Piaget Altiplano Series Blue Watch

2017, for the Piaget Altiplano Series is a very important year, this born in 1957. By the Warren too Piaget (Valentin Piaget) driven by the ultra-thin revolution.And after more than half a century, still classic. For the mechanical watch industry and the global market. Altipalno simple design, making it a lasting cornerstone of the aesthetic.

In order to celebrate the breitling replica watches online sale 60th anniversary of the series. The brand introduced a number of Altiplano table, the original Altiplano as the original.Since learn from the design elements of the new. And integration of a variety of colors, size And material, no doubt.This year Altiplano will be more charming.

Piaget Altiplano named from the towering Andes.Since stretches of endless mountain scenery.So the perfect echo of the natural beauty of the watch for the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics of the new generation of subtle elegance plated temperament.

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Since the beginning of the birth of the series.Altiplano will invention rolex equipped with the world’s thinnest manual movement 9P.For 3 years later, the world’s thinnest self-winding movement 12P come out.And these two initiatives, even today. Only a handful of tables The factory has the ability to shoulder to shoulder. Altiplano not the most complex, but it the most important. Earl piaget in the ultra-thin on the repeated innovation, are the first to achieve in Altiplano. Including the 2014 900P.

This Altiplano midnight blue watch the piaget. This year on the color art of an attempt.Because the piaget for the use of color although skille. But in the male form.Whice has not been too jump this year, in addition to midnight blue.So there are dark gray And loose green two, so “color” of the watch, is simply a “show” weapon.

Midnight blue watch with 40 mm table diameter. Equipped with ultra-thin internal self-winding 1203P movement. There is no doubt that this is the best this year SIHH dress. As up watch, slim, elegant, personality, full of charm.

Real Piaget Altiplano series hand-wound 38 mm watch

So Since its release in 1957, the Piaget Altiplano collection has swiss fake rolex for sale an unprecedented reputation for its slim, simple dials and elegant. Subtle shapes, giving the ultimate in elegance. Coincides with the advent of the 60th anniversary of the series, this year’s Geneva International Watch senior salon. The Piaget launched Piaget Altiplano series 38 mm hand-winding watch, limited 460, the official model: G0A42107.

So case to 18K white gold to create, 38 mm in diameter, polished, case outline slim, smooth lines, distributed dazzling luster.

Dial color using a unique Earl Gray – a deep blue and midnight blue between the deep color. Lined with radial radial carving, retro elegance and fashion both.

Dial the middle of the original series of signs, gold time scale and the central cross pattern, to pay tribute to the tradition of the series. Low-key blue cross pattern with the classic platinum time-scale and slender Barton pointer echoes, creating a charming visual effects.

So piaget made 430P manual winding movement, including 131 parts. The thickness of only 2.1 mm, vibration frequency 21,600 times per oyster perpetual hour. The number of gemstones 18, with blue steel screws, the main splint and table bridge, respectively, polished round and inverted Angle retouching. So can provide 43 hours power reserve. Has a blue alligator strap, and with 18K white gold buckle clasp.

Count Piaget Altiplano series of manual winding 38 mm watch fully demonstrate the brand’s endless creativity.

To meet the needs of the contemporary, but also remodeling classic.

Longines Watch Introduction

Longines founded in 1832 Switzerland Imier , has over 183 years of history and craftsmanship, it also has distinguished tradition of uk rolex replica excellence and experience in the field of sports timing.


The winged hourglass as a symbol of elegant Longines known to the world as the world’s leading watch maker Swatch Group’s well-known brand, Longines has been in more than 130 countries around the world.


As a timer and the International Federation World Championship partner. Longines brand known worldwide for its elegant watches. Is also the world’s leading watch maker Swatch Group SA company owned a Longines family winged hourglass logo business in many countries around the world.
Watch Structure
1. Movement structure, Longines Swiss watch movement size (12 * 1/2 order), Longines movement maximum diameter of 28.50mm. Fitting diameter 28.0Omm, thickness of 4.0mm.
2. Transmission structure form, Longines transmission structure for the center forward pass three double structure. The center wheel barrel wheel sheet below, double and three second spring structure is actually similar structure. Just seconds away from the center of the wheel member, and center retaining only seconds pinion.


In order to prevent the second hand shake. It is best to avoid using second spring suppress or hold a second pinion. 6952 Longines watch movement waterproof structure to overcome the double three seconds jitter. The so-called dual-three is actually three parts composed of multiple parts, three sheet 3 III pinion 5 with each other containing mutually rotatable. Three sheets 2 and Three pinion nip, the two pieces by the three 1 spaced pads, independently of each other in the transmission of power through the barrel of two parts spread three parts.


Activities three pieces simultaneously with the four pinion, second pinion meshed; fixed engagement with only three pieces seconds pinion. As a result of the mutual clamping gear, torque is actually fixed by three pieces, second gear shaft, three activity sheets spread four parts.


Vibration stabilization time by a balance spring member produced by the escapement, four members, three events spread sheet indicating seconds pinion seconds. Two three sheets stuck seconds pinion meshing simultaneously. The second hand will not happen jitter.
3. Balance spring structure, aircraft heart vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, put the balance wheel diameter is small, about 9.6 mm.


Use activities pile loop. The outer ring 1 arranged pile trimming device consisting trim pieces and trim and screws. As long as the Rolex Blackwater Ghost replica watches effective length of screw screwdriver screwing the screws when using fine-tuning, fine tuning screw drive trim piece. Relying on fine-tuning the axial speed needle plate and the pressing member friction torque.

