watch industry since the birth of the times.

With the evolution of the times, De Ville always keep the elegance of gentleman ladies.

2000 launched the coaxial series; 2005 bold launch of the square dial Co-Axial Chronometer X2;

Hence 2007, equipped with the Omega watch homemade movement Hour Vision.

So take our Vision homophonic, implied the time of betting time, more towards a new stage The

And Omega Omega-disc flying series 424. mechanical male uk replica watches

This Omega Omega-disc flying series 424.

While men’s mechanical watch is the earliest use of Omega coaxial escapement movement of the watch.

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And classical style design fusion of precision and durability known as the coaxial escapement.

Since Omega 150 years of tabulation process made the best interpretation.

Round polished case and arc arched surface showing the traditional and stable style of this watch;

rhombus-shaped three-pin with the bar and Rome mix and match scale.

So highlight the classic beauty, three o’clock direction date display.

Black crocodile leather strap with traditional buckle, more elegant.

In addition,Innovative coaxial escapement symbolizes the brand’s innovative watchmaking attitude.

Yet this watch can be said to combine the elegance and precision of the Omega and other brands of finished products.

Corum watches – about your story


Corum replica watches was founded in René Bannwart, with his entrepreneurial spirit fake watches.

And the watchmaking experience accumulated from the top-of-the-line watchmakers.

SO he was able to set up a unique watch brand in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries -Corum watch.

René Bannwart liked the Latin word “quorum”,.Corum replica watches

which meant that the organization would extend to the most basic element that could make things work by effectively determining the minimum quorum.

René Bannwart simplified his French spelling to CORUM and used it as the brand’s English replica watches

In January 2000, Severin Wunderman, the new owner and president of the brand, took office.

Because his joining for the Corum replica watches into a new impetus.

In 2005, Antonio Calce joined the Corum replica watches, along with Severin Wunderman side by side to develop a development strategy.

While the brand should be re-positioning as a senior watch brand mission.

In April 2013, China’s Haidian Group acquired the shares of Kunlun Tablet.

Seems like becoming the sole shareholder of the Swiss-based watch company headquartered in La Chaux-de-France.

China’s Haidian has been renamed as “Crown City Watch & Jewelery Group Co., Ltd.”.

Maybe the strategic agreement allows Crown City Jewelery and Jewelery Co., Ltd.

Since to strengthen its other activities and open up the new development prospects for the Corum watch to fix its high-profile watches in Switzerland Location.

And to strengthen its brand top watch positioning.

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At present, the Kunlun table as a unique brand, providing high-quality watches.

While all watch series in new style and special design, and equipped with sophisticated mechanical movement.

The current Corum replica watches a total of 150 watches, respectively, belong to the three pillar series.

Due to including Admiral’s Cup Admiral Cup series, Golden Bridge Golden Bridge series and Heritage classic series.

While the brand is also precious metal production and a variety of complex features watch.

Such as Jinqiao hollow tourbillon watch, Jinqiao Dragon watch.

And the Admiral Cup Legend 42 60 anniversary watch, the Admiral Cup AC-ONE 45 double Tourbillon watch.

In conclusion the Admiral Cup Legend 46 Minute Repeater Acoustica four hammer three Asked the watch and so on.

Like the story of the existence of the Corum watch

Corum watch logo is a key to the sky. A symbol of the brand to Rolex Replica watches Uk understand the mysterious things.

And unlock the unknown mystery, explore the new areas and unremitting innovation. It also represents the creativity, perseverance, and courage of the master of the time.

And in 1956, the first Corum watch wrist surface market. While the brand also launched a series of novel tabulation concept, and achieved great success. Its innovative ideas and even get the industry peer recognition. As the industry recognized as one of the most creative brands.

So in 1960, yet the first carrying a square case of the Admiral Cup watch success. Watch the back engraved with the hand of the Navy Admiral Cup sailing pattern and words. This well-known series launched in 1983 with a new design. While twelve international flagship banner as an hour scale, perfect with twelve side arched dial. So this series has also become one of swiss watches just the three pillars of the brand.

Because in 1964, the Kunlun table created Coin Watch gold watch without watch cover. Which made with ultra-thin movement of double dollar gold coins with a face value of $ 20. And popular with many American presidents and celebrities. Maybe outstanding Nobel Prize Winner. Most of all the watch and the 1970 launch of the bird feathers embellished Feather feathers watch. And the 2000 launch of the Bubble watch and other exquisite and artistic works.

Hence together constitute one of the three pillars of the Corum watch classic series of watches.

And in 1980, the brand grand launch Golden Bridge Jinqiao series watch. Crystal clear sapphire crystal mirror to show the man-made carved rectangular movement. Reflects the peak of the watchmaking process, a flagship brand of complex watches.

Since is also one of the three pillars. This series represents the Corum watch does not meet the existing achievements, continue in the process and creativity continue to explore the spirit of forward.

