Zenith watches

Zenith watch brand introduction rolex replica uk.

The early 1930s pocket watch decline, to promote the protrusions of the watch, zenith at the same time the development of new watches – sports table.

War was imminent, table production rate must be faster, reasonable price, product precision and simplicity, only in line with the needs of the armed forces. Therefore, the original precision design for the Navy continued the trend of thin and short, more performance, and follow the aviation industry’s skills, try to break the durability, distance or speed of the records.

Mission: “bold ideas to the accuracy of mechanical watches and the United States will feel the blending”

In 1865, Georges Faber – Jacques (GeorgesFavre Jacot) driven by the senior watch industry, one of the most mysterious tabulation workshop was born. Faber – Jacques unique eye, only 22 years old when the first truly high-level watch making concept. At that time, he brought together all the master clocks and watches, to provide them with warmth and light, so that they can give full play to inspiration. Threw himself into the watch design. Watches in the Latin for the manusr. So the word clock maker made the word from the hands of these handsome master of the clock was born. In a quiet night, Faber – Jacques developed one of his most satisfied with the movement. He strolled under the night sky, looked up to the sky.

At this time, he got the mystery of the universe to his inspiration. Polaris around the operation of a large celestial bodies running system, so that he thought of clocks gears around the axis of the complex operation of sophisticated structures.

Thus, he decided to meaning the highest point of the universe ZENITH Zenith when the word. For his movement and the name of the watch factory. He will be the symbol of the stars as a symbol of the enterprise. In order to herald the enterprise will be under the guidance of the stars, out of a promising future.

Since then, in the cosmic shining, ZENITH Zenith watch factory with a lot of fruit through the twentieth century. It received a total of 1,565 design awards, including more than 50 high-quality mechanical movement. Its branches from New York to Paris, from Moscow to Tokyo, all over the world.

El Primero movement

Zenith legendary Swiss watch movement El Primero is the most famous movement in the history of watchmaking. Is currently the world’s most accurate series production movement. Every person who loves the table can address his name. Its secret is to balance the balance of the shock frequency.

Other movement can only shake the fastest 8 times per second. While the El Primero is as high as 10 times. The movement also incorporates a number of ground-breaking innovations. Including dry lubrication for long-term stability, and higher vibrations require more energy, and the movement’s power reserve is further optimize .

All Zenith watches are equipped with Zenith movement of independent property rights, the world’s few brands to perform such stringent standards. When you select the Zenith watch. You can be sure that the watch is made in Switzerland from the beginning to the end is made of Lerocle.

In order to meet this basic requirement, the watch factory needs to create 500 models 180 different models of movement. Making a Zenith watch takes nine months, during which time more than 80 professional and technical personnel take turns to display their talents and skills on the manufacturing facilities watch and its components.

Zenith:Stunning figures, the production of an El Primero movement needs.

5,500 processes, dial 50 need polishing process. Bridge plate requires an additional 77 grinding process, each part requires 5 to 50 processes. The classic watches need to use 18 different metals.

TAG Heuer MONACO V4 evolution of the revolution

Heuer:Monaco V4 decade in the history of the  clock is absolutely remarkable. From the world’s first mechanical watch using the belt drive to the world’s first belt-driven tourbillon watch. Which brought about technological innovation has changed the watch industry Of the process.
For the first time in the 1970 classic “Le Mans” MONACO series of watches, with its bold and innovative square dial access to a number of world awards. Such as the Geneva Design Award for the best watches and clocks. So the German Red Dot Design Award. Daily Wallpaper Magazine “of the annual watch award and the” new era of science and technology, “the annual New Award. At the same time. The square design of the watch line, angle cutting sharp, has been popular male welcome.

“V4” is derived from the name of the four clockwork uk replica watches box embedded in the V-shaped platinum board: 2 × 2 belt installed in the + / – 13 degrees tilt of the ball bearings, the appearance is quite similar to Formula One The engine in the car.

TIP2. Belt, the history of the development of linear balance

In 2004, TAG Heuer released Monaco V4 concept watch to change the process of the watch industry. This watch is the world’s first use of the belt, linear balance wheel and ball bearing watch. In 2009, TAG Heuer Monaco V4 to become fully commercial production model watch. So this decision stems from five years, watchmakers have overcome the traditional metal mechanical escapement. With ultra-fine and wear-resistant belt as a force transmission medium.

This year’s Basel show, TAG Heuer bold application of this latest technology to the complex function of the tourbillon, through the complex function to prove the application of linear belt Tuo Tuo.

MONACO V4 TOURBILLON further complicates complex functions by driving the tourbillon using the world’s first miniature belt drive system. The four ultra-fine serrated belt (0.07 mm) in the design and production of watchmaking industry is still one of the most mysterious technology to create a very effective shock absorption system. On the other hand. The spring barrel carries the rotary bearing.