So that the speed of the needle member about shock absorber for the trace rotation, growth and shorten gossamer . So as to fine-tune the speed of the object when the watch to go. Gossamer pile within the pile of triangle, L gossamer.

Longines Pile outside the traditional structures are not the same.

5375 and use of outer screw piles pile outside the outer end pieces 376 clamping springs. Viscose overcome weak and the elderly because of the aging of plastic off the defect.

Borel Maintenance

Borel watch is a Swiss watch, in original use of the watch real life there are many people are wearing Borel watches are in accordance with wave road watch. So ebolu in the long process of wearing will inevitably there are some small problems. For these problems, you do not deal with their own. So, be sure to go to a professional service center for processing, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to you.
Waterproof:So many people think that a good watch should be waterproof. Because the Swiss have a different understanding of the people of the world.

The vast majority of watches waterproof 30 meters or 50 meters. And many people think that this means that their table can be placed in the corresponding depth of the water without problems. Wrong! 30 meters or 50 meters in the Swiss watch dictionary means life waterproof.

The real meaning is: try not to wet your watch. Real diving tables often require more than 200 meters of water marked deep.
2. Temperature: Some people wear a diving watch steaming sauna.

Because Sauna room temperature is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature, for this instant temperature changes will lead to the watch within the waterproof gasket premature aging. Even diving watch, may also be required to replace the waterproof washer before the loss of water features.
3. Dust: dust seems to us and the watch does not have much relationship, for the movement itself, one of its three natural enemies is: dust. So prolonged exposure to dust-intensive areas, will naturally lead to cracks in the case of leakage into the dust. While the increase in dust will lead to faster movement of the table dry oil.

So This movement is undoubtedly a bad thing.
4. Shock: In fact, the movement is quite “fragile”, especially when the moment of intense shock. So do not you see a lot of people wearing a high-level watch to participate in golf’s golf swing.

So,You know, especially in the tee shot, the moment of the wrist force G number is very alarming. Although this is not a problem for human bones.. But worn on the wrist for the watch is indeed no small impact. Many big-name high-grade dress watch because of the enthusiasm of the Fake Rolex watches owner’s swing was sent to the maintenance center.
5. Wear: whether it is all-steel or precious metal case, there will always wear problems. Many people think that stainless steel, or never wear such a term is very attractive. But in fact, even the best of steel made of the case, there will be wear and tear phenomenon.

Borel watch,For example, when we hit the keyboard, will lead to the ugly buckle on the table pattern。

How to maintain Longines watches?

Longines fake replica watches is the world watches, for such watches in the rolex performance knowledge daily wear if we ignore the maintenance of it. It will seriously affect its operation.
1, regular maintenance: Longines mechanical watches and other precision timing, like regular inspection and maintenance. Please bring your watch every two years to check the Longines Service Center.

2, waterproof performance: strong impact after the watch, the waterproof performance may be affected, so if you plan to have a diving trip. You should carry your Longines in advance to the maintenance service center to check the waterproof function.

3, automatic mechanical watch internal automatic winding device in the watch to wear, through the wrist swing for the watch winding. When the watch stops running, you can also turn your head on the winding head.

4, the best guarantee: In order to ensure the correct operation of your Longines. Longines regular maintenance service center for inspection, maintenance and service.
Longines automatic mechanical watch the use of precautions
Usually we watch only the protection of the appearance of the watch, but for the rolex performance knowledge inside or watch to the professionals for maintenance.
We want to prevent sweat and moisture intrusion table.

It will not reduce the price of genuine Longines watches
Avoid wristwatches in hot water baths or in saunas or in environments where the temperature varies greatly.

In addition to 200 meters diving Longines watches, do not wear other waterproof level watch swimming.

You can rinse with warm water and then wipe dry.

How about the Rado mechanical watch?

Swiss Rado watch, with exquisite design and moving appearance, the perfect interpretation of rolex uk what is called elegance and classic, once again confirmed to the world its unparalleled professional design and superb standards. So the radar is not only quartz watches, as well as mechanical watches. So how is the radar mechanical watch?How much the Radar mechanical watch ?

Since its inception, the Swiss radar watch continues to introduce new, groundbreaking innovative design for the world watch enthusiasts to bring again and again the surprise.
How about the radar mechanical watch? Making the craft is exquisite

Radar multi-barrel can make the power output smooth and lasting. Hand-polished teeth can reduce mechanical friction between the transmission train and reduce the energy loss during power transmission. A high wobble frequency increases the inertia of the balance wheel variable. In the watch for the installation of high-quality movement winding, feel comfortable, soft, sweet sound. Pull out the crown, the minute hand does not move.
What about the radar mechanical watch? The watch material is unique

This material is made of high-tech ceramic and metal composite, which combines the excellent properties of both materials. Today, Ceramos ™ Titanium Carbide Cermet has a unique platinum texture, creating a unique angular, simple and dynamic design. This light texture material, can be quickly adjusted with the body surface temperature, used to make the  watch chain or case can provide unparalleled comfort.

As we all know, watches and tables are not good, but the good table must have a stable and excellent quality, in addition to accurate timing, the design itself is a rare works of art. So the radar table as a Swiss watch, beautifully produced, with super modern, smooth lines look elegant, popular with many consumers.

But to talk about Rado watches can preserve the value, it is a misunderstanding.

However, any valuable things you want to preserve or increase, are inseparable from the circulation rate. Therefore, as long as individuals like it, whether the hedge is not important.