Never watch is like it is to resist the terrorism born – Corum

“Some brands have very limited conversations with customers, and we let brand enthusiasts directly participate in our creative process. ‘Customize Your Bubble’ event a surprise for us .Bubble Stop the best,” said Davide Traxler, president of CORUM Kunlun watch. Proved that the rolex replica pearlmaster results of this open event response completely better than we look forward to.

Bubble Stop is the representative of the open spirit of CORUM Kunlun Watch. Through the “Customize Your Bubble” this rare opportunity, brand enthusiasts directly involved in the CORUM Kunlun watch creative process. Davide Traxler explains: “Thanks to public participation, the CORUM Kunlun watch has collected a lot of fantastic ideas from brand lovers in a few weeks, and based on the bubble ideas that brand collectors have suggested, The creative direction of the bold and avant – garde ideas also inspired our designers, so that they can more vividly free creativity and talent.

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CORUM Kunlun watch based on a brand enthusiast Jérôme Barbier submitted design sketches, developed Bubble Stop this series of new and unique timepieces. Bubble Stop dial recognized as “the world’s best” Swiss road signs reflective material, the honeycomb surface also echoed in 2015 launched the first out of print limited edition watches. At the same time, Tecno high-tech material strap followed its high quality, with unparalleled durability.

Bubble Stop three watch with a diameter of 42 mm, 47 mm and 52 mm titanium case. The famous curved sapphire glass table mirror and STOP dial dial match. In the mothers gift replica watches wrist highlights the distinctive personality at the same time also extremely light. The Bubble Stop watch back is equipped with sapphire glass. Through its back to enjoy the power reserve for the 65 hours of CO403 movement of the operating type.

Corum fashion watch classic reproduction

Corum Kunlun table design creative surprising, called the rolex replica daydate watches industry classic, loved by the industry. But there are some friends but it does not understand. The following Xiaobian to take you to see what, corum what brand?

Corum watch uphold the attitude and direction, bold and surprising creative performance. Still continue to attract a strong unique personality and always cherish the dream of the table fans. This is because the Kunlun watch unique style and inspired by the heart from the sensibility of creativity, to touch the movement of their hearts, and won their appreciation.

Corum is actually Kunlun watch, Kunlun watch factory since its inception in 1955. With the traditional courage to break through, innovative, perfect.Just 40 years recognized as the world’s most vibrant brand-name watch manufacturers.

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Corum table belongs to a class of second-class watch brand, suitable for Chinese high-paying table. Buy these brands of watches so that you and love the table will increase the number of topics. Kunlun watch factory since its establishment in 1955, that is, with the traditional courage to break through. Committed to innovation, and strive to perfect. Just 40 years recognized as the world’s most vibrant brand-name watch manufacturers.

The brand founded in René Bannwart, with his entrepreneurial spirit and its experience with the top-known watchmaking factory, he able to top watches create his own brand, and in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries Set up a unique watch brand – Corum watch.

René Bannwart liked the Latin word “quorum”, which meant that the organization was watch to extend to the most basic element that could make things work by effectively determining the minimum quorum. However, René Bannwart simplified its spelling to CORUM and used it as the brand’s English name.

Corum watch art beauty works, showing the beauty of stunning

Corum watch art beauty works, showing the beauty of stunning
Art aesthetic works show stunning beauty

Snow mosaic technology is a kind of natural beauty can reproduce the beauty of a technology. Has been used by many luxury brand watches, such as Patek Philippe.Hermes, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Kunlun table. And today to talk about the Corum watch with the use of the rolex replica daytona snow mosaic technology mileage 38 senior jewelry watch. Watch set with about 1,444 gems, which diamonds and sapphires as the soul of the movement. Constitute a charming symphony. This is full of artistic beauty of the works, showing the beauty of stunning.

Watch design follows the gem blooming bright dazzling light

Watch the gemstones used in the design, its size. Cutting and color are carefully selected to ensure that gems can be daring to be embedded in the surface, outer ring, case, automatic disk, strap and clasp. The surface of the 468, a total of seven different sizes of precious stones inlaid into the floral pattern.

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And snow mosaic technology, the surface of the gemstone pattern inlaid on the transparent plate and carefully covered with silver as the main component of the alloy to fill Precious stones between the stones.

This is about to be embedded in the surface of the gem, including 24 rectangular cut purple sapphire.

Since 138 rectangular cut diamonds, 108 rectangular cut pink sapphire and 198 bright cut diamonds. Tightly interlocked and the formation of watches replica rolex a floral pattern of a round plate. Finally, remove the transparent plate of the disc and polish it. So that it can be embedded in the surface of the platinum system.And the bottom of the precious metal structure also perfectly hidden. So that precious stones blooming bright light.

As for the case and strap, with snowflake mosaic technology for decoration. With no less than 804 bright cut diamonds (about 3.79 cards) to each other. With different diameter size, completely covered in 18K white gold case, outer ring, lugs and crown. Straps and folding clasps also used in snowflake mosaic technology to white diamonds inlaid into 10 pieces of the whole staff to produce Dian different size of the snow pattern around the wrist curve.

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