Panerai watch ranking

watches:Panerai watch was founded in 1860, with superb technology and excellent quality. Has become a love of replica watches uk online people competing collection of boutique. But also to “super-surface” to lead the current watch trends, continues to introduce new occasion. Also follow the traditional characteristics. In 2002, Panerai opened a boutique in Hong Kong.


So panerai boutique customers come from different countries. Including watch enthusiasts and collectors, the store not only the sale of general products. But also provides a limited edition of the annual production of a special series of watches. Panerai is the world’s leading luxury goods giant – Swiss Richemont Group into its.


Richemont took over Panerai watches production, vigorously promote its global sales, and in 1998 for the first time in the international market launch of the Panerai mechanical automatic diving watch professional, dual time zone watch and can display the movement surplus Power of the energy storage table.

So panerai in the global market development for less than 10 years, but has entered the world’s top watch as a world-renowned high-level sports watch brand. Because panerai in the world a total of more than 380 stores in Hong Kong, China, Shanghai also has stores. Panerai watches in the watch ranked high-end

How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

fake Citizen:How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches? Some businesses in order to win higher profits, the use of genuine Citizen’s photo or publicity materials to publicize misleading consumers to create their own sales is a genuine illusion, but the price is far lower than the price of sales counters, a lot of people Will think they picked up a great deal, not knowing to buy is imitation goods.

Citizen watches how to identify the authenticity of the dial and scale to know
Genuine Citizen watch dial brightly painted clear, time scale and “CITIZEN” logo font smaller, scale edge is also very structure. The fake decorative coating color dark (red part of the more obvious), 12-point figure, CITIZEN logo and other fonts rough, and the real difference.
How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches? Check the case back cover engraved to know

Genuine Citizen (foil not yet torn off) using laser engraving, marking and numbering the same font lettering depth the same. Genuine licensed number “watch model + manufacturing number” has a unique, and Paul card affixed to a single product bar code label. The false form often appear lettering depth or width of the different circumstances, poor imitation or even lettering will be more vague. And fake number only a few, mostly the same.
So citizen watch,how to identify the authenticity of concern about the internal movement to know the appearance

Authentic Citizen movement part of the frame (the line referred to as the solid machine ring) is significantly different. Fake solid machine ring shape, color and genuine are different, especially the solid machine work is very clumsy. There is a substantial margin.
How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

Check the bracelet and watch to know
So genuine Citizen watch bracelet and clasp fine workmanship, fine, does not appear obvious grinding traces, metal bracelets of each connection block are full of natural. And those who can clearly see the bracelet watch traces of the watch is bound to fake replica watches be fake Citizen watches. Individual butterfly buckle of the fake watch strap workmanship although relatively fine.

How to identify genuine and fake Citizen watches?

Japan watch needle is characterized by special bright plating. The shape of the need and the length and dial to be consistent. The color of the night out point and the dial on the same. But also CITIZEN trademark LOGO, but also bright rules. No skew and glitches, leave the table at this point often do well.

All net sales of Citizen genuine licensed will be equipp with a single product bar code. Single product bar code information and you buy the watch back cover engraved information.

How to Wear Casio Watches and Precautions?

Casio 506 watch, is a lot of male friends like the rolex replica watches style, high on the watch dial needle, filling the male friends of temperament and demeanor. Casio watches, not only to provide people with the convenience of time, with them also show the charm of male friends, whether it is a suit with a watch, or casual clothing with Casio 506 watch, can bring out the male friends Temperament, then how to bring it?

First, adjust the clasp 1, the clasp from the longer side of the strap out of the hole, release the adjustment device. 2, the device along the length of the strap sliding, the pin into the appropriate holes, and then fixed.

Second, open the clasp 3, while pressing the button on both sides, open the clasp. 4, open the Casio 506 hand clasp, relax the bracelet, the table off from the wrist

Third, close the buckle 5, the watch worn, and then the small end of a small fixed button. If necessary, pass the long end through the small active buckle.

Note: to avoid a strong impact: Although the shock-proof watch function, should still avoid the sudden impact. Do not near magnetic objects: Casio Watches parts for metal products, although the magnetic device, but the event of magnetic objects, easy to make time not allowed, it is best placed on the radio, television and other electrical goods next to.

Casio 506 Casio Watches is very important to wear, if not wearing a good time to wear, and perhaps make your watch damage.

for example, accidentally dropped to the ground, or lead to a point in time and so on, when you buy. The question mark watch how to wear, do not own casually to the hands of the area. The correct way with Casio 506 watch. Make your watch accurate point, will make your life on time.

TAG Heuer LINK series

TAG:Lift the chain with the intentions, no one should be out of replica watches uk the right TAG Heuer. Launched in 1987 called S / el watch, stainless steel chain with its S-shaped chain features, was triggered by the chain with a new table Was born again is a kind of pioneering work, after a well-known F1 chamion racer to wear the race, in 1999 again after the design. Also re-appeared in Link name.

In addition to sports star endorsement, 2003 for golf star Tiger Woods The new, also in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the series. Extended to the precision of 1/100 seconds chronograph, after 25 years no less than several times in 2011. The main components for the watch evolved new Generation of New Link.

New Link S-shape link shape is still, but become more smooth, thinner, with the previous link a little bulge, look full of appearance. Like the lines of the obvious muscles, this is slightly lean some. Into the simple style. But also more neat, after a delicate matte treatment, and in the edge of the use of polishing, polo ralph lauren. Still uphold the series of initial attention to comfort.

In addition to the case and the bezel part is also more simple and modern, in addition to quartz watches, the bezel with round and pincushion, in particular. This paragraph is equipped with Caliber 5 self-winding movement date of the week, table Shell diameter of 42mm. Bezel only six Arabic numerals or Roman numerals of the time scale design. And polished to the end of a bright, simple and elegant out of the simple beauty.

The table is change to polished surface, emphasizing the case of the curve. So that the whole look more slim.

In addition, New Link’s face plate is currently only black or silver face plate. Adding a full vertical line decoration, minute scale on the homeopathy to the homeopathic disk development.TAG


But also with the previous generation of difference. And the time scale by cutting Polish three-dimensional sense, with the face plate 12 o’clock position of the hand-mounted monochrome TAG Heuer Logo, with a luminous display of the same low-key internal chain. Face plate at six o’clock position there is a date window, and special zoom Of the week window. People focus on the face plate of the vertical line.

TAG:The TAG Heuer also launched an even more dazzling stainless steel with 18K gold bezel. Although the table diameter reduced to 40mm. But some of the K-gold stainless steel chain belt will inevitably attract low-key luxury consumers like.

Start a classic good time! IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

2016 IWC’s annual update and turn the pilot series, which is designed to be part of the classic style of the pilot closer, on the one hand is to please the old school players, the current boom in terms of brand-headed products as a pilot in the The market turned more conservative now but should come forward to buy gas.
Classic models is engaging

The pilot’s update from the basic design to the overall product line planning has been adjusted. Which IWC design part of the whole series of common policy is to shorten the 3,6,9 oclock. And so on several central axis of the time scale, the original bit In that figure back, of which 12 points before the triangle is the top to the edge. This also followed retreated with the same number of laps.

No figures on the axis of the design is IWC that the facelift from the beginning of 2006, which means that the change is back to 2006 before the style, for good ancient players should be happy to see.

Adhere to the original return to the original appearance

Another important change is the date window. 2012 facelift will be the replica watches uk sale all the date window are unified into a three-day show fan window (with only a few exceptions). This is in turn all the back to a single-day design (with a few exceptions).
For the most appropriate size

Refined, the mark of the mark under the repair 1mm is also very delicate. According to this back down Should be in the right direction. But perhaps the modification of 1mm is too small, perhaps 41mm also look pleasing to the eye. The new but no reduction of the real sense.

Since it is the entry section, carrying most of the general movement. There is nothing like the performance, and in this context the following disk, case quality has become the main comparison of the place.

And the nations play the pilots series this hand security card, is to let senior players buy it.

Classic black surface flight table,

now perhaps the best IWC time to start.

How to identify the true and false Imelda watches?


false:Imelda is pure Swiss origin iwc false watch brand with fusion of rolex replica Italian-designed.

This art of refinement of the brand created the appearance of the pursuit of classical, elegant design soul break the convention and emphasize individuality. How do we distinguish between true and false when we purchase it?

1, Testing the authenticity of identification to identify Imelda Watches

When buying Imelda watch. You should check the seller’s commodity inspection certificates, and whether the number of counterfeit laser mark on the card number within a single list.

2, watch craft

True table is smooth and fine workmanship,leave the false watch at first glance

might not see any difference. But the nuances are very rough.

3, Identify the authenticity of Imelda in the movement

From the point of movement, splint or put thallium superscript Imelda genuine false rolex replica movement within the corresponding trademark sign with the words. Steady movement in the case assembly. Movement within the cleaning.

No word on fake trademark signs Imelda watch movement splint or put thallium, or trademark sign writing rough, blurry, skewed, or simply with a small copper paste. Movement within the dirty. There is some movement in the copper scrap , hair, fingerprints and so on.

4, watch glass

General sapphire crystal iwc watch glass is by glass. So the replica watches easiest method is to distinguish between the glass surface with a finger tap. Real sapphire mirror will make a crisp sound.

5, see the hiding place

false:Observe all false corners, such as the inside of the strap (strap head with a number).

So these are the most difficult for false table to do. But also the most likely to ignore by local buyers.